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Saturday, July 27, 2013


Don't make us angry.


  1. Thanks guys, it was a great match to watch. It was nice to see your team re-assess the situation and adapt, instead of sticking to a doomed plan (I'm assuming rushing was the initial plan).
    People love to see the dunk, the 1st round KO, the 80 yards TD pass but being patient and using one's brain in front of a difficult opponent is just as good if not better in my book.

  2. Congrats. I caught a couple live today but not yours, so I'll look forward to seeing it when it makes youtube.

  3. congrats on the win - revenge is best served on the battlefield and in even better in the spotlight!

  4. Bob Shaftoes has R-22 for blood.

  5. I couldn't follow all that was going on, but it was thrilling. The feinting and out-waiting of Verge seemed to have been done masterfully. I wouldn't know whether Rote's strategy was a particularly great one, but the discipline shown was mighty impressive.

    I'd hardly dared hope for a Rote victory today. Whether or not y'all ever win again in this tourney, you can leave with pride.

  6. I'm watching last weeks on YouTube right now
    I hope they include the good Alliance Vids to YouTube.
    Sorry, RKs isn't one of them - its last years with added wank.


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