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Monday, August 19, 2013

Kill of the Week: Light week

This was a really light week for interesting kill-mails.  What with two wars wrapping up on opposite sides of the galaxy, apparently nobody felt like dying in something odd or fun.  But an alert reader pointed me at this, so I'm going to go with it because it made me laugh:

Bravo, Morpheus Kion.  +1 internet to you, sir.

This Charon kill also made me laugh.  It's not a gank.  Not really, at least.  To his credit, I guess this guy's been living in null-sec for so long he forgot that faction police can also be cross with you even if your security status is 5.0...

And this Nightmare was also kind of an entertaining gank.  It's an incursion sniper, obviously, and killed by an embarrassingly small number of Tornados for an equally embarrassing profit.  I'm amazed that gankers don't follow incursion ships around and pop them on site entry gates routinely.  Every incursion fleet I've ever been in has a ship like this and ship scanners aren't that hard to use.  I'm entertained by this one because it was incomplete: he apparently hadn't found the last two officer guns he wanted yet and now he has to start all over.  Amusingly, there are two on the market as of a few hours after this ship died.

Number of dead super-caps last week: 2

As predicted, a pretty quiet week for super-cap kills, with only two dead, both showing up for the same reinforced POCO timer, this Nyx and this Aeon.  EVE News 24 has the story this time, and it's a well-done piece with background, story, and video.  But as I said the short version is the supers showed up to shoot at a POCO after it came out of reinforcement, presumably after being seen reinforcing the thing in the first place.  The latter allowed those keeping an eye out to have one of the local hot-droppers on stand-by to provide DPS, Black Legion in this case.  If you don't have a lot of friends, it doesn't pay to be predictable with a super-carrier...

That was it on supers, though this super-expensive Rorqual also died in low-sec.  The system of Oddeluf has two stations, one a safe undock, the other... not.  Given the small fleet that took this Rorq out and given that the KB comments said there were friendly carriers docked that could have provided support, I'm going to go ahead and assume that this Rorq undocked from the "not safe undock" one.  It also seems to have been carrying a reasonable percentage of someone's life savings in EVE.  So it's almost a super.

That was it for this past week, though, and this coming week is only looking slightly better.  Only one super death so far.


  1. "...he apparently hadn't found the last two officer guns he wanted yet and now he has to start all over. Amusingly, there are two on the market as of a few hours after this ship died."

    Those are probably the guns that dropped from this ship, being sold by the gankers...

  2. Rorqual actually cyno'd outside of docking range and got tackled. 2 friendly carriers docked and undocked support as prophecy and drake.

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    1. translator please. thanks.

    2. Nothing more frustrating than an English Speaker that can't speak English. Repeat after me...."How Now Brown Cow"......

    3. Mmmmmm, delicious tears!


  4. Ueberlisk, my King of the North!

  5. To the King in the North!

  6. One simply does not cyno into Oddeululf.

  7. All hail King Ueberlisk


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