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Monday, September 30, 2013

Kill of the Week: There was a plan

There's really only one thing I can pick this week, and here it is:

The story on this one appears straight-forward.  The pilot in question, a member of SOLAR FLEET, was probably caught in this station with his Archon when SOLAR lost control of this system and its station back in July.  The player probably had a jump clone in the station, though, and so formulated a plan: "I shall jump to my jump clone, load my Archon with everything left in this station, undock when the system is quiet, and be off before anyone notices.  I can't lose!"

So, the plan goes forward, the pilot jumps to his clone, loads his carrier, chooses just the right moment to undock... and apparently Vbou undocked with him in a Scythe Fleet Issue.  And then pointed him.  Now the Archon pilot has a problem with the plan.  The station in question is a safe undock, so getting pointed usually would not present a problem... only this is a hostile station now which means that the Archon can no longer dock.  The plan has failed.  He can't jump away because he's pointed, and the Scythe begins plinking away with small guns.  At this point, the Archon pilot has no good options.  He can try to kill the Scythe, but that means aggressing on the station which means his probable death.  He can hardly call for help.  So given the amount of damage on the Archon at the time it died, it's most likely that the pilot just chose to self-destruct to end the pain as early as possible.

Bringing solo back.  ;-)

Anyway, had the carrier just immediately jumped away the moment he could have, he probably would have been OK, but he probably activated a mod or something which gave Vbou just enough time to get the point applied.  Very nice work, Vbou, and congrats on an awesome solo kill!  And thanks also to the several alert readers that sent this one to me.  Ian Stanley got it to me first.  Thanks, Ian!

Fight of the week is the CCP dev roam which ended up in Amamake.  The kill report takes a long time to load.  You'll note CSM member Ali Aras dead twice in the melee, and Mangala Solaris either dying once or reshipping mid-fight.  Wish I could have attended myself!  I hear at least one of the unreleased monocles was in the CCP loot somewhere.

Honorable mentions this week start with this Charon, apparently belonging to a drone region renter alliance.  Look in the cargo and you'll find one of the rare "station eggs" that when planted before downtime becomes a new null-sec outpost after downtime.  Back in the day, Caldari stations were regarded as nearly worthless for most applications.  Has that changed?  Because the alliance in question did go ahead and get another one and plant it.  In the meantime, that's quite a rare kill!

It's not often you find a pod intended for a super outside of a super... unless you've killed the super, of course.  This one was an Avatar clone being used in an Archon but was definitely overkill for that application...  I assume the fleet in question caught the Archon in the midst of refitting which is why the kill-mail looks so strange.  Because if not, that's a pair of really silly losses.

Incursion-runner ganks were picking up this week, with several interesting ones to choose from.  This Nightmare and this Vindicator were typical.

Number of dead super-caps last week: 3

Super-cap slow burn continues this week, and starts with this PL Aeon caught in travel mode in Derelik low-sec by a monstrous Black Legion dread fleet.  "Well, I guess all 12 spies were asleep," some wag humorously noted, referring to the number of spies PL rather famously has in that particular alliance.  Here's the video of the loss, which happened on the Ammatar Fleet Assembly Plant station.  From the FC chatter, it looks like he might have been baited into aggressing?  Not a smart thing to do while travel fit, if so.

Big kill of the week was this NCdot Erebus, also killed by Black Legion, also with a video, which took place only an hour after the Aeon kill.  This one appears very straight-forward: an awoxer with POS roles in the target corp appears to have shut off the POS shields...
Wicked Princess > vince is obviously an idiot to leave my alt in corp with pos roles for a year
...with the titan inside.  From there, it's a pretty easy kill.  Congrats to Black Legion on the double super kills!

EDIT 1/Oct/2013: TMDC has more detail on both of the two kills above if you're interested.

Last to die this past week was this Nyx, caught in Metropolis low-sec by a mixed group of dreads, one super, battleships, shield hictors... sort of a trash fleet, really.  Looks like this guy decided to log his super into an unscouted system.  That's never a good decision.  All in all, it's probably for the best: had the Nyx lived, he would have had to rig it.

That's it for last week, though today a Wyvern died.  That'll be in next week's report.


  1. That's a fishing fit on the Aeon, if a rather bad one. BL had a neutral bait chimera that "bumped" off the station undock and 3-4 PL supers jumped on it, but this particular Aeon didnt align out as soon as load like you're supposed to and died to the decloaking HIC.

    The dude who lost the Aeon got his Nyx out so could have been quite a bit worse I guess.

    1. yeah if you plan to gank some lonly random carrier/rorquals/jf you dont need 40mio ehp. what you need is the ability to lock fast and to have jump cap fast.

      if anything goes wrong it doesnt matter hw many ehp you have. look at this well fitted titan, it exploded within 2 minutes or so.
      btw the interessting part about the titan kill was, that he had a large proteus fleet siting at him waiting for a bridge. titan opend the bridge, proteus jumped through and right when they were jumping the forcefield went down and bubbles up. as you can see in the video, the jumpportal was still open when he hit low armor ^^

  2. Hello Ripard. I'm not directly commenting on this post but I am playing EvE and just ran into a very interesting killmail in Tintoh - a Caldai mission system. http://eve.battleclinic.com/killboard/killmail.php?id=20699372 http://eve.battleclinic.com/killboard/killmail.php?id=20699373

  3. I find it interesting that the carrier pilot died to the scythe with a host of PVP capable ships still in it's SMB. He easily could have pulled a ghostride maneuver with that machariel to dispatch the scythe then hopped back in his carrier and left. Not to mention the ECM drones sitting in his cargo hold. He had options, but instead he chose to self-destruct. Maybe he panicked?


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