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Monday, June 10, 2013

Kill of the Week: Unexpected outcomes

Sometimes the unexpected happens.  You tackle an Orca, you don't really expect to kill it.  But then you do.
In a Velator.

I don't even want to think about how long that took.  ;-)  But it's a fun little kill nonetheless.  Given the Orca has 50m3 of empty space, I assume the Velator also had to kill a couple of flights of drones first.  I'm very curious if one of those flights of drones was a set of ECM drones.  As I've said before, if you're not putting at least one flight of ECM drones in your Orca, you deserve to lose it.  That said, this is a particularly awful Orca fit.  Excellent job, VegasMirage!

First runner-up was this Slasher.  The true irony of this loss are those Remote Sensor Boosters.  That means this Slasher's normal occupation was to sit on a gate somewhere enhancing the lock time of a suicide ganker.  It seems likely the Slasher pilot didn't mean to get hoisted on his own petard quite that hard.  Bit of a suicide ganking wedgie, that...

EDIT (11/Jun/2013): The full story of how the Slasher died is up at TMC.  Short version: he scooped those PLEXes off a gank, it seems.  It's still pretty damn ironic.

The very best way to avoid the security issues of living in a wormhole so that you don't get your stuff and your ships stolen by putting them into a POS?  Carry everything you own and every ship you fly with you in your Nidhoggur while you run wormhole sites in it.  There's no possible way that this can end poorly... whoops!

And finally, the fight of the week was of course the CFC/TEST/PL/NCdot brawl for the ages last night.  The fight was so massive and the fleets involved so relatively spread out that it seemed to be causing TiDi right across New Eden Sunday.  So if you were wondering what was happening to your system yesterday?  That was probably it...

Number of dead super-caps last week: 2

As serious as the fighting in Fountain was over the last couple of days, neither side has deployed supers (yet?) and as a result neither of the two super kills this week seem related to the action in the west.

First to die was this Northern CoalitionDOT Nyx, to TEST down in Querious.  According to Marlona Sky...
...he had just jumped into system. Moments later the TEST cyno went up and he was bumped out of refit range. Props to TEST for having the set between their legs to do the drop.
Since he had just jumped into system, he didn't have enough cap to jump back out.  Since he was apparently just bumped by several dozen dreadnoughts, warping off was also not an option.  Thanks to the combination and his travel fit jumping into the system, he apparently died incredibly fast.  No hictors needed.

And the second super to die was this Wyvern, to a Vindicator and four friends.  According to the kill comments, the pilot was active and chatting in Local the whole time.  Apparently, he's in the process of unsubscribing from EVE and wanted to give someone a shiny killmail before he left.  Mission accomplished, I guess...

That was it, though.  Let's see some super-cap battles for dominance in Fountain!  ;-)


  1. You can find the whole story about the Slasher on TheMittani:


  2. OMG Internet AND CSM Member famous now :)
    Bit of backstory to the Nid kill. I'd logged out inside that wormhole to get dinner and when I logged back on about a half hour before DT, there was the Nid and a Loki on Dscan, which was interesting as there was no POS out where I was. I got some help from Alliance peeps who live in LS to come on over and help us take it down. We had to wait over DT and him logging off then on again after DT to strike. He also had an Orca with him that warped off grid just as I landed then logged immediately.
    Best part, he didn't belong to the Corp that did have a POS in there. Dude was just chillin out in someone elses WH with a Carrier, doing sites in his Loki.

  3. Several points: 1) While it is possible the velator killed the Orca, it is also possible he reshipped into a velator before killing it. At the time of death, the killmail records the current ship and weapon of the people who had aggressed the ship. This is why you see pods, which have no offensive capabilities, on kill mails. 2) What most likely happened to the slasher is that it was the scoop ship for a Jita suicide ganker. The kill ship does its thing and the slasher grabs the goodies and attempts to dock/warp out. Hoised on his petard? More like chances you take to gank.

  4. I was wondering what the fuck thousands of ships/pods were doing dying out there the other day.

    And gotta say, mad mad props to the Velator pilot. What a great feeling that kill must have been!

