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Monday, July 29, 2013

CSM8 Status report: Week twelve

When I first challenged Seleene, Hans Jagerblitzen, and Alekseyev Karrde alllll those months ago early in their CSM7 term to communicate much more frequently with players, the very first response I got back was "Sometimes, there's nothing going on."  My response was "Then tell the players that!  That's better than what you're doing now."

There's nothing going on.  ;-)

Seriously, there are more people on vacation this week than there were last week.  I feel like the entire staff of CCP that is working is working on the tournament.  Three quarters of the requests we're sending to CCP right now are being answered by CCP Dolan or another CCPer with "That person is on vacation until X."  Kudos to the CCPers that are keeping us aware of this!  For the moment there appear to be only two active things going on.  One, you've already been made aware of.  The other, you'll be seeing a public post about pretty soon, I suspect.  As Malcanis put it on Failheap,
...brace for a new round of things to get tearfully upset about any minute now.
Yep.  ;-)  And I'll have more to say about HAC round two in a separate post.

For myself, I haven't had a single minute to do anything CSM-related this past week.  Nearly every waking EVE moment I've had has gone to preparations for Alliance Tournament flying this past Saturday and Sunday.  But it's a good week for it.  I'm not missing anything.  Hell, I just checked the CSM/CCP Skype channel, which I forgot to check all day yesterday and today.  There was 207 lines in it, all of them from CSM members.  There's nothing going on.  ;-)

The one thing that is going on is the CSM separation of and voting on all of your "Reasonable things".  Thank you again for all of the suggestions that those of you that participated submitted!  I can tell you that lots of them have been sources of discussion in our private channel.  I myself need to go through the list and do my voting early this week.  Also, I've got my flight arrangements to Iceland for the Summer Summit, which is coming up four weeks and two days from today.

Two other things I need to work on in the coming week:
  • Scheduling the town hall; and,
  • our next stake-holder meeting this Thursday.
I promise the first will get done, tournament or no tournament.  I want to give people plenty of notice.  For the latter, I wonder if there will be anyone there?  I'll let you know in a week...


  1. Many of the CSM were elected on a ticket of pushing for a re-work of null-sec. Specifically Sov-mechanics and income.

    Are you able to tell us what the consesus is in the CSM? What are you in the CSM collectively telling CCP needs to be looked at?

    What are the priorities?

    1. CCP announced their new development philosophy for EVE last winter, and it revolves around "themes". To the extent that changes to nullsec can be made to fit within those themes, maybe they will make a few changes here and there. 2 years ago CCP announced a 5-year roadmap for the revamp of nullsec. Those 2 devblogs have since disappeared from CCP's websites.

      The chances of a comprehensive re-work of nullsec in the next few years are somewhere between slim and none. Anyone who voted for a CSM member based on their promise to "push CCP to re-work nullsec sov" was an idiot.

    2. Dinsdale PirannhaJuly 31, 2013 at 6:48 AM

      Re-Work of null sec means appropriating more income from high sec to null sec, like the theft 0f 20% of the ice income that just happened. Trust me, that is continuing apace. Wait until Sept when the first rumours start coming out how T2 mfg/invention is being buffed in null sec / destroyed in high sec.

      This is all about diverting more income into the hands of the cartel leaders.

  2. So I tried to bribe Malcanis on FHC but got no response. So would you like 100mil isk? Can I please have a RLML bonus on the Sac? If it makes it in game I send you isk!

  3. Thanks for the update, much appreciated.

    I really hope next CSM realizes that the time you put in creating this "executive report" should be way to keep voters interested and rewarded for their involvement in space democracy.

  4. Drop me a note when you have the date and time for the next Town Hall set, please!

  5. "...brace for a new round of things to get tearfully upset about any minute now."

    I'm guessing CSM is working on expectations management for some incoming threadnaughts?

  6. How about getting the bug reporting system working again?

    I think it is pretty damn stupid of CCP to disable/ignore the old bug reporting system, without first having the new system ready to go, esp. so soon after an expansion release, when there are bugs aplenty popping up and not getting fixed.


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