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Monday, July 22, 2013

Kill of the Week: Loot the wreck!

Fight of the week took place in J125111.  I am not a w-space politics expert, but holy hell have a look at this fight.  116 billion ISK killed in one fight, with no supers in evidence.  Wow!

EDIT (23/Jul/2013): Kill-mail link updated.  It wasn't 116 billion... it was 284!

TMC has the story on the overall fight and the politics behind it.  Take a few minutes and go read it.  Had this fight happened anywhere but w-space, chances are it would be a major EVE news story.  But w-space fights -- even the biggest ones -- tend to be the source of player-made videos rather than gamer website news.  Ah well.  Anyway, this fight is the source of the kill of the week this week, this Tengu:

Presumably as the fight was going on, this Tengu pilot was diving in among the shiny wrecks picking and choosing from blue- and green-flagged modules, indicating those modules were either faction or dead-space.  He'd managed to gather up some two billion ISK in loot... when he apparently became a shiny wreck himself.  Classic!  Absolutely classic.

Honorable mentions start with this Rorqual... that was in a belt.  Given the names of the friends who died with him, I assume this is multi-boxing mining op gone horribly wrong.  In a similar style, Noir caught themselves a pretty funny Loki kill.  It'd be a random gank, except for the fact that the Loki pilot voluntarily engaged a Tengu in a 1v1... while he had a near-full set of high-grade Snakes in his cargo hold.  Whoops!

This Absolution made me laugh.  There's nothing particularly wrong with the fit -- it's a Pandemic Legion Abso, after all -- but it seems to have been nibbled to death by fleas.

And finally, the kill of the first tournament weekend was the SCUMdot flagship, this nine billion ISK Armageddon, lost in quite literally the very first match of AT11.  Ouch!  Hope Circle-of-Two looted that wreck...

Number of dead super-caps last week: 2

Only two supers to talk about this week, but both of them were titans!  First to die was this Leviathan, lost by Fatal Ascension.  I gave my opinion on this kill-mail and pointed to the news stories on it earlier this week, other than to mention that it's on eve-kill now.  Short version: Goons believe they uncovered a PL spy flying a supposedly friendly titan, so they nuked the titan.  Who was actually at the controls will probably never be proven.  Depending on whose side you believe, this is either the first super-cap loss of the Fountain war... or just the Goons killing one of their own supers.

Second to die (and on the same day) was this AvatarTMC has the story on this one, which combines a whole host of "things not to do with your titan" stories.  The pilot used a predictable login location, a small POS, the same safe-spot over and over again, ignored Local, had no friends, and apparently failed to ensure he was logged off safely when shutting down the titan client.  The good news is that the pilot involved is now free of the shackles of his space coffin and can train skills in station where he belongs.  And amusingly enough, the killer had the potential to get himself a solo titan kill and let it go by.  Not many EVE players would do that.


  1. You should have read the TMC article, since this: http://zkillboard.com/related/31002460/201307182200/
    is the real battle report.
    So the butchers bill is closer to 270 bil.

    1. Thanks! Two step was also good enough to find a real link for me. It's depressing how bad EVE battle reports are sometimes.


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