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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kill of the Week: Viking funeral

A ton of silly stuff died last week, so let's get started.

For kill of the week, there are lots of fun options, but I'm going to go with this:

I could hardly pick anything else, what with players leaving EVE being on my mind lately.  Rainbow Dash Friends CEO FuzzyButt elected to quit EVE this week and did it in high style by selling off lots of ships and characters, buying a ton of expensive tank mods, and fitting them to a Naglfar.  Intended purpose?  Die gloriously to anyone who felt like coming out to take a swing at him.  This mostly turned out to be a mix of Snuff Box and Brave Newbies.  As with any prominent EVE player committing suicide in this manner, of course some will spend all their DPS on the target and others will spend all their DPS on things shooting the target.  So a goodly amount of stuff died with Fuzzy's Nag.  He also sacrificed an expensive Thanatos.  For those not familiar with his work, here's a link to get you started.

Starting the pile of honorable mentions, Snuff Box also nailed a somewhat amusing PL carrier kill in low-sec...  Look at it closely.

I've been mentioning for a while now that every big incursion fleet has one or two ships in it that are stupidly expensive.  It's quite surprising to me that they aren't targets more often because incursion fleets often sit at incursion gates waiting for the next site to start with people AFK using the restroom, getting beverages or food, and the like.  You'd think it would be child's play to warp in, scan a dozen or two ships, note down names and fittings, then come back later and have a little suicidal fun.  Hell, you could probably sneak into an armor fleet itself and use a mids for a Ship Scanner and scan ships as you make ISK.  Is the typical incursion-runner going to notice one ship in fleet targeting him for a few seconds?  Maybe, but probably not.

With this in mind, I present you this Paladin loss.  Oh, and also this one, worth way more...  The latter pilot is a incursion Vanguard FC who runs eight to ten hours a day during the EUTZ.  TMDC has a short story on the loss.

This Tengu just made me laugh.  Thanks to mynnna from CSM8 for pointing me at that one.

Finally, if the Nag or the Paladin wasn't KOTW this week, this Sabre would have been.  You just can't trust haulers any more...  The pilot died in his own bubble.  Anyone remember when haulers were helpless targets?

Number of dead super-caps last week: 4

Four supers dead last week, two of them titans!  First up was this Nyx that I briefly mentioned last week, killed in Domain by Black Legion.  This one's yet another super that died of dumb if the story about its death is to believed.  Short version: this guy cyno'ed in at a planet, warped to the nearest moon at 50km and cloaked.  A ship saw him warp to the moon, warped there at zero, then flew back toward the nearby planet to find the guy's cloak spot and bumped him to keep him from warping off.  Meanwhile, BL apparently found the guy's exit cyno and killed it, preventing it jumping long enough for a heavy interdictor to land.  Dead Nyx.  There's a couple of videos of it if you like.

Next up was the first titan of the week, this Erebus killed by Shadow Cartel in Essence.  This one also died of dumb.  EVE News 24 has the story.  Short version: this guy tried moving his titan into an occupied system right at downtime, but he timed the cyno incorrectly and a ship was able to warp to it.  In a panic, he decloaked and warped to the sun with the DT catching him in mid-warp.  All might yet have been well had he just forgotten that he had a titan for a week or two, but instead he logged back in a few minutes after downtime.  But a few minutes was plenty of time to get scanner ships into the system and they caught this guy landing after his emergency warp.

This Nyx died the same day, amusingly one of the Shadow Cartel supers that killed the Erebus.  This was actually a somewhat planned engagement.  Dead Terrorists baited this Nyx with three Archons on a POCO.  A cloaked heavy interdictor was nearby in case Shadow Cartel escalated to supers, and this one was unlucky enough to get caught.  EVE News 24 has the longer story on this one, too, as does TMDC, if you want to read one of them.

Finally, this Leviathan died on Sunday, also to bait.  In this case, a Revelation shooting a POS was the bait ship.  The Lev came in for a "drive-by doomsday", but Darkspawn alliance was ready for the tactic and the Rev was tanked nearly entirely with kinetic hardeners.  The titan being stuck after its drive-by was the signal for the trap to be sprung.  Ouch!  TMDC has the story on this one.

Not a "busy" week, as such, but certainly busier than the last few!


  1. Replies
    1. What's funny about the Tengu? Is it the lowly Tech II Adaptive Invul, hanging out awkwardly among all the shiny faction mods like Miley's tongue?

  2. Somehow I wasn't surprised to see that the Sabre killing hauler was a Nereus. The Battle Badger fields a better tank, but the Nereus gets close and beats its pants off when it comes to DPS.

  3. TMDC much these days?

    1. If one of the news sites covers a kill, it's only proper to give them credit for covering the story. They can cover individual kills in more detail than I can most of the time.

  4. Whats weird with the Pl carrier? its a slowcat that fit for cap when jumping, just got caught in a bad spot looks like

    1. Look at what it's carrying for one. It's kind of ironic.


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