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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Grudge match... no pressure

As I said last week, tomorrow we face Verge of Collapse in our third tournament match.  Needless to say, we've spent a lot of time thinking about and preparing for this one.  Verge knocked Rote Kapelle out of the tournament last year, and this year, they could push us into a grueling elimination bracket that just exhausts you with a ton of additional matches assuming you're not knocked out of the tournament entirely.

So not only is this a bit of a grudge match, not only is it a match that we have to win to demonstrate that we deserve to get to finals weekend, but it's also a bit of a pressure cooker.  Still, I'm feeling pretty good about our chances.

Mat Westhorpe has featured me in a list of articles about tournament pilots "who are about to explode."  My respnose?  "I'm gonna explode?  I don't wanna explode."  </Jayne>  ;-)

Besides my own match, the matches I'm looking forward tomorrow include:
  • Match 67: Outbreak v. Circle-of-Two.  I think Outbreak is going to take this one but it should be a good match!  Loser goes home, so either way, a decent tournament team is going home after this one so expect it to be hard-fought.
  • Match 68: Perihelion Alliance v. CVA.  I expect CVA to win this one (Perihelion have not been performing at their best), but it should be entertaining!
  • Match 73: HUN Reloaded v. The G0dfathers.  You'd expect this one to be one-sided, but G0dfathers could definitely make a fight of it.  I hope they do.
  • Match 75: Urine Alliance v. Shadow Cartel.  I expect this one to be close.  My money's on Shadow Cartel -- they've done better with a harder schedule -- but honestly, you could flip a coin. 
  • Match 85: DarkSide v. Darkness of Despair.  Could be another close one, or could be a Darkside whitewash.  Either way, it shouldn't be dull!
Surprisingly tomorrow, there are four teams in the winner's bracket that apparently aren't fighting: Red vs Blue, The Initiative, Agony Empire, and Pandemic Legion.  All 32 of the elimination bracket teams are fighting tomorrow, which means that 16 more teams will be eliminated from the running tomorrow and we begin Sunday with the top 32 teams.

EVE News 24 had a good bit on their picks for the best and worst ads of AT11 so far.  For my money, the best ad is the Red vs Blue one.  I literally started laughing out loud when I watched it...

I was actually kind of surprised that CCP let that one go by.  Seems just the sort of ad they might gently ask RvB to rethink.  Mangala Solaris tells me it wasn't even the highest vote ad in RvB so I guess my tastes are just strange.  Second choice from me?  The Amamake ad (you'll know it when you see it, someone post a link in comments!).  Third choice for me so far, the Sniggwaffe ad without the dance.  I think the lady in this ad looks just a bit too much like a significant other who disapproves of our collective gaming habit.  ;-)

EDIT (27/Jul/2013): An anonymous commenter posted the link for the "Visit Amamake" ad, actually an add for The Heretic Initiative.  Clever!

Looking forward to the day three matches!  Good luck to everyone involved except Verge of Collapse!


  1. This "Visit Amamake" ad?

  2. The RvB add is in memory of the "Mate" war.

  3. Well done on the win. Bonus being you didn't explode!

  4. congrats on the win =)


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