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Thursday, August 1, 2013

July junk drawer

Welcome to the junk drawer, part of a series of monthly posts in which I dump all the stuff that I couldn't develop into full blog posts this past month.  And the junk drawer is really full, so let's get started.


Brave Newbies moved into Vestouve, Rote Kapelle's low-sec entry system, and have been making trouble.  I just want to commend them because they're definitely living up to their name most of the time!  Every once in a while, they don't want to have anything to do with us, but often they're refreshingly willing to come out and get into a dust-up with us!

So I just wanted to commend them and recommend this corp to anyone looking for a place to start their PvP careers.


Some ultra-quickies, one per line:

This person is insane.  But it's one of the fun kinds!

This Lego mini-Rifter is funny and awesome.

This, on the other hand, was in very poor taste.

Watch this scene from Hackers (yet another of my favorite awesome bad movies).  Is it just me, or were the EVE clothing designs taken from this movie?

I'm not the only one doing weekly updates.  CCP Phantom is doing them as well and I completely totally approve of this.  Here's the most recent one.  They appear every week in the EVE Information Portal section of the forums.  Bravo, Phantom!  Keep it up!


This error message made me laugh:
05:35:29    Notify    The fleet member Ripard Teg could not be moved because he did not respond in a timely fashion. You should remove this member from your fleet.
Even EVE doesn't like me sometimes.  ;-)

I'm not the only one that's occasionally disliked, though.  CSM8 member Malcanis got his own ragey threadnaught.  I have to tell you that this was a source of a lot of amusement in the CSM8 private channel.  Now we ALL want ragey threadnaughts.


Did you know that CCP declared war on Pandemic Legion this month?  They did:

CCP Fozzie had a particularly good time joking about it.  Apparently it happened due to a finger check (not by Fozzie).  Whoops!  @miguidotcom had the best response by far:
@CCP_Fozzie it is going to be fun when you surrender to PL xD


Every once in a while, someone points me back to a bit of EVE history that I either wasn't around for or have forgotten.  This month, it was a plea for me to talk to the art team about the old-style ship hangars which I have to say were indisputably colorful, gaudy, and awesome.  It's been so long that I'd completely forgotten about them.  So here's a reminder:

I'll get right on that, though I sadly doubt it'll go anywhere.


A slightly longer one.

Very occasionally on Sundays, I'll define a fairly basic EVE term in exhaustive detail.  There's actually a process that I use to help decide what terms I'm going to define.  As part of the Google Analytics metrics of my site, I get a list of the things that people use that search bar off to the right to try and find.  If a term comes up often enough and I don't already have a blog post written about it, I'll write one if it seems useful.  That way, the page is then out there for future searches to find, often years later.  So that more often than not is where some of the Sunday definitions come from.

Anyway, just a little blog background in the unlikely event that you were curious.


And that's all for the junk drawer this month.


  1. Poorly done, Malcanis. I would expect a CSM member to be too professional to indulge his need to be RIGHT, and to ridicule the poster who is WRONG.

    I would also hope that someone capable of winning election to CSM would also be too mature to have that need in the first place.

    1. Let's just say that your opinion seems to put you in the minority.

  2. Considering Hackers was released 18 years ago (yep, I 'ouch'ed, too) I wouldn't say it's a /bad/ movie..

    In the vein of Hackers, I'd just like to lay down my (sadly) anonymous vote in favour of returning to the old-style hangars. At least in part - I feel as though EVE needs more regional differentiation in terms of 'feel'.. Having a couple of burned-out temple-ruins style artworks behind my ships could give a really good feel to some areas.. Or little over-dressed monk/priestly types in other regions... Megacorporation advertisements and high-rises..

  3. Why the hell did they ever get away from those kinds of ship hangers?!?? That is SO much more awesome than today! Dark and cold universe and all that be damned, that is much more what I can envision commercial space living to be like.

    1. It would be funny to know that they removed this hangar because it felt too much like Freelancer as one of the many reasons.

      Also, Rip please... About that insane guy: I feel like I've been brainwashed. I feel a strong urge to resub. You can forward this marketing tactic to the appointed people at CCP. Cheers.!

  4. You should link that new Brave Newbies video up in their section. (Goes to find it)


    I think that is as good or better than some of the CCP ones.

    I can't imagine what people could make if CCP released their EVE movie maker program. Hint Hint!

    1. Related note, I cannot take any video that uses Carl Orff's O Fortuna seriously. The piece is a caricature of itself from over-use. Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra and Holst's Mars, The Bringer of War are also right out. :)

  5. Hmmmm.

    I'll have to think about how I can spam the search bar and cause the effect of you deciding to carefully define something amusing

  6. hackers isnt a bad movie. its a pretty decent people movie, with really really bad (so far as based in reality) computer scenes, though how else do you show someone hacking a system in a theatrical way?

    Even with the computer scenes, the person to person interactions were pretty decent. dumpster diving for info, calling up the night security, sending in a fake delivery dude with an eidetic memory to visually scrape passwords etc. Its a really good movie.

    I guess i know what I am doing tonight while watching rocks crumble... popping in the hackers dvd and having a good time.


    1. I just updated my description to "awesome bad movie", because you're correct. ;-)

  7. We Brave Newbies look forward to bringing TXW good fights as long as you guys will undock and give them back!

    7o good sir!

    Rodolfo Khan

  8. BNI moved to Barleguet, not Vestouve (close enough not to matter)


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