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Sunday, July 14, 2013

CSM8 Status report: Week ten

A big portion of this week's status report is taken up by CSM8's player communications project for the CCP vacation season.  I've already covered it in detail: we're going to have a big player crowd-sourcing effort, followed by a CSM vote on the player suggestions brought up.  As I said in that post, CCP Seagull has expressed interest and enthusiasm for a new list of "little things" to throw into the development hopper for future full releases and point releases.  So please get involved in the conversation and share your ideas!  Best ideas for that thread are ones that can be expressed in eight words or less.  We're talking total high concept here.  If it needs a paragraph, it's too complicated for this effort (though if you have really good ideas along those lines then do feel free to link to a full Features and Ideas post on the matter).

So please get involved with the conversation!

CSM8 is currently in the roll-up toward the Summer Summit, which will be late next month.  First step in that was a long meeting with Seagull in which we've been given a pretty good idea of where the winter expansion is going.  And I can report with pleasure that the CSM was very enthusiastic about the things that were shown to us, and I think the players will be too!  It's really cool stuff!  My only concern is whether CCP can actually deliver on what they're hoping to accomplish before the holiday season, but point releases are becoming more and more common with EVE expansions so anything that doesn't make it into Winter will almost certainly be delivered in the typical post-winter point release in January.

The CSM will continue to be a stake-holder into the development process, and we've been given a really juicy feature set that we'll be directly involved in giving feed back on, as well as being given another homework assignment in the lead-in to the summit.  Can't wait!  As CCP announces their plans in dev-blogs and the like, I'll be able to talk more about what's coming and what I think about it.

In the meantime, things continue to be fairly quiet on the CCP side.  You can really tell when the devs are on vacation.  There just isn't a lot of chit-chat in the Skype channel and we're currently really only working with about two devs that continue to put in hours over the summer.  I'm not giving anything away when I say CCP Rise is one of them; he made himself public this week and even made it pretty clear what he's working on.  I expect the specifics be public very soon.

Other than that, there really isn't much going on on the CCP side.  I've mentioned before that there's a private CCP-CSM section of the EVE Online forum.  There were only four new threads in it this week.  We have two meetings with CCP coming up this week, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, but I expect both of them to be pretty low-key.  I'm sure things will pick up again in a couple of weeks, and in the meantime, the CSM has our own fish to fry for a while...  ;-)  I also still intend to schedule our second Town Hall meeting for the lead-in period before the Summit.  At this moment, I'm thinking about August 11, but I may push it back to August 18.  Stay tuned!


  1. That's great Jester, but let us know when there is some movement on killing off Dust so money starts going where it should and we can all get on with it.

  2. I can't seem to find a target date for Odyssey 1.1 ... any information?

    1. CCP has decided but not announced it publicly, other than "later this summer" (announced by CCP Rise). I'd recommend glancing at a calendar to remind yourself when summer ends.

  3. I won't troll the eve-o forum thread with this, but it's something I think CCP should seriously consider. In eight words:

    "Make the Russians play on a separate server"

    1. Why? Russians are a hugely valuable membership bloc in the community. The only reason the Chinese have their own server is so we Americans can't indoctrinate them in Local about the glories of democracy, freedom, and free speech.

  4. Pretty happy with the nuts and bolts changes to industrials, even happier with the deep thought Abraxis has put into naming them. What's in a name? - quite a lot actually.


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