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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quote of the week: Rough but insightful

Just a quickie.

QOTW honors goes to one I found in this TMDC article about TEST Alliance's continued troubles.  It isn't even the most recent article that TMDC has written on that subject for some reason.~  This particular article is about a TEST jump freighter logistics wing member stealing the assets given to him for transport.  Even by the standards of scams and theft in EVE, that particular one is pretty low-class and never fails to annoy me when I hear about it.  It's more or less the same as taking money out of a buddy's wallet while he sleeps off a bender on your couch.

But the quote included in the article is amusing enough, and comes from a new TEST member (and one victim of the theft), Victor Necrova.  I've edited it slightly for clarity.
I joined Dreddit/EVE the day before the Fountain fight. Retreated twice. Lost all sov. Half my assets scammed. It's been rough, but... insightful.
Heh.  "Rough but insightful."  Yup, sounds like EVE to me.

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  1. Rough but insightful? That character should be so happy they didn't join tribe. just saying


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