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Monday, July 1, 2013

Kill of the Week: Shiny paper

So, pop quiz.  An enemy ship has a friendly Hurricane tackled outside station.  The Hurricane is aggressed.  You're in a bomber.  Do you help out your buddy and try to drive off the tackler?  If you're this guy, you do.

Even if your bomber is worth 500 million ISK in dead-space and faction modules.  Whoops.  Needless to say, the enemy ship lit a covert cyno, and half the bombers and recons in the world appeared.  "Point point point" as the player that sent me this glorious little kill-mail said, before adding "Needless to say we were very happy when the bomber was a loot pinata.  =)"  Hee.  I'll bet.  Nice kill, and thanks for the pointer!

Both honorable mention and "fight" of the week was this little headshot.  Make no mistake: the intent of this disband, at this particular time, was to see if the CFC could push Nulli Secunda out of the Fountain war and back to their homeland to play defense.  Despite appearances, it was a strategic move.

Last honorable mention is this Harbinger Navy Issue.  Rumor has it this is another unsub loss.  I hope so, because this fit is really really bad even before you notice the 20 PLEXes in cargo.  Pro-tip: scrams and long range weapons don't mix.

Number of dead super-caps last week: 3

There were three super-caps killed this week, and I can't find the official stories for how any of them were killed.

First up this week was this Nyx, crushed in Fountain by TEST Alliance.  Rumor has it that TEST awoxed this guy, but TEST is denying that.  However, they're not being too specific about exactly how this happened, except to say that this guy apparently joined a corp that he either thought was blue to TEST or was led to believe was blue to TEST.  Needless to say, that corp wasn't blue.

Next up was this Nyx, absolutely crushed by 27 Pandemic Legion super-carriers with only a couple of Phoboses to provide tackle.  I can't find a story on this one either, but given that the 28th super-carrier on the mail is a friendly to the deceased, I think we can safely say this was an awox of some kind.

Last to die was this Avatar, again to Pandemic Legion, again to a massive super-cap blob with a minimum number of interdictors (four this time).  You'd think a titan kill would be news-worthy, but again as far as I can tell, neither EN24 nor TMC covered it.  But this one is actually probably more interesting for the fact that one of the game's very few Revenants is on the kill-mail.

Net net: no supers killed in the Fountain war this week!  But if you know the exact stories of how these supers were killed, please put them in the comments...


  1. "Pro-tip: scrams and long range weapons don't mix."
    But Jester, it's a faction scram!! ;)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. That navy harb pilot? He lost this officer sigil an hour before that harby, in the same system: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=18499242
    Also killed by the same pilot :tinfoil:
    Also, do you have a problem with plex's not dropping 100% of the time?

    1. Yeah, could be RMT but I'm not sure I believe it. He went about it in an odd way.

      I think PLEXes should continue to drop at the same 50% rate everything else drops.

  4. Someone (forgot who), noticed the Avatar as it entered the system, but it warped to a safespot, afterwards, he was on stand-by with probes when for some reason, the Avatar decloaked and stayed there. He got probed, and cloaked back up again. The call was made and PL brought in the pain just as the covops (or whatever it was) decloaked the Avatar and lit a cyno, in came the hictors, with the supers soon after.

  5. The Nyx PL killed was not awoxed. He and a couple other Nyxes jumped into a lowsec cyno that was in the middle of space (not on a POS). One of our fishers was in the area by chance looking for carriers to kill, and warped to the cyno and pointed one. Instead of helping their friend out with their ECM bursts and neuts it appears that the supercarriers in his fleet promptly warped out after a few smartbomb cycles (hence the friendly damage).

    Basically cowardice killed the Nyx, they had plenty of time to bail him out before the deeps arrived.

  6. It would seem that that Revenant was killed shortly after.


    Interestingly, it shows up on his killboard as him losing a supercarrier, but when you click on his supercarrier link, it is omitted. Likely a problem with EVE-Kill's code.


    I believe it's the first in EVE's history?


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