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Monday, August 5, 2013

KOTW: I shall taunt you a second time-uh

I think I'm gonna go with a tourney kill one more time.  It's not like I'll have any more for a while, right?  But I'm not going to go for the Cambion or the Etanas or the Malice.  No, the KOTW is this Dominix:

It doesn't look like much for a tournament flagship, I'll grant you, but PL really really wanted this ship dead.  Elise Randolph from the PL tourney team describes why in eloquent detail on Kugu today.  And you can bet I'll have more to say about that post in the next day or so.

That does mean that Count MonteCarlo's two Etana losses during the tournament (one, two) count only as honorable mentions, I guess.  ;-)  Thanks to them and their roughly 100 billion ISK in value, this player's PvP ISK efficiency dropped from 82.7% to 73.0% in a single day... based on 6000+ kill-mails.  I doubt EVE will ever see a similar loss again.  Put another way, to get his PvP efficiency back up to its previous level, he's going to have to kill 500 billion ISK in ships without losing one, or some 6000 more battle cruiser kills without losing a single ship in the meantime!  Best get busy.

This Nomad just makes me laugh and laugh.  The story here is really amusing: the pilot involved looted the Cynosural Field Generator off a frigate in low-sec (in the process picking up a suspect flag) before docking in the low-sec station.  There, he picked up his jump freighter, undocked, saw a guy sitting next to him at the undock, aligned to the closest high-sec gate.  The guy at the undock didn't point his jump freighter, so he warped off with a taunt...
[01:44:49] Aluminy > o/ try a point next time retard
...landed at the high-sec gate in question, jumped through... and the people there were presented with a suspect-flagged jump freighter aligning sllooowwwwly toward its next gate.  Guess what happened next.  ;-)  Cause and effect.  Ill-advised taunting is an important part of one of the super kills this past week, too.

Couple of quick ones.  Always watch your d-scan when you're PvEing in an expensive ship.  And remember when I said a couple of years ago to build a super you need a big pile of 425mm Railguns plus some zydrine?  That's definitely still an unfixed thing.  Call this honorary super #4 lost this week... except the still-born super dropped.

Number of dead super-caps last week: 3

As promised, let's talk about that Li3 Federation Avatar, which was the first of three supers to die this past week.  TMC has the coverage on this one which is remarkably free of politics or commentary.  Short version, this titan pilot was asked to bridge part of the CFC fleet home after the enormous fight in 6VDT (because when you're CFC, going through stargates to get to the closest jump bridge system is just a waste of time, amirite?).  He did so from a non-corp POS (mistake #1) with a password that was guessed (mistake #2), and didn't notice the hostile Legion that decloaked inside the POS shields nearby (mistake #3).  All would have still been well, except he also didn't have a cyno field fitted so that he could call in a fleet to save his life (mistake #4).  Congrats to NCdot on a well-executed execution!

This next one is kind of amusing, this Wyvern that died to a PL hot-drop even as the pilot involved was taunting his "fan club."  In this case, the pilot was -- on paper, at least -- doing everything right.  He started a self-destruct on a cyno, lit it for only a few seconds, then jumped right before the cyno popped.  Trouble is, he discounted the neutral alt that was already in system when he started the self-destruct...
Some Newbie > joke's on them, then; even when my fan club isn't present, I rarely have a reason to leave the pos
Captain Levasseur > you know he's a PL cyno alt...right?
Some Newbie > not necessarily PL
Except it was and the PL alt was on the ball, warping to the cyno the moment it went up.  Therefore, the PL alt was still in warp to the correct position even after the cyno went down.  The rest was a simple matter of motoring around for a bit until one bumps into a 3227m long cloaked object.  Don't be so cocky next time...

Both that Wyvern and this Nyx are covered in the same EVE News 24 story.  And that's because this Nyx pilot was just as cocky as the Wyvern pilot, trying for solo kills on capitals with his super.  He declined one or more bait carriers that were presented to him but when a Rorq appeared, the pilot couldn't resist.  Wonder how that went for him?

That's it, though.  Of the six most expensive kills last week, only one was a super, that titan.  Guess we'll have to hope for better this week!


  1. "because when you're CFC, going through stargates to get to the closest jump bridge system is just a waste of time, amirite?"

    Because Jester doesn't have any experience with the amount of tidi caused when more than 1K ships try to use a stargate or two, amirite? Heh!

  2. "because when you're CFC, going through stargates to get to the closest jump bridge system is just a waste of time, amirite?"

    Because we certainly Can install jb's in just conquered Systems,amirite?
    Sorry jester but before you publish you should Check for facts :)

    keep it up!


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