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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kill of the Week: Moracha

Even though it technically came in after the deadline, this post is also a day late so I'm gonna go ahead and go with this:

One down, 49 to go.  TMC has the story on this one, but it appears to be a pretty straight-forward bait gone wrong.  The Moracha was at a low-sec medium complex, using a Rupture as bait.  It would appear that the plan was things would warp to the plex, tackle the Rupture, the Rupture would tackle back, and then the Moracha would decloak, alpha a couple of times, then warp off.  But dual-boxing is kind of hard so Hellios Wolfgang got the tackle of his EVE career in an Ishkur.

Whoops!  Elise Randolph of PL reports that this person bought the Moracha BPC for 105 billion ISK.  Dumb people have too much money in this game.  Speaking of which...

There are two ganks this week worth talking about, both interesting for different reasons.  First was this Raven Navy Issue.  TMC has the story on this one, too.  This guy was scanned and the fact that he was flying a hugely expensive ship was of course noted.  What was also noted was this guy was extremely paranoid, rarely flying more than one mission a night.  It's interesting because after this guy was scanned, his contact information was saved, and he was added to people's address books so that those people could keep track of when he logged in.  Once he did log in, gankers were called in to nail him during that very first mission.  Ouch.

Ganking has become a high science.  ;-)

The second interesting gank was this Scorpion Navy Issue completely overloaded with resist modules.  Even without fleet boosts, he had 90%+ resists right across the board.  We know this because his outrageously expensive ship became a gank target regardless of his ridiculously high resists.  The gankers just made sure to bring enough Tornados to make sure the job was done, even in Jita.

Point being: there's no tank strong enough, and no paranoia paranoid enough to protect you from being ganked in this game.  It's what EVE is all about.  So don't think you're going to fly under the radar or outlast a gank because it ain't gonna happen.  The way to avoid getting ganked is to make ganking you economically unappealing... and during Burn Jita and such events even that isn't going to be a defense.  Word to the wise.

Two other ganks, just for fun.  Sometimes, the loot fairy just really approves of what you're doing.  Like, you know, a lot.  Anyway, onward.

Number of dead super-caps last week: 1

As I mentioned last week, a lot of alliances are moving chess pieces around right now, which probably explains this travel-fit Nyx, caught by PL with a bunch of ships in its SMA.  Amusingly, PL killed it primarily with carriers which is raising all sorts of inane speculation as to why.  Were they scared of Black Legion dropping on their super or dread fleet?  To which I say, who cares?  The super's still just as dead, it just took a little longer.

All in all, though, a pretty dull week.  Other than the Moracha there just doesn't seem to be a whole lot going on right now...


  1. You missed the key point of the Nyx kill which was that it was a Nulli ship that PL dropped. That might not be a great sign for the state of their coalition

    1. What coalition? The one PL isnt part off?

  2. Tell me more how high sec players get paid far too much for operating in high sec. How many high sec players do you think can throw around 105 billion for a ship, just to to blow it off with some epeen PvP?

    I would just love to know where this player derived the wealth for this ship.

    1. Probably ran a lot of hisec incursions, did T2 production in hisec, or some of those other pesky hisec isk-earning activities that should be purged from the game with all due haste.

      In seriousness though, it doesnt take that much effort to farm up 100bn in the YEARS of his history from The Five, BoB, ATAK, etc if you don't spend a lot of money. This is especially true if you take into account money left behind from friends leaving the game (which happens when you're part of a community) and if he always paid RL isk for his accounts. This pilot also sold his titan to fund the ship, which is pretty telling that he had most of his money placed into his one pimp ship with not a whole lot left over.

  3. The raven killmail also indicates the use of ISBOX or a similar multi client software by the ganking party.
    You can see 28 catalyst pilots, all of them gallente, all of them with same birth date and all of them with in the same photo pose, if you click "show all involved pilots" on the killboard.

    On eve online forum, german subforum section,
    senior GM Karidor writes, that using multi client software (if proven) to such an extent is eula breaking.



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