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Friday, July 19, 2013

The old ultra-violence

I'm going to keep mentioning it because it's still relevant: right now, I'm learning exactly how many plates I can keep spinning at the same time.  Right now, that means two major work projects, this blog, the CSM, tournament practice, a real-life move, my daily exercise, normal day-to-day stuff that we all deal with, and -- oh yeah -- the desire to have some unscheduled gaming time now than then.  ;-)  It's a lot to keep track of!  So far, I'm mostly keeping up, but I'll be happy when one or two of the items drop out of the pile to free up time for the others.

One will for sure within the next three weeks: Alliance Tournament XI starts tomorrow morning!  Mark your calendars.  CCP has produced an amusing little trailer for their Twitch TV stream...

The star is CCP Veritas, who's put in some heroic work in the preliminaries leading up to the tourney.  I don't think a week has gone by yet that I haven't had some inane question, suggestion, or sarcastic remark for him.

For Rote Kapelle, that's meant a lot of practicing.  This week alone, we've had six scheduled practice sessions.  I've spent more time this week on the Duality test server than on Tranquility.  Our first match is tomorrow morning versus Wormhole Holders, followed by a second match on Sunday against either Perihelion Alliance or The Fourth District, depending.  Here's the bracket for those of you who haven't looked at it yet...

I do not envy the guys doing commentary tomorrow and Sunday.  32 matches per day is a lot.

The tournament is double elimination, so there will be 16 teams eliminated tomorrow: those teams that lose on both Saturday and on Sunday.  48 teams will continue on to the second weekend.  We've been working hard and we're confident that we'll be among them.  In particular, I'm pleased with our bracket.  We're nicely isolated from the really tough teams so I don't expect we'll be knocked out early unless we make some big mistakes.

Four matches I'm particularly looking forward to on Saturday?
  • Match 6: Verge of Collapse v. OutbreakDOT.  Last year's tournament champions versus a very tough tourney competitor.  Should be good.
  • Match 17: Noir. Mercenary Group v. Shadow Cartel.  A lot of matches on Saturday are going to be one-sided but I think this one might be fun to watch.
  • Match 18: HUN Reloaded v. DarkSideDOT.  I have a lot of respect for DarkSide and of course the Huns pushed a lot of people out of AT10.
  • Match 22: The G0dfathers v. Urine Alliance.  This is another one that has the potential to be really close.

Finally, here's the Rote Kapelle tournament ad.  I get a kick out of it... lots of fun little in-jokes and sells the alliance without any ship explosions or Skrillex whatsoever.  ;-)

More on this topic tomorrow!  Good luck to everyone involved!


  1. Half a million Lorkin Desal is a lot of ego.


  2. That music is going to make people think their feed is having transmission problems.

  3. The world's best golfers being humbled by the sun-baked links of Muirfield, le tour's penultimate stage and the final chance to attack Froome in the alps, AND the start of the alliance tournament! All in one day! Can the summer sporting calendar get any better than this? I honestly doubt it and I'm unsure I could handle it if it did.

  4. Nice match! Not sure it tells me if your team is good or great! But the comp looked solid.

  5. When you say you practice 6 times a week, is that full on 12v12 practices? I didnt think Rote had the numbers for that.


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