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Saturday, August 10, 2013

QOTW: It's not news, it's TMC

Just a quickie.

I've commented before on TMC letting the opinions of their reporters into their news articles and not exercising sufficient editorial oversight over the practice.  The combination creates the situation we have today where many EVE players -- even large numbers of loyal TMC readers -- regard themittani.com as nothing more than the CFC propaganda arm rather than a news website.

Latest example is this article (in the TMC News section, written by Angry Mustache) which includes this combination of amusing lines:
In classic TEST fashion, TEST made their entrance in the most incompetent way possible...
Then later in the article...
Attempts to contact TEST leadership were unanswered, and TMC was politely told to leave.
Gee.  I wonder why.

After turning on your BS filters, do go read the news both there and on EN24, though.  Lots of stuff happening yesterday and today, the net result of which is going to make null-sec a whole lot less interesting:
  • TEST appears to be abandoning Delve for Aridia low-sec;
  • CVA gave in to SOUND's philosophical demands (which will result in SOUND also falling back to low-sec);
  • The Dinner Squadron also appears to be disbanding and going every which way; because,
  • Insidious Empire is leaving the south entirely over the next month.
With NCdot quietly taking over Querious the last couple of months, no points for guessing what happens next.


  1. You are just now suggesting the failed lawyer's web site is goon's Pravda? Been that way since day one.

    "the net result of which is going to make null-sec a whole lot less interesting" = more profitable for the business managers controlling the income streams. War, while good for business if you are in the ship building business, is lousy if you are in the materials cartel business.

    Watch T2 materials rise to new levels over the next few months as the cartels consolidate their control.

    The goon domination is bad for anyone in game who uses a T2 module or ship.

    1. The Pravda moniker is a good one and I've said the same since TMC(TMDC) started up. Thier book reviews are ok though ( almost all books I read 10-15+ years ago so I'm expecting a review of "The Diamond Age" and "The Last Dancer" soon.

      I hear CCP was happy about the wars which flared up with the moon goo materials reshuffle so I guess the real question will be if CCP does this reshuffle every 2 years or if a ring mining like expansion will come about. With CCP's 5 year plan envisioning plyer made stargates I presume the former over the later.

  2. Oh c'mon aren't you a part of Rote Kapelle? You guys always like to treat each other and others terrible when they suck or make mistakes in pvp.

    How else is test suppose to get better at PvP if you don't post pics of Kermit the frog getting butt raped on their forums after taking such a dumb loss.

  3. For no points. NCdot take over Delve, with PL's help, take all the moons from Pizza, screw over the remains of the HBC. After Goons get done manipulating the Ice market they take Delve from NCdot just to beat them for a fourth time?

    How have goons not caught up in Super capital pilots yet?

    1. Doubtful Goons want to get in a supercap war with groups that have more experience piloting them. Probably N3/PL and Goons just blue each other and farm

    2. high turnover of low sp pilots?

  4. Actually some of us don't know what happens next - does NCdot/PL just co-exist and farm nullsec with CFC (yes CFC takes Delve) in another big blue donut? That would be my guess.

    Everybody interesting will be in lowsec.

    CFC will gank ice miners into driving up the pos price and many players will just give up and leave Eve as WH & High sec have difficulty maintaining POS? Hopefully something more interesting than that.

    1. Unless CFC starts targeting Caldari icefields instead of Gallente I don't see HI SEC POS's taking that big a hit unless I've been misinformed.

    2. Whoops they are targeting Caldari ice. Yep that will affect HI SEC POSes

  5. I appreciate Eve News 24's strong editorial contro- oh wait.

  6. to paraphrase Red Cloud: the Goons said many things and mostly did the one; they promised to ruin our game and they did.

    Here I was thinking about the goons amassing dreads and carriers. Any soveignty leader should be asking themselves what happens when capital zerg rush begins?

  7. Man, pack your shit up, EVE is dead. Nullsec is stagnant with a reigning lord, and nothing can challenge the dread CFC rulers of... Oh wait, welcome to the mid 2000s, with BoB.

