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Saturday, July 20, 2013

AT11 Day One: CSM matches, 100-0

Rote Kapelle 100, Wormhole Holders 0.

Not that Wormhole Holders did a poor job.  We just came in with a really strong comp, a modification of our Chainsaw/Execution comp from last year that takes advantage of some of CCP's ship balancing work in the year since AT10.  It's obviously a comp and a way of flying that we know really well, which is an advantage on tourney day one.  Go in with what your pilots already know how to do.  That minimizes potential mistakes and avoids razzle-dazzle that can lead to sloppy flying.

And it was a doubly fun match for me, though a little surreal: I flew a Sleipnir, we won... and yet I didn't die.  Strange.

Other than that, pretty straight-forward.  We swept in at full speed, spiking anything that we passed on our way to their Oneiros (which turned out to be about a third of the WH team).  Once the Oneiros was down, our support turned to their few remaining support ships while the Sleips took out the Machariels.  So while the match looked one-sided, I think it just mostly came down to our comfortable familiarity with the comp and how to execute with it.

There was an interesting bit when one of the WH pilots apparently tried to bait us to the edge of the arena.  However, a bit like Jeff Goldblum waving a flare while running away from a dinosaur in Jurassic Park, we were a lot more interested in meat than a little red light.  ;-)  We had two Machariels to eat right next to us so chasing a third wasn't all that tempting.

Finally, once the first two Machariels were down, we left the third one alive for about a minute while we looted the field.  What can I say.  We're poor.  ;-)  Good luck in the Elimination bracket, Wormhole Holders!

Unfortunately, I only got to watch about half the matches today.  32 matches in one day is a lot!  And as I said yesterday, I'm starting the process of a real-life move which means a lot of packing and shifting around of boxes.  So I eventually had to turn some of my attention to that.  As a result, I missed several of the good matches, though I was able to catch all four of the ones I thought would be fun and sure enough, they were.  Doubly amusing: at the point that I left, three CSM members had fought in tournament matches and all three matches went 100-0.  Ali Aras's Of Sound Mind team unfortunately lost 100-0, but Mangala Solaris's RvB team also beat their opponents 100-0.

Best news of all?  When I finally had to put the stream aside, there were some 12,000 people watching it, which I believe is far and away a record for people watching an EVE Online tournament.  Great news for CCP!

On to match two!  Our opponents are The Fourth District, which means that my bracket is already wrong.  I expected us to be facing Perihelion Alliance but they lost their match yesterday... rather badly.  They had an interesting use of battleship MJDs but they were facing an all cruiser/frigate fleet.  So once the Perihelion battleships appeared in their back-field, The Fourth District just kited away from them with none of their ships tackled.  Whoops!

Matches I expect will be interesting tomorrow:
  • Match 38: RAZOR Alliance v. Test Alliance Please Ignore.  It's hard not to see the politics inherent in what will probably be a bit of a grudge match.  ;-)
  • Match 41: Shadow Cartel v. DarkSideDOT.  As I said yesterday, DarkSide is a great team but Shadow Cartel is often underestimated.  This match will show if SC has what it takes to get to finals weekend.
  • Match 47: Confederation of xXPIZZAXx v. Agony Empire.  These are two teams that enjoy doing goofy things.  I doubt this match will be dull.
  • Match 48: Pandemic Legion v. Drunk 'n' Disorderly.  It's followed immediately by another that also should not be dull.
  • Match 57: Noir. Mercenary Group v. HUN Reloaded.  Either of these teams have the potenal to be the terror of the Elimination Bracket.  This match will decide which one is...
I'm looking forward to a great set of second day matches!


  1. Noir does not have the potential to be the terror of the elimination bracket. They are terrible.

  2. Next time bring a few salvage drones too! Just for the comedy value.

  3. Good luck next week! With what could be one of the most important matches of the Tourney.

  4. No mention of James Arget's 100-1 Day 1 too? Fine, he didn't fly but SSC beat Goons.

    1. I was all set to mention Malcanis, progod, and James, but you hit it on the head: they didn't fly.

  5. Bummer - CCP hasn't broken that twitch recording down to specific fights? That's going to make catching up on select fights in a limited time (like lunch) rather difficult.

    1. I think on Youtube the matches are uploaded separately - havent looked there yet so I might be wrong.

    2. Yeah, a guy on the EveO forums pointed me in the right direction. You have to look at the Eve Online channel (http://www.youtube.com/EVEOnline), not at the CCP main account (http://www.youtube.com/user/CCPGAMES). So the ATXI Day 1 are now posted here, for instance:



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