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Monday, July 22, 2013

CSM8 Status report: Week eleven

Things continue to be really quiet on the CCP front.  We had a Team Five-Oh stake-holder meeting this week and there were only two team members present.  Everyone else was on vacation.  The two that were present filled us in on the things they're working on for Odyssey 1.1.  But overall... just quiet.  The CCP-CSM channel was likewise pretty quiet and those that were there were busy with Alliance Tournament business.  So, not much to share with all of you on that front.

We did also have a second meeting this week with CCP Veritas, though.  That was quite interesting!  The focus was "EVE servers" so those of us who could attend who haven't been on the CSM forever could understand more about how EVE actually runs on the hardware.  He filled us in on a lot of the aspects of nodes, distribution of systems on those nodes, how load-balancing happens, and how the fleet fight notification form applies when it does.  Again, really interesting stuff!  I also got a chance to bring up the "brain in a box" proposal.  The good news here is that you'll all be seeing a dev-blog on the subject of "EVE on servers" soon.

As all of you know, CCP Rise is working this week, and produced dev-posts regarding medium long-range guns and HAC rebalancing.  As I mentioned in my earlier post this week, the CSM is quite involved in the discussion on this.  But Rise is now busy with tourney business so we don't really expect this topic to advance too much for the next couple of weeks.

So overall?  Pretty quiet.

On the player side, our Crowd-sourcing "Reasonable Things" initiative is still running for another couple of days.  If you haven't yet submitted your suggestions, please do so!  For those of you who have already, thank you!  We're really happy to see the player participation on this.  Good stuff.

Our next CSM8 Town Hall will be in a month or so.  This week, I'm going to work with CSM8 members and our partners at EVE University and EVE Radio to finalize a date and a time.  Right now, I'm leaning toward the weekend of August 17, hopefully Saturday this time.  The focus of this Town Hall is obviously likely to be player questions, concerns, and suggestions about the topics of the Summer Summit.  Hopefully, we'll be able to put those topics in front of all of you before that time.

Finally, as I've also mentioned, CCP devs aren't the only people busy with tourney business.  Ali Aras, Mangala Solaris, James Arget, and myself have been flying in tourney matches (though Ali is now out...).  CSM Plays This Game.(tm)  ;-)  We're also continuing to work on the CSM website.  I'll try to have more news about that next week.

But that's all for this week!


  1. You selfish CSM members actually trying to play Eve during the biggest tournament of the year!


  2. Did you take the opportunity to razz them about Z9PP-H? They ought to spend a programmer-day or two putting some better sanity-checking into their command line tools.

  3. I play the game too, I'm just more of an enabler these days. Don't hate, yo.

  4. Thanks again for keeping us in the loop, Ripard. I know you're being pulled in many different directions a once. Sure appreciate the updates, though.

  5. So much for how much value CCP puts on the CSM's "stakeholder" status, eh?

    Keep up the good work, Jester, you seem to be juggling a lot of different things lately, and doing a pretty good job of making it look easy. Just imagine how much you'd be getting done this summer if you worked for CCP. (Hint: zero)

    Wouldn't it be nice if CCP could afford to hire enough people to work the Alliance Tournament AND work on their game at the same time?

    1. Be nice. Everyone's entitled to some vacation time. I assure you CCP is taking the stake-holder process seriously. There's just nobody working to be a stake-holder too.

      The situation will definitely change.

  6. Sala Cameron flew for PL last weekend ;)

    1. On an alt? He hasn't said a word about it and I don't see him on the list for either PL match.

    2. Loredana Cameron!


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