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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Note from the management

Last year, I took a week off for vacation in October.  This year, my vacation time from work is going to be turned over to Fanfest, two Iceland summits, and my long-implied real-life move which starts... tomorrow.  I then segue straight from that almost directly onto an aircraft for the Summer Summit.

As a result, expect things to be very quiet around here for about the next week or so.  ;-)

There will be one more regularly-scheduled blog post -- probably tomorrow -- called "What's in a name?"  Then I hope to publish something daily from Iceland the same way I did during Fanfest.  But other than that, regular features and commentary and such are likely to be a little light around here unless something really earth-shattering happens in the meanwhile.  So I'm sorry, but you're going to have to be a productive member of society for a bit.

Things will get back to normal in September.  Enjoy your weekend!  Mine will be spent amongst an overly large number of boxes...


  1. I am enraged at your directive to be productive. The only things I HAVE to do is breath and pay taxes.

    I hope the re-location goes well and the stresses involved are managed to temperate levels.

  2. OMG no post from robo-blogger for a week? what should I do? o.O ;-)

    Have a nice time and use your rl-move to get rid of some old stuff. Didn't used it for 3 years? you won't use it in this one ;-)

  3. You're kidding right?
    This blog is about the only thing keeping me in touch with EvE at the moment...

    Did you even think about me when making these decisions???

    I kid, I kid.... :-)

  4. I hope you contracted Red Frog for the move? :D

    1. Damn it, beaten to the punch!

      PushX is cheaper though


  5. Not going to lie, love reading your blog, but the change of tone once you joined CSM isn't doing it for me. It went from a kind of 'meta' and mechanics talk about eve, helping to bring a deeper understanding.

    Nowadays its still there, but way more 'did you hear what sally said about accounting?' stuff with the CSM, but since there's and NDA, nothing other than vague.

    I hate to say it, but I'm glad you're on the CSM, but cannot wait until next year when your term is up

  6. Who broke the Robo-blogger, dang it guys call the mechanic!

  7. where is garth when you need him? or did you chain him up and put him in the boxes also...........you could let him take over for few weeks

  8. This is an outrage! I demand to be entertained! Dance for me, monkey!

    Seriously, good luck with the move, the internet will still be here when you have more time.

  9. Well perhaps if you would use your time more wisely you could keep blogging. I'm sure you're sleeping at least 5 hours a day. So if you give up sleep --which is over rated anyway-- you'd have plenty of time to do what needs to be done and keep your loyal readers happy. You slacker!! I'm kidding of course:-) Have fun moving and we'll see you when we see you.

  10. I look forward to seeing how many dozen blog posts you will have to sacrifice unto the altar of The Minutes. :)


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