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Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer Summit Day Minus One

For the second time this year (so far), I'm on my way to Iceland!

I'm writing this from a departure gate at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.  Needless to say, the Icelandair flight departs from the most remote corner of the airport, from a gate so obscure that there are no signs pointing to it.  However, I am an EVE player and am therefore used to adversity.

My real-life move went well and even now about half of my belongings are still in boxes back home.  I managed to get my gaming rig running for a few minutes to make sure it survived the trip.  Priorities.  You understand.  From there, it was a matter of getting packed for the trip.  Iceland seems to have given spring and summer a miss and went stright on into autumn.  50F/10C, and rain.  That altered my packing a fair bit so fortunately I knew where amongst the boxes to find such California summer requirements as a water-proof jacket.

Ali Aras gets CSM member MVP this week for posting all of the summit topics on the EVE-O forum.  If you feel strongly about a particular topic, please comment on it!  I'll be doing my best to make sure I have each thread fully read before we go into that particular session.  She also has the summary of the schedule posted on her blog if you want to review it there and understand each day's topics.  One of the side effects of putting the summit after CCP's traditional July/August vacation period is that there wasn't as much warning either for the CSM or for players to talk about the topics prior to the summit.  On the positive end though, most of the topics are pretty universal (you'll forgive the pun, I hope).

What with the move, I'm getting a little behind in my EVE mail so if you've sent me something within the last week or so and I haven't responded yet, I apologize.  I will definitely get back to you as soon as I can.

I do want to take this opportunity to say "thank you!" again to all of the people who voted for me, particularly the faith you showed in me by making me one of the top two vote recipients.  I guess I should feel a little nervous about this summit but at the moment I really don't because I know I have so many of you behind me on this.  So again, thank you so much!

In terms of the mechanics of getting the seven of us who are going to Iceland, CCP Dolan works with a CCP company travel manager to arrange flights, hotel bookings, and so forth.  We just specify departure airports.  So that part is really convenient.  Today is a travel day with an overnight flight in to Reyk.  I arrive at 6:45am Tuesday morning.  The summit itself starts on Wednesday.

More tomorrow!

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  1. "(...) I have so many of you behind me (...)"

    That's what she said.

    Also, don't forget the many of us who read you and would like to get on your very special and alluring personal conga line if EVE would again cater to their interests. And good luck.


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