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Monday, September 16, 2013

KOTW: When is a super transaction complete?

Honorable mentions start with this Buzzard, sent to me by an alert reader.  According to the Sev3rance kill-board, those mids are various scan-boosting modules.  Moving out of null-sec is hard, but it's traditionally recognized that the best ship to move all your BPOs and BPCs out of null-sec is not a covert ops ship.  Particularly, don't use a covert ops ship that isn't even optimized for travel.  Use an interdiction nullified T3, please.  By doing so, you save the alliance that kills you the trouble of trying to figure out what to value all of those BPOs and BPCs at...

At least this Anathema was at least somewhat more properly fit for travel through null-sec.  But it's probably not the sort of ship you want to trust with your seven billion ISK pod...

Off-grid link ships are no longer scan-proof, but you can certainly still make them more difficult to scan by boosting their sensor strength.  Scan strength is compared to signature radius and the higher scan strength is over sig, the tougher a ship is to scan down.  So fitting four scanner strength boosting modules, like this off-grid Tengu, isn't the worst idea.  But you don't do yourself many favors with that shield-boosting rig which increases your sig radius and makes you easier to scan down.  Whoops!

Rancer is the best possible system to move through with 10 or 12 billion ISK in wormhole loot.  Wait, no it isn't.

Number of dead super-caps last week: 1

Only one to talk about this week, this SOLAR Nyx knocked down by PL in low-sec, and it's a sordid but amusing little tale.  PL claims to have stolen the super, and then conducted the sale in good faith to the SOLAR pilot.  However, the buyer -- after taking possession of the super and after Chribba (the third party here) transferred the ISK -- logged out in system.  This is the worst possible mistake you can make immediately after buying a new super.  The proper procedure is to have an exit cyno ready to go, you self-destruct the cyno ship, wait until the self-destruct has 10 seconds left, then you light the cyno and jump the super.  Then if you're smart, you do the same thing a second time to make yourself harder to track.

This guy did none of that.  All might yet have been well had he stayed logged off, but he apparently then decided to log back in.  Needless to say, PURPLE HELMETED WARRIORS LIVES for this kind of stupidity and rapidly scanned him down in short order.  Dead Nyx.  The SOLAR pilot involved is currently bitching about the finer points of super-cap transaction ethics in the sale thread on the EVE-O forums if you want to listen in.  Me, I just log this as super lost to idiocy.  It's an entertaining enough situation that it's my KOTW.

Another super died just a few hours ago, but I'll cover that next week.


  1. Is it very expensive to Jump a BLOPS ship max range or bridge a BR? because if i had a high value, lowish volume cargo thats how id move it. Covert cyno into a lowsec system next to highsec.

    1. its not expensive, but you need a black op ship and an cyno lv 5 alt on a second account.
      people who own both usualy have better options to move their stuff.

      or at least you should have the money and the brain to pay someone who knows his stuff to move it for you.
      a courier contract with collateral is the best way to move stuff.

  2. You know what the three non-supercap lossmails demonstrate the ridiculousness of killboards.
    Not how many people are on the pod kill. Someone scrammed it, and then waited until everyone else could lock it, so they could all boost their epeen showing how great their personal kill/loss ratio is.

    None of those 3 losses demonstrate any fighting acumen on an individual basis. It does demonstrate how to km whore.

    If killboards started dividing up the kill value by the amount of people on the kill, then we would have a whole lot less epeen in the game, and a whole lot less "awesome" PvP'ers.

    1. battleclinic killboard divides the points based on number of people on killmail and shipsizes.

      no one uses battleclinic killboard.

  3. We served 900,000 killboard requests last month.

    Also Dinsdale Pirannha our algorithm takes into account your scenario and, while being on a cap KM does give you good points, it doesn't have as big of an impact on points/rank as you seem to suggest.


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