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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

CSM8 Status report: Week twenty

Minutes minutes minutes!  As promised, here's where things stand.  There were 24 total sessions during the summer summit.  We believe 14 of them should survive with minimal NDA interference, six with moderate NDA interference, and four with heavy NDA interference.  We're currently concentrating on the first group of 14, with a few toes being dipped into the second group.  As of today...
  • Trebor Daehdoow has written four sessions (PvE, CSM as Stakeholder, Security, Future Plans);
  • I've also written three sessions (Introduction, Sales and Marketing, Team Kuromaku);
  • mynnna has written two sessions (Reasonable Things, Team Superfriends);
  • Ali Aras has written one session (EVE Economy) and is working on another;
  • Mike Azariah has written one session (Art);
  • Mangala Solaris has written one session (Language Support and the CSM); and,
  • James Arget is close to completing one session (Launcher).
So that's 13 sessions done or very close to done so far.  Needless to say, Trebor and I are playing the "old guys rule" card pretty frequently attempting to motivate our younger colleagues...

I want to say again how dry and cold the process of writing the minutes is.  I knew it was going to be difficult.  But particularly finishing the Team Kuromaku session was even more difficult.  How does one decide how much to self-edit?  How much does one let the NDA get in the way even before CCP sees the text?  How does one decide whether to include off-shoot discussions, tangents, discussions only half-heard even if you were in the room when the session took place?  I can see why Trebor decided to troll a bit with a past set of minutes writing about every cough and sniffle.(1)

Anyway, I'm not satisfied with our progress here, unfortunately.  We've sent the first batch of minutes to CCP Dolan for the NDA pass, but I wish we were much farther along than we are.  Frankly, I think this is our CSM's first dropped ball since taking office.  We could have, and should have, gotten this done faster.  We're continuing to work it.  I myself am determined to keep up with Trebor so I'm deciding which session to claim next.  Hopefully the results will be in front of your eyeballs soon.

Two meetings this week!  Both, unfortunately, I consider heavily NDA'ed.  The first one, I can't even tell you the subject of without breaking NDA, I suspect.  Both relate to long-term projects within CCP.  And I missed both of them live -- that work project I'm in the midst of is still taking away a lot of my time.  But the nice thing about using Lync for these meetings is that CCP Dolan is recording them so I was able to catch up with the first one.  That was really nice.  Note to self: ask Dolan if there was a recording of the second one.  Our next stake-holder meeting is this coming Thursday.

Activity on the private section of the EVE Online forums is really heating up!  There are new threads almost every day to read through, and I'm doing my best to respond to them daily, since they usually relate to things that the dev in question is working on right then.  CSM7 promised 48 hour turn-around on these kinds of queries and CSM8 is trying for 24 hours.  That means checking the forums daily.  I almost have enough time to do it.  ;-)

One of the things that the CSM was shown in Iceland has now gone public.  It's the security presentation that CCP Stillman presented during the Security session.  It's a really interesting pitch in its own right and if you have some time and are interested in the topic, go have a look at it.  The stuff about botting analytics around page 45 was particularly interesting to me and I asked a lot of questions about it at the session.  The frequent puffins in the presentation are representative of the particular group that Stillman gave this presentation to (it's their mascot).

James Arget was silly enough to start an "ask me anything" thread on Reddit.  Go give it a read.

I mentioned this as an aside in a blog post last week, but consider this the official notice: I'll be going to EVE Vegas this year, starting October 18!  You can look for me by the Valkyrie display most of the time, I suspect.  ;-)  Mangala Solaris is also attending or so he tells me.  Another note to self: see who else from CSM8 might be attending this.

EDIT 25/Sep/2013: Forgot to mention, Mangala is also doing a "Watch the Winter Expansion Announcement with Mangala" event tomorrow.  Feel free to attend!

And that's all for this week, I think!  Time to start nudging a few people about summit minutes again...

(1) I maintain that even though he says I asked for this, I never did.


  1. "How does one decide how much to self-edit? How much does one let the NDA get in the way even before CCP sees the text?"

    You don't, at all. If you remove content before you submit to CCP, based on an ASSUMPTION that they'll remove it, you risk denying the public valuable information they might have received if CCP lets something stand. Censorship is CCP's job - not the CSM's. Document everything, and let THEM do the work of scouring to find the stuff that shouldn't be in there. I guarantee you, you'll be surprised at what passes inspection. Does this mean that sometimes half your work will just disappear? Sure. Is it tempting to save time and skip yourself that disappointment? Absolutely. But again, your responsibility here is to -transparency- first and foremost. People will badger you to hurry up and get them out but it serves no one well if they lack information they'd otherwise have if the minutes were written properly.

    1. My philosophy is that if they don't remove something, you didn't go into enough detail. Even in sessions that clearly have no NDA issues, I always make sure there is some unwarranted trolling of both CSM and CCP participants. At the very least, it makes people read them carefully. :P

    2. Do what you're good at, eh? ;) You have a wicked sense of humor, Treb.

  2. I would expect with your robo-blogger experience, the minutes would be done by now.

    *cracks whip* WRITE FASTER!

    Non troll: Thanks for these as always.

  3. Ripard I just want to say THANKS! for taking the time to represent the players.

  4. Don't even bother with the heavy NDA sessions. I don't even know why CCP runs those. You give your playerbase's representatives information which they cannot share with the playerbase. On what planet does that make any sense? Just shitcan the writeup for anything heavily affected by the NDA.

    1. Well, the heavily NDA'ed sessions definitely DO serve a purpose: giving CCP feedback on the wilder ideas they have in flight. It's just that we can't talk about some of those wilder ideas. Some of them are never going to happen. Others might happen and the CSM has to work like hell to stop them because they're... ummm... non-optimal. ;-)

  5. My approach to writing minutes was to figure out how much would be of interest to the primary audience: PLAYERS. I didn't try to pre-edit to avoid pissing off or reducing workload for CCP. I just tried to write well and thoroughly. If CCP had issue with any of it, negotiations ensued :)

    Anyway, you can't beat yourself up too bad for progress...it's pretty good progress...and it's not like you don't have a real job, a wife, and all the concerns of life to deal with in addition to your role as a CSM rep. If players bitch about it, it's because they are clueless about the level of effort it takes to put out accurtate, complete-as-possible, readable Minutes. Whiners should have a CSM run themselves to get a taste of how much work is involved. --Mynxee

  6. Thank you. I don't say this enough.

  7. I hope we get a few more stats like this as the CSM goes on. we are always told some CSM members don't pull their weight but they are never named and shamed.

    If we can see who actually does the work then we know who to vote for. Trebor and Jester are currently sitting 1 and 2 for me.


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