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Friday, August 2, 2013

QOTW: Anonymous myopic monkeys

Cliff Bleszinski vaulted into my top twenty favorite people on the planet this week.  He wrote this:
Never underestimate the intestinal fortitude of the anonymous loser hiding behind a monitor and his or her ability to sling vitriol at someone who willingly puts themselves out there.
And this!
...never forget that the Internet can be one big game of telephone amplified by anonymous myopic monkeys jamming on keyboards who are so angry about their meatball sandwich.
I was laughing almost all the way through the relevant blog post.  Bravo, Cliff Bleszinski, bravo!

The context of the blog post, BTW, was this.  Phil Fish should try himself out on EVE players sometime.

EDIT (2/Aug/2013): Hardcore Casual also has a post this morning on this topic.  And here's Penny Arcade's take.


  1. I wonder how long this stuff would continue if the people who wrote this faced real life punishment for their threats. Good use for the NSA tracking program. Give info to FBI, start sending kids, and dumb people to jail, comunnity service, fines.

    1. That's a fool proof plan you've got there.

    2. We'll all see you in jail soon then Kethry

    3. Yup I always start all my "plans" with the words "I wonder".

  2. Phil Fish needs a PR agency, he's obviously not fit on his own in the most public place that ever was on this planet. There's crazies out there and they are not shy about themselves. I have a file somewhere from work at a service point. This is from the early internet area, so 12 years ago roughly. It's called "death threat of the week" or something like that. Kinda went from arson to murder to getting beaten into pulp. All because people didn't quite like their cheap mobile phone.

  3. Most of the vitriol against CCP are just (completely valid and justified) references to some of their spectacular acts of incompetence; Tuxford, Kugutsmen; Test Carrier Salvation etc.

    The rest are just people who lack anything other than a very basic grasp of game mechanics ("WHY YU NURF DRAEK CCP IT WUS TEH MOST BALANCED SHEP?!!?) or people who are really passionate about something that most others have no experience with (POS managers, small gang pvpers)

    Overall I'd say we are pretty lax to them compared to what that poor Call of Duty guy has to go through for balancing an FPS that has built in auto-aim of all things.

  4. So lemmie see here Phil Fish just took a bunch of people's money who believed in him and is running with it. And he manages to get a lot of sympathy because of those big bad internet bullies.

    Phil Fish was the same guy who tweet a big "F*ck you" to my conference twitter just to get more publicity to himself, he never cared who he hurt or what he did to anyone. Excuse me as I read his bowing out with some bemusement.

  5. No dev should ever have to face the unfiltered, anonymous Internet in the course of performing his/her official duties. Customer-to-dev contact should always be via username/password, and keyed to game accounts. Ban this channel of communication to any customer unable to stay civil, and anyone who makes threats should be banned from the game and prosecuted.

    If a dev has to face this, not only is the abusive character at fault, but so is the employer.

    1. Even in real life there are ppl who make threats. I've been threatened to be stabbed, asked if I like working here then do my stuff now, ppl talk shit then run crying to my boss when I put it back on them. Luckily my boss is cool and values me as an employee or I'd have been fired many times over. A man once told me he'd kick my ass and take my name so I ripped my name patch off and tried to hand it to him. I was stanced to clock him if he took it. He's not given service now if he comes in.

  6. I really dont understand him, he clearly cant take the many many people hating on him and abusing him, yet he puts himself again and again in a position out there and feeds the trolls and the fire with pure gasoline.

    I liked fez and i was interested to see what would happen with the next one.

    Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. - Albert Einstein

    That about sums it up, if id care for every idiot i really couldnt have a happy life.


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