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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kill of the Week: RIP Jump Freighters

Gonna keep this post simple this week.

I didn't do a KOTW post this past Monday owing to it being my travel day to the CSM summer summit.  However, nothing much was lost.  Let's start with the supers where things were particularly quiet...

Number of dead super-caps the week of August 19: 1

Only one dead super week before the summer summit, this Nyx crushed by a sub-cap fleet 140 strong.  The initial tackle fleet was only 11 guys, and the Nyx was spotted at the mouth of a wormhole in Outer Passage with three carriers and a small enemy sub-cap fleet.  The initial fleet -- Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork -- apparently didn't have any reliable means of tackling the Nyx but they were able to call in a nearby Verge of Collapse fleet.  In the meantime, they kept bumping it around; the bubble goes up about ten minutes later.  The resulting video, while long, is a lovely demonstration on how to keep a super tackled until your DPS arrives.

Number of dead super-caps last week: 0

And summit week -- so far as I can tell -- featured no super kills.

However, an honorary super was killed last week.  Heard you heard of a Tarya?  It's the new Odyssey 1.1 name of a Badger II, now retroactively applied to this ship killed in Jita with a good portion of a super-carrier fitting on board.  Those passive hardeners, incidentally, have become all the rage among sov super-carriers and are quite useful when a hundred neuting Tempests or Geddons come calling.

But that's really it.  As I mentioned in the junk drawer post, the last couple of weeks of August are quieting back down with fewer major assets being moved around.  There were some entertaining ganks -- this Vindi, for instance.  And TMC highlighted an entertainingly bad Nemesis fit.  For KOTW, though, I think I'm going to go with this pair of Moroses:

Apparently, Red Alliance are enjoying themselves in w-space, or at least they're entertaining the locals...  ;-)

But no, the real story lately are the enormous number of jump freighter kills.  In the two weeks of this particular reporting period, 48 JFs have died.  And you can trust me when I say that's an unusual number.  The normal number in a one-week period is about a quarter that.  Now there are a lot of deployments happening right now and that, I'm sure, is accounting for the higher than average count of JF deaths.  No fewer than five major alliances -- TEST, SOLAR, Black Legion, -A-, and Tribal Band -- are moving around right now as well as a host of more minor ones.  So, we've got a lot of chess pieces moving around.

And a lot of those pieces are moving around in jump freighters.  Let's hope it's the prelude to some big wars and some interesting kills, shall we?


  1. well come on now...credit where credit is due

    you should at least mention freight club and emizeko chai

  2. I considered some time ago it would be an interesting tactic to suicide gank ALL jump freighters.

    1. massive scale for isk investment vs loss.
    2. cloak scout the low sec entries into Jita
    3. use an overwhelming number of catalysts for any escorts and bump as necessary the JF until dps is ready - once they cross over into high-sec.
    4. inbound to jita works better, because they can normally jump out just off the jita undock.
    5. only take about 5 or 10 cloakers, and 200 cats; and you win the game.

    Kill them regardless whether there is any cargo. They are not a sustainable loss. I don't care how many renters you have or moons you hold. You don't make ships - say goodbye to any SRP.

    But not my style.

  3. One thing to note with the Tayra kill is that after losing his supercap fittings he made a contribution to the 48 JF's only 30 minutes later.


  4. Dude, I think I sold him that MC-806 plant. It's a VERY uncommon implant that I accidentally purchased and have been trying to unload for a while. Was the only one on market in all of EVE last I checked and this idiot buys it and dies. Makes me feel better.


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