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Monday, September 30, 2013

CSM8 Status report: Week twenty-one

We were busy.  It's almost as if there was some major community marketing push last week that was badly bungled.

Seriously, we were pretty busy with that.  I wrote a long mid-week update on what the CSM was doing about the SOMER Blink promotion, so if you haven't already please feel free to read that.  As a result, the rest of the weekly update is going to be pretty short.

With regard to the minutes, things continue moving albeit slowly.  We've sent a large batch of minutes to CCP Dolan to be checked through for the NDA.  But of course Dolan as a Community rep was just as much caught up in the SOMER Blink thing as we were, as were his superiors.  So no word yet on whether those sets of minutes are cleared or when we can expect to see them published.  In the meantime, not much change from last week.  Of 24 total sessions:
  • Trebor Daehdoow has written four sessions (PvE, CSM as Stakeholder, Security, Future Plans);
  • I've written four sessions (Introduction, Sales and Marketing, Team Kuromaku, Team Game of Drones);
  • mynnna has written two sessions (Reasonable Things, Team Superfriends);
  • Ali Aras has written one session (EVE Economy);
  • Mike Azariah has written one session (Art);
  • Mangala Solaris has written one session (Language Support and the CSM); and,
  • James Arget is still finishing one session (Launcher).
There are ten sessions left to do:
  • State of Balance (being worked on by Chitsa Jason);
  • Team Five-0 (being worked on by mynnna);
  • Projects One, Two, and Three, which are currently heavily NDA'ed;
  • Team True Grit (being worked on by Trebor);
  • DUST 514 Link (being worked on by Mike);
  • User Interface (being worked on by Ali);
  • EVE Valkryrie (being worked on by James); and,
  • the Hilmar meeting, which might or might not get a set of minutes devoted to it, since it was pretty short all in all, but I'm working on that one.
Feel free to poke the CSM representative of your choice that's working on one of these sessions and tell them to get busy.  ;-)  Project One can be pulled from NDA protection before too much longer here, at which point someone will probably get the opportunity to write about it some.  Trebor's already made one call for people not actually working on one of those ten to release them if they've "claimed" them.  We originally split up the responsibilities based on who X'ed up for what.

It's turning out there might be better ways of doing this.  Sigh.  I wish it were going better.  But that's how it's going.

Both the Skype channel and the private forums continue to be busy with short items: "CSM, please look at X."  "CSM, please check this thread and give your thoughts."  Really quick and dirty stuff, and really just coming down to little tweaks here and there.  The major efforts for Rubicon are firming up nicely and it looks like everything that we were told would happen is going to happen on schedule.  Credit the planning of CCP Seagull and the execution of CCP Ripley, plus all of the teams and programmers and devs working, of course.  I'm pleased to see it's going smoothly.

We also had another stake-holder meeting this week with Team Five-0 and their work is shaping up very nicely indeed.

Mangala Solaris did something this week that I thought was really clever: he opened up RvB Ganked Mumble for a public chit-chat about the Rubicon features announcement as it was happening.  I was really impressed by this idea and I hope it gets repeated for future live video blogs about future expansions, if CCP decides they like the effect of this one.  I heard that something like 13000 people watched this one, so they have to be pleased with that!  So hopefully, this might become a regular thing.  Kudos to Mangala for thinking of it, and I wish I could have participated myself.

And that's all I can think of for this past week.  The current week promises to be a bit quieter, so I can get busy cracking the whip on people to finish those last six or seven or nine or ten sessions (depending).


  1. You could finish the remaining 10 writeups tomorrow, submit them to CCP on Tuesday, and come Halloween CCP will still claim they're too busy dealing with the Blink fiasco to approve anything. Priorities, you know?

  2. Here's how we sort this kind of thing out at work: "stories" are put into a "backlog" from which each developer on the team can take one "story", work it through to completion, then take another story to work through to completion, etc.

    That is, we have a communal "to-do" list, which we take one item from, work it through, then pick another item. Sometimes a task might require more work, so we put it back into the to do list with current work noted.

    I will repeat my serious offer to assist with transcription if that is the major hurdle to getting arses into gear. Sign an NDA, lock up my main characters for three months, whatever it takes. The words must flow!

  3. Can someone tell me what exactly is the point of minutes? All the important stuff is still under NDA. And for details we all have to wait for the devblogs anyway.

    It seems like they're just a way to evaluate CSM itself. So the one percent of voters who actually cares will check the minutes and then make threads on forums that "CSM member x was supposed to ask CCP about y but he/she didn't, it's not in minutes! I'm never voting for him/her again!".

    Makes me wonder why would anyone volunteer to be in the CSM in the first place ;)

  4. I see several names are missing there.

    Is it safe to say those are the lazy useless CSMs of this term?

    1. For the most part, the CSM members that didn't attend the summit in person seem mostly inclined to leave minute-writing to the CSM members that did. Out of seven CSM members that went to Iceland, six have written at least one session (Korvin is the missing member, and would no doubt invoke the fact that English is his second language in his defense).

      Out of seven CSM members that didn't go to Iceland, only Mangala Solaris has written a session so far, though Chitsa Jason is writing another. Other CSM members did attend some of the sessions remotely, and their names will be present in the sections of the minutes that several of us are writing including myself.

  5. "It's turning out there might be better ways of doing this."

    Yup, rip the audio from the Lync recordings, BEEP it, and there you go. Transcripts are so 90s...

  6. Jester.

    Thanks for mentioning the Watch with Mangala session for the Rubicon announcement. Went really really well and is something I will be repeating during each live stream CCP undertake, unless it is a stream of a roam, then I will be logged in shooting them.


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