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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


It's more than just a drone.

For those not keeping track, CCP made a major announcement at Gamescom today: they are going to develop the EVE-VR prototype showed off at Fanfest as their third game, called EVE: Valkyrie.  The hardware will continue to be the Oculus Rift, and they've set a release date of sometime in 2014.

Here's the story on Massively and here it is at IGN.

What this means in practice is that the personnel that developed this demo in their spare time now find themselves a new team within CCP and they're being moved to CCP's Newcastle site to develop this new game.  The implication in the announcements is that the game will be a stand-alone multi-player game (perhaps with a single-player tutorial or missions, perhaps not).  No word yet on whether there will be any connection to EVE Online itself or if this will strictly be a one-off.  "We have big plans for EVE: Valkyrie and I can’t wait to share more details later this year," is all CCP CEO Hilmar Petursson will say on the subject.

But given a 2014 release date, I think it's safe to assume that the initial release will keep things pretty simple and dynamic, playing to the strengths of the demo.  That's no bad thing: the demo was tremendous fun, one of the best experiences I had at Fanfest this year.

So, this is an exciting announcement!  The Oculus Rift guys have to be pleased.  I'd say they just got their killer app.


  1. Something that's fun during 20mn doesn't mean it will be fun to play for hours. That's i'm really worried about here.
    Also, how much elite is the occulus rift? Do you need to sell an organ to buy it?

  2. Very glad it got developed. I also think I called most of it, when I discussed this issue back in the day (small team, offsite, in-house, early release, etc.).

    I won't repeat my two lengthy posts - and they are still interesting, I think - but I'll post the link for everybody interested:


  3. To be honest, I think they should keep Valkyrie it's own game, no connection to EvE at all other than the lore and in-game assets (models and textures and such).

    I just don't want it to get infected with too much Pie In The Sky thinking again like they did with Dust. Just using Oculus Rift is revolutionary enough.

    Baljos Arnjak

  4. Hmm, perhaps this is their counter to "Star Citizen?"

  5. Did you have any advance notice of this as a CSM? Honestly, of all the announcements that have ever come out of CCP, this would have been the hardest thing for me to keep under NDA.

  6. i have seen a news about the oculus rift. it was nothing realy interessting. it wasabout oculus has something like an appstore for games. but one sentence was itneressting.

    it said something like all software designed for the oculus rift will be checked befor it can be bought to make sure there is no malicious software or PORN.

    interactive virtual 3d porn, i mean !!!

    that would be the best invention ever

  7. Aren't most, if not all, the developers of this British? Or Irish (I was very drunk when I spoke to them) That's one way of escaping Iceland - code your way home! Now if they could code their way into having the pilot as an actual carrier fighter pilot I'd buy one tomorrow

  8. The pressing question to my mind: Tie in with EVE "mothership" anchor or lifeline?

  9. While not really that interested in this myself, i hope it works out. Seen from a business viewpoint CCP really needs to broaden its product catalouge and since DUST is more or less dead in the water now (or so at least it seems to me) and WOD still seems on the backburner i doubt they can really afford a third miss.

  10. Dust514 2.0 is all I see.

  11. It's their fourth game actually (world of darkness was number 3)

  12. Newcastle? Damn, reward those guys with something closer to Mediterranean.

  13. I wish CCP would stick to EVE. This is a distraction at best.


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