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Sunday, August 18, 2013

CSM8 Status report: Week fifteen

Things are slowly speeding back up!

We were scheduled to have a stake-holder meeting this week, but it didn't happen quite frankly because everything that Team Five-Oh could have shown us this week they would have been showing us on Singularity (since that's where it is now).  I really wish CCP would just announce Odyssey 1.1's release date already.  Yes, the CSM has been told what it is.  No, we can't say.  All I AM allowed to say is this announcement from CCP Explorer over the weekend:
CCP Explorer > The date for Odyssey 1.1 has been set and will be announced soon. The rest of the autumn schedule (for EVE & DUST) is drafted. [Twitter relay]
So there you go.  It's set and will be announced soon(tm).

We continue to be in the roll-up toward the Summer Summit, which is now coming up in less than ten days.  Surprisingly though, we don't have the topic list yet for it.  I was pretty much counting on us having this by yesterday but it didn't happen.  I suspect this is a side effect of the much later Summer Summit than is typical, combined with it taking place immediately after CCP's vacation season.  That's cutting into the time needed to organize the Summit, decide on the topics, and get them announced to all of you.  Needless to say as soon as we have that information, we'll get it out to you.  In the meantime, this is a good lesson to take out of this later Summit for next year for CSM9.

Trebor Daehdoow took some time out to talk to Penny Arcade Report and that article came out this week.  It's really more of an EVE intro piece than anything else, but is a lovely example of the CSM "activism" that I called for last year... and I didn't even do it.  ;-)  But sometimes the best thing the CSM can do is sell the game!  And now that the Providence civil war is over, Ali Aras is going to be restarting her Space Hangouts on Saturdays at 2000.  I'm pretty sure this is the link you want to participate.

The CCP/CSM Skype channel is heating back up, but it's mostly casual chatter right now.  The devs are busy with Odyssey 1.1 preparations and debugging of stuff discovered on Singularity.  There hasn't been a new topic on the Internal CCP/CSM forum in a couple of weeks; in terms of Winter expansion stuff, we're mostly thinking through a brainstorming project that CCP Fozzie gave us while waiting for the Summit.

So in short, things are pretty quiet right now but the busy is visible on the horizon.

That started with our second CSM8 Town Hall over the weekend, which was attended by Ali Aras, Chitsa Jason, James Arget, Korvin, Malcanis, Mangala Solaris, Mike Azariah, Sala Cameron, Sort Dragon, Trebor Daehdoow, and myself, Ripard Teg.  So quite a good turn-out!  The recording is already up, so go give it a listen; it's just over one hour in length.  We were asked lots of really good questions, and we got to almost all of them.  We did miss a few (including a couple that were sent to me in EVE mail) so I'll be getting CSM8 members to answer them this week and posting the answers into the EVE-O forum thread.  EVE Radio as usual did a stellar job with the broadcast, both through their own medium and on twitch, and EVE University again donated their public Mumble server for our use.  Thank you again so much to both of these organizations (and most particularly DJ Wiggles and Neville Smit) for helping us, and thank you to everyone who attended!

Town Hall #3 is tentatively scheduled for early October, or as I put it to Neville Smit, "the weekend after we get the Summer Summit minutes out."  That's going to be fairly heavily dependent on how fast CCP can and will approve them, but I've set a tentative schedule for it for four weeks after the end of the summit, which would put the minutes out around October 1.  Hopefully, that's not overly optimistic.

First though, we actually have to attend the Summit, and there will be one more weekly update before it starts...


  1. http://failheap-challenge.com/showthread.php?13700-Capital-Jump-Timer

    An idea for you to ponder and possibly bring up to the next meet of CSM peeps.

  2. I for one want to thank you, and all of the CSM, for taking your personal time to represent the players and post updates on what's going on. It's really interesting to read about the game development process. Thanks...

  3. It's not surprising to me you don't have a topic list yet for the summit.

  4. When is the theme-setting for the winter expansion, btw?


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