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Thursday, August 8, 2013

POTW: Big bada-boom. Big!

So in his latest missive on the Provi civil war, XavierVE reported that Of Sound Mind had gone on the offensive by reinforcing a TSOE Consortium CSAA POS.  Earlier today, rather hysterically, that POS fell with its associated CSAA... to a massed fleet of 100 bombers and Talwars.  Hee!

I've mentioned how much I'm enjoying this little war, right?

Anyway, the reinforcement and kill came with a really striking screen-shot so I thought I'd share.  For those of you who have never seen a CSAA, this is what a Capital Ship Assembly Array POS module looks like.  The tiny little silver stick that you have to zoom way in to even see that those dreads are shooting at is the POS itself.  Behind it are two CSAAs.  It's the picture of the week.


  1. Fifth Element reference FTW.

    I was actually involved in blowing up a White Noise CSAA on my second day in null sec. Lucky me. They are quite a site. The dread in your pic give a nice sense of scale.

  2. I'm actually having more fun reading about the war in Providence than I had during the entire Fountain War.

    Why can't our wars be this funny?

    1. professionalizing (is that a word?).

      there are usully 3 steps a game community goes if it is about pvp.

      1.yeah fun! - stage goes like:
      lets go and kill each other, just bring what you like
      you are new to the game? doesnt matter, its about fun!
      we lost? doesnt matter, hell that was a fun fight!
      we lost? lets try it again tomorrow and bring what you like!

      2.specialisation - stage goes like:
      those weapons work better then others and this strategy beats this strategy.
      you want to bring what? no that doesnt realy help us at all, you can bring this or this or this. nothing else needed.
      we lost? this enemy is better then we, we need to find a target we can beat!

      3.elitism / esports - stage goes likeg
      lets watch our enemys first. as soon as we know everythin about them we brainstorm perfect counter to everything they usully bring or do.
      you want to join us? prove that you are at least as good as we are. show us that you own the best equipment available in the game and show us the recordhistory of your fights the last month, prove that your ingame chars advance is at a maximum
      we lost? how was that possible? now our win lose ratio is not perfect anymore. we should disband.

      i have played a fantasy mmo (daoc)for 5 years befor eve.
      it was exactly the same like in eve. first most people were full of roleplaying and fun. pvp was so noobish from all sides. it was just fun.

      after a year some groups started to go to step 2 and they started to dominate the pvp. but the broad masses adapted.
      suddenly it wasnt fun anymore to die or accidently activate a wrong skill at the wrong target.

      after 4 years there was a community inside the community that didnt played the game as it was thought(realm vs realm - conquer keeps andrelics ofthe other realms, large scale mass pvp), they made their own rules for some kind of limited elite engagements.
      organizing a perfect groupsetup with perfect skills, perfect role setup, perfect equiped chars and deep knowledge of the game was necessary to not die in such engagements within seconds.
      of course that was fun too. and with such a perfect group you were also able to kill causal player armees with 5 times as much players then your group. that was a lot of fun too.
      but overall i would say the first stage when everyone was a newbie it was the most fun. most important it was most fun for everyone.

  3. Possibly +2 supercarrier kills for the next KOTW post?

  4. I may have found your KOTW: http://zkillboard.com/detail/32463577/
    words fail...

    1. It... I.... speechless...

    2. Can't be stingy if one wants to make it to eve-kill frontpage right after the tourney. :D

  5. Provi block and Sound achieved an agreement to cease fire.

    Thanks to both sides to finally stop this stupid madness!

    MaD CheF

  6. Sad to see this end with a whisper, and not with a bang. Not unexpected, but sad nonetheless.



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