    Seriously, what is up with people and proclaiming the END OF INTERESTING EVE? It's like almost nobody's been paying attention for the past decade...

  8. When one group tells you you are biased, it's probably them; when two groups tell you you are biased it's probably you.

    so I've put in a bit of thought regarding that article and the statements made in it. And came to my own conclusions about how the "bias" slipped through the internal filters I.e. how I put spin on paper without fully realizing it.

    1. The enviroment - it's no secret that tmc has a disporportionate amount of cfc, and particularly goonwaffe contributors. Likely because the posting style of goons (internally) is one that mittens considers "good". There is a good amount of test bashing inside tmc for a variety of reasons. After the article, I had a chat with a test former tmc member, who said he left after the start of the fountain war after the atmosphere became too hostile for him.

    2. Selection of sources. We used to have a good amount of test writers, and on test related articles they could be counted on to get internal sources. As stated before, most are now gone. 2 to "hostile atmosphere"n 2 to directorship promotions, 3 to school, and one was hazed by test into leaving (his activities eith tmc caused montolio to sack him). Right now, 4 main channels are avaliable for me to contact sources; tmc jabber, cfc jabber, jabberlon5 (through diplos), and zulu irc. Bl. And pizza sources were easy enough to find, but reliable test sources were much more difficult to contact. test's official diplo (viktor villance) n does not accept contact from any cfc, and involved test fc's have all logged off. Lacking the test perspective made writing against them all that much easier.

    3. Overall frustruation with test. Months ago, getting good test sources was easy. But relations habe steadily soured after the reset. Test members began to deny interviews, and in other cases give out flat trolls. I tried to interview 8 tedt members for the fight and was refused every time. Writing against a faction also becomes easier if thry are being clearly uncooperative.

    Did I start the article thinking "I'm going to throw shit at test"? Of course not. Well kinda, it's not like I'm going to praise test for losing 22 caps 1 jump from nol, of course there will be critism in the piece. What happened was that confirmation bias, source selection, and frustruation at a uncooperative source combined to make the piece much less NPOV than it should have been. What I probably should have done is hand off my interviews and infomation to a third party writer to compile, but doing all the legwork and getting no credit leaves a bad taste.

    I understand reporting is supposed to be reporting the truth, but in practice, the truth that is told is the truth of the side more willing to tell it.

    so, what would ripard have done in this situation?

    1. "I understand reporting is supposed to be reporting the truth, but in practice, the truth that is told is the truth of the side more willing to tell it."

      Or in the case of Yellow journalism the "truthiness" is determined by the better circulation numbers.

  9. Truth is NC. have agreed to time querious to Euro for a goon steamroll, and TRIBE has been told to hand over PB or be ground into dust.


  10. I lost interest in EN24 (generally have read the blog articles already) but TMC got me back to reading it, really once they started attacking EN24. Thanks TMC.

  11. ok Jester your turn. For no points what is going to happen?

  12. How else would you describe using an untanked, limited edition ship as a cyno?

  13. Seems like no matter what happens in Nullsec its bad. A war over territory that actually ends in defeat for one side is bad but a thunderdome with no territory at stake (like almost the entire rest of the game) is also bad.

  14. Moon goo should be shook up more often to keep it from settling to much.

  15. I agree that plenty of articles would be of better with the author's opinion taking a backseat and some more editorial oversight to at least classify them as such (opinion pieces) and not throw them in with the regular news reporting.

    However you're not talking about that other big Eve news outlet, EN24.. Also in general I do have the feeling when I read something critical from you (mostly well justified) about reporting it's somehow always directed towards TMC... (I hope and assume it has nothing to do with some of your blog posts being syndicated on EN24, because when compared objectively the quality of the latter's publishing has way more issues, content wise but often even gramatically.)

    So I wonder why? Do you yourself just not consider EN24 to be in the same league anymore as TMC when it comes to content? Is it like comparing kugu & failheap?

  16. I am amazed that anyone has ever taken TMC seriously. I thought it was a comedy site.

  17. Who could have predicted such a thing . . .


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