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Monday, July 15, 2013

Kill of the Week: Record breaker

First of the honorable mentions was this pod.  Important safety tip: don't light cynos in your 3.5 billion ISK high-grade Snake clone.  Thanks to MrTheGeoff, one of the murderers involved, who pointed me at this and correctly points out:
Even with a full set of snakes a disposable cyno frigate goes 0m/s.
Yup!  When Rote Kapelle is out roaming, I always ask people to point the pods we catch, but don't kill them right away.  Reason: it's amusing to occasionally get on the KM for this sort of super-expensive pod.

This honorable mention made me smile, a Prowler full of 18 billion ISK in juicy loot.  It's a nifty example of knowing your target and gambling.  The pilot is a known member of one of the incursion communities and is apparently a bit of a braggart about his wealth.  You can't cargo scan blockade runners any more, though.  But when someone saw him flying around in a cloaky hauler, that someone apparently decided it was worth a gamble.  I'd say it paid off!  Alts are your friends.

You'd think the word about the Sagain undock and die station would have gotten around and how unhealthy it is for jump freighters like this Nomad.  You'd be wrong.

And just to make all the honorable mentions ganks, there's this Machariel that just made me literally laugh out loud.  What goes through one's head when you see that little Catalyst swarm?

Number of dead super-caps last week: 12

Before you ask, no.  It wasn't a record for the number of dead supers.  It had a shot, but the record for number of dead supers in a single week since I started tracking this is 14, which happened once last October and once this past January.  Still, in terms of actual ISK lost, this week is a record for that with about 800 billion ISK in PL super-capital ships alone being destroyed this week, and almost one trillion ISK total!  So congrats to everyone involved there.

As I already covered, first to die were those ten Pandemic Legion super-carriers, headlined by this 300 billion ISK Revenant.  My prior blog post has pointers to the various news stories and a condensed version of the tale.  To his credit, the Rev pilot in question had a really good sense of humor about it all.  On the CSM Crowdsourcing thread, he had this suggestion:
Suggestion: Increase the frequency of Revenant BPC drops.
Hee!  We'll ask CCP to get right on that.  ;-)  Needless to say, the Revenant itself is the KOTW.  Another big congrats to Black Legion and friends!

So that was ten: the Revenant, two Aeons, and seven Nyxes.

The next day, this Hel went down in Caldari low-sec to a mixed group anchored around Shadow Cartel dreads.  Story on this one seems straight-forward.  This was a super returning to the game after a long absence.  The pilot involved jumped it into this system (presumably heading north) but couldn't get the Hel off the jump-in cyno before potential tacklers started landing and instead logged the Hel off there.  Big mistake, and could have been prevented with a 10-second cyno.  Needless to say, a hictor was waiting for the Hel to log back in... which he eventually did.

Last to die was this ratting Nyx, absolutely murder-death-killed by SOLAR FLEET and friends.  Again straight-forward: Nyx in anom, caught and bubbled in the anom, and every sub-cap in the world shows up.  There's video, but it's pretty bad except in a "fireworks show" sense.

Still no war-time super losses!  Son, I am disappoint.


  1. maybe there was a reason that the destroyers used to have 25% penalty to rof. Is it time to put it back?

    Who said you can not herd cats?

    queue the chorus:

    doesn't fly faction
    doesn't fly bling
    invisible to gankers
    does his own thing

  2. I was there when that pod got killed, and didn't make it on the mail. Still can't blame the guys I was flying with for that in this case.

    We usually do the same, get points but only shoot when everyone's on. But since the cyno, and thus the pod, were on a station, and could thus dock up whenever the pilot woke up, I think shooting as quickly as possible was the right call here.

    Still, wish I'd locked quicker....

  3. I love the smell of dead supercaps in the morning. ;)

  4. I don't know if you've got time to run the numbers, but I'm curious: since you started tracking, what percentage of the supercap losses have been due to ambushes, as opposed to actually risking them in battle? (I'd count the Asakai supercap losses in the latter category.)

    1. It's very very high. At a rough guess, I'd say less than 10% of the super kills I've covered have happened in an actual battle. My suspicion this was the case was one of the things that drove me to start keeping track. I was curious if supers were used in the same kind of PvP as other ships.

  5. Where can we submit KOTW suggestions?

    1. EVE mail is the best way. Send suggestions to Ripard Teg.

  6. This comment from the prowler kill is the problem with high sec ganking right now:

    "Prowlers always cost more than cheap gank nados.. So if you have an alt w/ a hauler ready to scoop. It will always be cost effective on the killboard point of view."

    It may not be your ultimate goal, but even if you don't get a damned thing you have still inflicted more damage on your opponent then you lose even when you screw up.

    I love that there is no such thing as a safe place in EvE... well, unless you are a high-sec gank noob, then you can't loose!

    1. That's totally false. Even at the end of the day, kill board efficiency means exactly jack shit if you do t have the liquid isk to buy and fit a ship. Don't believe me, spend the next month ganking as your only profession and then tell me it's as easy as you thought it would be.

    2. And yet I have never lost a Prowler to a high sec gank. I've lost Prowlers in nullsec and wormhole bubble camps and once on a lowsec station undock to a Tornado when I wasn't paying attention (and was empty). Get yourself an insta undock in Jita and stay cloaked when moving around high sec and you should be almost impossible to gank.


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