  5. I believe the slasher had just looted that after a successfull gank, got a suspect flag and then killed.

  6. well yeah i had a blast killing the nidhoggur with my alliance members.

    story about it was kind of funny just 20 minutes before downtime an alliance member reports this carrier to me and decided to right away sent a team to the WH the carrier pilot logged off. during our travel to the WH,
    after DT we dripped into the wh one by one and yes the niddhoggur pilot logged back in but still we had crucial ships enroute to us so we mercifully waited out on our members to come in..
    drats!! he logged off again, we talked about what to do roam other wh's or play the waiting game a bit we decided to wait.

    30 minutes later it logged back in again super we started pinning it down we landed 300km away so we had to burn slowly to it while the rest of the fleet waited at this range to warp right on top.
    the sight of it was juicy a loki,orca and nidhoggur right in our sites,

    Bayne was in range and decloaked and tackled the nidhoggur this was our signal we got in range and started to do our part.
    the orca warped off might actually be a hell of a kill aswell but we scrambled the carrier and we had a loki on the field so our falcon pilot medusa started to jam the loki as that was the clear danger the loki did not have a chance it was jammed up till it blew up, that was the first 1,8 bil isk kill we directly focused our aggression back to the nidhoggur and started to break its tank slowly as the loki was shot our second wafe was landing from a WH nextdoor bhaalgorn landed and started leaching the capacitor along with our pilgrim
    when the cap was dry and the carrier started to break the 3th wave landed with high DPS ships to take care of it.
    it was jammed all the time so we had no real danger at that point and the scan was still clear of any rescue forces.
    suddenly the jam broke and the carrier could defend itself for the first time it targeted the falcon and started eating it medusa was out of the game losing the falcon as we lost a key ship to safeguard our fleet this party could become tricky

    but it was to late the shield was down and the nidhoggur was sitting with hands tied and pants down a few minutes later it exploded and we checked out the killmail...

    this is when i lost my cool and started screaming like a little girl on a justin bieber concert 10 bil killmail along with the 1,8 of the loki.

    I want to thank my alliance members for the quick response in making this kill possible everyone performed his task and that is what made this event possible
    i recorded it so here is the movie enjoy


  7. damn should've brought more to the J5A fight, might've crashed eve :P

  8. Yeah, that looks like a gatecamping Sl- wait, *38 PLEX*?!

    The Orca pilot has nothing on that.

  9. Vegas probably had an actual ship then switched to the Velator for the final blow

  10. About that slasher, the pilot in question is a frequent jita ganker who specializes in using thrashers to pop frigates carrying valuables. This particular gank went wrong when the target went out of undock range and his slasher was popped by a instalocking tornado among other instalocking ships that hang on the undock.

    He's quite the successful ganker too, but blocked eve-kill from pulling his API. when asked, he gave me a few other kills he nabbed.


  11. Might want to revise your comments on the slasher kill.


  12. Hi, didn't see this until today. The Orca kill took over 20 minutes. I often hunt in rookie ships, but I didn't expect to find an Orca with 2 Mackinaws mining in a belt. I had a neutral stabber fleet issue bumper as a scout and used that to bump the Orca away from the other Mackinaws. Once I bumped the Orca I jumped system and warped to my alt.

    When I landed on my alt, the Orca was 20-25km away and the Mackinaws were about the same in other direction. O/heated the AB and tackled the Orca.

    I was worried about the Mackinaws' drones and the possibility the 3 war targets in the next system would come in a thrasher (or anything tbh) and insta pop me.

    The Mackinaws pulled drones, warped out and docked up. I killed the Orca's drones and ended up in 1/2 structure. The target and I spoke in local briefly, but he speaks German and I cba to translate.

    I overheated my guns through the shields and then backed off in armor. Nobody from my alliance was online or nearby, few were in Jita at the time and this was like 20 jumps away. Again, still afraid of what the war targets were planning I expected to be alphad off tackle. They never came.

    The day before I had killed some of them with a fleet, so my guess is that they thought it was a trap and decided to cut their losses short.

    I use rookie ships a lot for pvp, mainly because targets underestimate what they can do. A recent rookie ship story was my tackling of a Navy Geddon and a Navy Domi at same time. I tackled them and waited for fleet support who were 3-4 jumps out.


    nice blog Jester, really enjoy reading your stuff on Eve.


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