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Monday, August 5, 2013

Quote of the Week: Ear to ear

Now that Alliance Tournament is over, I'm slowly catching up with my reading: forums, news sites, e-mails, EVE mails, the lot.  One thing I read today was this fascinating article from Marlona Sky which has an interesting unintended comment on my post last week about EVE culture.  It's a threat sent to Marlona during the activities he talks about in the article:
"Unless you like the idea of someone crawling through your window in the middle of the night cutting your neck from ear to ear; I suggest you stop right now and go back to making cute ALOD articles."
Charming.  Absolutely charming.

Anyway, go read the article.  Way, way worth your time.  As I said, I found it fascinating both for what it talks about (the completely addictive passive income flood that high-level EVE sov play rests on) and what it doesn't (who exactly made these threats in the article and who exactly offered the bribes).

I also have a couple of AT wrap-up posts to write, plus KOTW, plus CSM weekly update.  Expect those over the next day or two...


  1. SERIOUSLY??? I'm up because I'm getting paid - you have no business posting @ 3:41 EST; or rather, you do and that is why you make all the other bloggers wet themselves at the content and quantity. Jesus man - go. to. bed. You have to move in the morning...

    1. Jester is West Coast, so that is only 12:41. Late, for sure, but not horribly so.

  2. Excellent article, and Marlona did some serious legwork, it easily compares to real life journalism. Pity we don't see that kind of stuff more often.

    Also, that threat is so ban-worthy. I hope he got reported or something.

    1. You are dreaming in you think there will be repercussions.

      The CEO of Shadows of The Requiem, part of Here Be Dragons, wrote the following on the Eve forums (posts can still be seen on Chribba's site):

      Two things, first its not a personal threat, I would just laugh if you died miserably because I'm a prick. Second, and this is possibly more important, I'm not sure who "your guys'" is/are but you know neither me nor my broskies, and we are also not PL who I am assuming you just grouped me into. Also, I have no "mantra" you feng shui spurgelord. You didn't hit a nerve, I'm just trying to help you understand how bad you suck at life in the hopes that you do everyone a favor and put out your own candle.

      #39 Posted: 2013.07.10 15:16 | Report
      Dinsdale Pirannha wrote:
      Snip: *Edited for useless and poorly drafted (lack of) content*

      Nobody cares about your feelings, opinion, or the fact that mommy didnt rub ointment on your raw lady parts today. Here's wishing the purge was real so somebody would mutilate your body and leave you for dead.

      . I flagged him, and the Veto forum guy falcon sent me a mail with the typical "yes, we don't allow this kind of behaviour...blah blah", and removed any trace of the comments from the forums. I also added the offending char to my watchlist. The char that posted the horrible stuff was happily logging on the next day.

      Yeah right, CCP really takes that stuff seriously. Now, null sec char to null sec char, maybe they would.

  3. if that threat was made towards a woman on twitter - guy would be in a cage right now

  4. I have not deeply explored the spreadsheet, but at first glance, the monthly income from these moons in the Fountain region alone are absolutely mind-blowing.

    The lengths that these alliances have been going through to hide this information from the wider eve-universe is also mind-blowing. Gaming the market sites? Gaming Dotlan? Holy smoke - when they say "Eve is Real" its kind of scary about the length of Yakuza/Mafia/Triad levels of manipulation/coercion/intimidation that will be undertaken.

    It would please me to no end, to see a true CCP public dump of all moon information. All planet information has been made public including every WH system. If nothing else, to drive the stake home on the idiot making those RL threats that their comment was the one that forced CCP's hand to post this information to all.

    I will say, that I remain committed to the concept that each moon has a limited production life-span (like a longer term anomaly) and that once that moon is exhausted, a random moon starts producing that material.

    Keep the conflict moving !

    1. Having CCP reveal the data about the moons would be a nice way to spark some conflicts across New Eden, when seemingly useless areas of space suddenly become goldmines.

      I doubt they'll ever do it though, they seem to enjoy all the meta spy shit that surrounds that particular bit of information.

    2. Limited Ores, now limited Ice addressed by Hulkageddon or Intradiction - just juxapose that nobody bothered to make an effort to take a moon. (until now). It is largely self-evident that this mechanic of endless moon-goo production is out of balance of the rest of the game.

      If null was serious about Industry growth - then it needs to be weened from the moon-teat. Where's the incentive to produce in Null when high-sec is the Taiwan of Eve?

  5. A really nice article.

    As for the threat. It is a ticking bomb.
    Sooner or later something like this WILL happen, unfortunately.

    Maybe not in EVE, but EVE has all the ingredients for the perfect storm:
    - Environment in which once you lose stuff, you LOSE stuff and no resurrection will change that
    - Everything can be calculated in real dollars
    - Unholy man-hours that are put into this game
    - Therefore emotional attachment for things (ships, corps, etc)
    - Badly coded sections which allow things like this (account hacks, corp theft, disband, etc) to happen
    - Clothing long-standing bugs as de facto features

    Someone somewhere WILL snap after a gank, after a corp theft or after someone pulls the rug off from his/her dirty doings. What will happen after that cannot be undone with sentences like "HTFU" or "it's just a game". We will be then faced with the hard reality that things got real. The sooner people (CCP/CSM) realise they need to address these things is the better chances we will have at averting or delaying this.

    I don't want to wake up one day and read on the morning newspaper "Nerd killed because of virtual theft". Because although we all read the EULA(haven't we? - wink), we still think that those ships and assets are not CCP's but ours.


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