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Monday, July 8, 2013

CSM8 Status report: Week nine

So, CCP holiday time has started in earnest, and it didn't help of course that there was a U.S. holiday this week as well.  As a result, there wasn't a whole lot happening this week.  For my own part, I had a work-related project mid-week that limited my EVE Online activities.  So I myself missed the stake-holder meeting that happened on July 4.  Fortunately, those that could attend filled in those of us who couldn't make it (thanks in particular to Ali Aras and Mike Azariah on that score!).

This week, we also got the go-ahead to announce the dates of the CSM/CCP Summer Summit.  It will take place during the last week of August, the 28th through the 30th.  As of right now, the decisions are being made about who is going to go, and the CSM is being asked for our input on that score, of course.  Your humble narrator will be in attendance thanks to the efforts of all of you who voted for me.  ;-)

Xander Phoena continues his quest to interview two CSM8 members per month.  This past week, it was progodlegend and Ali Aras, and it was quite an interesting discussion!  Go give it a listen if you're interested in CSM topics.  And Ali of course is continuing her Space Hangouts every Saturday.  And she made a specific list of things that the CSM has been asked for our feedback so far on our term so far and that have gone public in some venue.  Ali is CSM MVP of the week this week.  :-)

Watch the skies on Thursday!  There will be a CSM dev-blog detailing our next bit of player communications.  :-)  Big thanks to Trebor Daehdoow for lining up a lot of different CSM proposals (including mine) into one big proposal that has CCP backing and should make players smile too.  I'll have lots more to say about that one next week.

We're getting a few requests for our feedback on items despite holiday season starting up, including a fairly big one that I can't wait to talk about once it gets rolling in earnest.  As soon as I can talk about that one, I will.  And we're also waiting for the results of our homework assignment.  As a matter of fact, I think I'll write up the homework assignment itself and send it to CCP Dolan and see if I can get some version of it past the NDA.

Finally, I want to point to this and this, a CCP "live event" of sorts that I don't think is getting nearly enough publicity.  When the CSM was briefed on this and were asked if we thought it was a good idea, I posted that the idea immediately made me start laughing when I realized what the gist was and in my opinion that immediately made it a winner.  Thumbs up from me!  More of you should participate in this, and... ummm... more of you should try to prevent these photos being taken!  ;-)

And after going over my notes for this week, that's really all the major things I could find that happened this week.  Like I said, it was pretty quiet!  But the holiday for us ends on Thursday...


  1. I immediately contemplated camping the Seyllin I shattered world when I saw this, one of my favorite landmarks and it's in shallow lowsec. Other obligations got in the way, unfortunately!

  2. "into one big proposal that has CCP backing and should make players smile too."

    Do you mean ALL players in Eve, or are you talking about "the only players who count: null sec players"?

  3. Please remind CCP that the CSM is supposed to provide a communications/feedback conduit to/from the players. And, you can't do that job, if you can't talk about things, in far more detail and with less hand-waving and ambiguous cheerleading.

    An NDA isn't meant to be an all-encompassing "cone of silence" - although such an interpretation is far easier from the company perspective. The NDA should only restrict information which would compromise CCP's business plans and/or provide an advantage to its competitors - and not restrict information for the players just because CCP is afraid of wonky player response. Both the CSM and CCP need to work harder, on differentiating information which really should be covered by a NDA and information which should not.

    I fully expect for us players to hear far more details of CCP's plans, with regards to proposed changes to gameplay, so that we all - not just the CSM - can provide more input into the game's development process.

    CCP Rise's recent work (or lack thereof, due to lack of personal interest) into the T1 industrial rebalancing proves that CCP needs much more input/direction from the player base, and not merely the trickle from the CSM. The CSM dropped the ball on the T1 industrial rebalance, for the same reason as Rise - no personal interest in these particular ships.

    So, rather than concentrate on helping CCP with specific game details, get the CSM back on track on further increasing the bandwidth of communications between CCP and the players. That is actually what you were elected to do - you were not elected to be junior game designers nor game testers.

    1. Dinsdale PirannhaJuly 9, 2013 at 6:07 PM

      "So, rather than concentrate on helping CCP with specific game details, get the CSM back on track on further increasing the bandwidth of communications between CCP and the players. That is actually what you were elected to do - you were not elected to be junior game designers nor game testers."

      Guess you have not followed many of the CSM members on the forums. The vast majority are shills for the null sec cartels, and their job IS to be ram through game design changes solely for the benefit of null sec and the detriment of high sec. And you know what, they are doing it. Watch the buffs to null sec industry and the devastation of high sec that the december 2013 release contains.

    2. This.

      And, I'm not all that hot on the idea of CCP asking the CSM for feedback, and then the CSM giving that feedback *without* exhaustively discussing it first with the players, in a public forum. There are just too many game playing styles and the members of the CSM don't represent anywhere near a majority of them.

    3. Duuude when the president needs to adress an issue he doesnt consult the peoples, he makes it. U chose the person that representa you, let him represent then.

    4. Actually, if a topic can be discussed publically, there is not need for CCP to interact through the CSM: A dev can simply post his questions/proposal, and the players can answer (like the industrials). Anyone player or CCP employer can summerize the ffedback - you can see this at work with others games where community managers do that job.

      The other direction, where players want to push an issue CCP didn't bring up themselves, well, that doesn't need any office like the CSM either. Simply publish your concern and get enough backing so it gets enough visibility.

      Of course, in both cases it may help if a CSM member pushes the issue to the right CCP people, but that isn't hindered by the NDA.

      So what's left? IMHO, the advantage of the CSM is that players can - by delegate - influence the decision process of CCP before CCP is willing to go public with an idea. Hence the NDA.


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