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Monday, July 8, 2013

Kill of the Week: Bad-ass

OK, first things first: I'm not going to be covering the Pandemic Legion super-carrier losses this time.  The time-frame for the KOTW is from Monday at 0000 EVE time (or 0001, if you prefer) through 2359 EVE time on Sunday.  Those Pandemic Legion supers died about an hour late to make the cut for this week.  So you can look for them to be officially logged next week.  That said, I will probably have a separate post about them in the next day or two because I think they illustrate an interesting bit of drama.

So let's get that bit out of the way first:

Number of dead super-caps last week: 0

Yep, from 0000 EVE time Monday 1 July through 2359 Sunday 7 July, no super-caps were killed in EVE.  As a matter of fact, only three ships worth ten billion ISK or more of any type were killed during that seven days, and two of those kills were in Jita, this PLEX-laden Ibis and this Tengu pilot's pathetic attempt to get several billion ISK worth of implants away from or into the 4-4 station.  But the funniest expensive KM of the week was Bhaalgorn.  The pilot claims he didn't die due to smartbomb stupidity and also claims he wasn't involved in RMT.  No, he claims he was just caught moving through the pipe by a very patient enemy in an enemy FW corp, then panicked and shot at the tackler's neutral Osprey repper.  Not sure I believe it, but there you have it.

Fight of the week was obviously Z9PP-H, lost by CCP.  I've covered that one already.

Honorable mention for KOTW starts with this Moros.  It'll be one of the things I talk about in the Pandemic Legion article in a day or two.  Needless to say, that's not how you properly fit a Moros for any number of reasons.  Some of the most basic ones are covered in this TMC article about the kill, but there's a lot more going on than just that.  For example, a smart Moros pilot will keep spare mods and cap boosters in cargo to cover various contingencies.  It's just a dumb loss for a lot of reasons.

I also got a kick out of this Rorqual loss.  It makes another nice honorable mention.

But no, for kill of the week this week, I want to recognize someone for being bad-ass.  So the winner is:

Check out the total damage taken by that ship.  I might quibble a bit here and there about the fit.  But if you're going to lose billions of ISK in this game, that's how you go about it, having a good time.  It looks very much like the Goon fleet was only able to take this Kronos down when its pilot ran out of cap booster charges.  The other thing I'm sad about is the lack of corresponding Goon kill-mails, but most of those ships are supreme kiting ships so it's understandable.  Hail, Darknesss!  I salute you!  Oh, and congrats to Goonswarm too, I guess.  ;-)  Any of you out there that keep saying Goons are bad at this game may have another dice roll to attempt to reevaluate that belief.

So, lots of interesting kills this week even if no supers died.  But in other news, no supers died this past week, including in the Fountain war.  And no supers have died this week so far in that war, either.  Or at all, so far.  As a side note, Mord Fiddle has some interesting things to say about that.  I'm not sure I agree with them, but they're interesting!


  1. Its way more likely he got no kills because the goons had scimitars than all the goons were able to stay out of linked faction web range with their piloting ability

  2. Bad-ass? Rather Dumb-ass! His fit is not "I might quibble a bit here and there", it's outright horrible.

    - It has 3 empty slots. The slots that could have neuts, shutting down the resists and propulsion of those vagabonds. Or smartbombs that could remove damage from the Domi, rapier and scimitar and damage the brawling cruisers (he had Void L in his guns so I assume they were brawling)

    - There is no faction Antimatter ammo in his hold, despite Void L has -25% tracking.

    - He had a 500M faction passive explo resist module which gives less resists than a T2 active for 2M.

    - He used a Core X-type MWD for 500M which made him have less cap than he'd have with a 100M Domination faction one. (core X-type doesn't decrease cap size but costs more activation. Since he was gaining cap from cap boosters, cap size is irrelevant)

    - He was active-tanking, which means he expected to live long. This case the lack of reactive armor hardener is a big mistake, he'd live longer with just one repper and a reactive hardener.

    This is a moron who ISK-tanked his ship and lost it. I'm actually surprised by the lack of small officer guns, they would very much belong to this disaster.

    1. You should stop discussing ship fits. Your own explanations aren't even consistent.

  3. A little off topic, but your mention of the Rorqual kill reminded me that I've been lately wondering if it'll get a redesign or visual upgrade. It looks a little flat and uninteresting compared to some more recent art reworkings. Hope CCP will do something to make it look a little cooler.

  4. I kind of hoped to see my alliance mate's 52-0 bombing run mentioned.. Guess I have to :-)


    He spent quite a bit of effort to track them down and kill them in a couple of runs.


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