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Monday, October 28, 2013

CSM8 Status Report: Week twenty-five

First up, the minutes status:

Of 25 total sessions:
  • I've written six sessions (Introduction, Sales and Marketing, Team Kuromaku, Team Game of Drones, NDA Project Three, Hilmar);
  • Trebor Daehdoow has written five sessions (PvE, CSM as Stakeholder, Security, Future Plans, Team True Grit);
  • Ali Aras has written four session (EVE Economy, In-Class Homework Assignment, User Interface, NDA Project Two);
  • mynnna has written three sessions (Reasonable Things, Team Superfriends, Team Five-0);
  • Mike Azariah has written two sessions (Art, DUST 514 Link);
  • Mangala Solaris has written one session (Language Support and the CSM);
  • James Arget has written one session (Launcher); and,
  • Chitsa Jason has written one session (State of Balance).
There are two sessions without minutes, one of which might end up being permanently NDA'ed:
  • Project One, which is still heavily NDA'ed; and,
  • EVE Valkryrie (being worked on by Ali Aras). 
And Ali tells me that she's just about done with the Valkyrie session.  When the seven people chosen for the summer summit went to Iceland, there was only one Oculus Rift HD prototype there at the time.  Therefore, only one of us could "try" Valkyrie.  The rest of us in Iceland pretty much insisted that Ali do the Valkyrie session minutes because she was the one selected to try it out.  ;-)  But overall, you may now begin pestering CCP Dolan with the "where are the minutes?" questions.  And he has told us that he's running hither and thither getting approvals for them.  So soon(tm).

One point of order, though: I want to express appreciation toward CSM8 Chair Trebor Daehdoow.  He's done a really terrific job of being the first set of eyes on every set of minutes that we've worked on.  He's definitely CSM8's Chief Editor, making sure nothing gets missed and the language and writing stays consistent throughout so much as possible.

Speaking of soon(tm), as they have promised, CCP has also been working on the next response to the SOMERblink RMT situation.  The CSM has been keeping a very close eye on this and we expect to do everything we can to help CCP with their response to this.  They are very definitely taking this situation seriously.

We had two meetings this past week: one our standard weekly stake-holder meeting with Team Five-0, and a meeting with CCP Seagull to begin laying the groundwork for the winter summit and what CCP will be asking for our feedback on.  We were really pleased with Team Five-0's progress as they complete their objectives for Rubicon.  And as you can imagine, that second meeting was really interesting!  We can definitely see the chess pieces moving around as Seagull builds toward her vision of space colonization.  There are a few things we had questions about and the meeting went the full hour with a lot of back and forth dialogue.  Really good stuff!  I'm particularly impressed with how open Seagull feels she can be with us: she's trusting us with a lot of information, knowing that we'll give her and her team honest feedback while keeping our collective mouths shut.  Sorry about that.  ;-)

Two CSM members who have been less than active the last couple of months stepped up and let us know that real-life situations that have been keeping them from their EVE-related duties have eased off.  We should now expect to hear a lot more from them in the coming months.  Out of respect, I'm not going to name names.  If you've been paying attention to these weekly updates, you can probably guess with a good deal of accuracy who I'm talking about.

The private section of the forums was pretty quiet this past week: with the teams heads down finishing their features and pulling their feedback directly from player threads, there's less for the CSM to do on that front.  There's the occasional quick question on Skype from some teams, but that's been it.  That said, I'm really liking the relaxed vibe I'm getting from the devs as we approach the finish line.  They clearly feel good about the work and how it's going!

Finally, I have a pretty good idea when the next town hall is going to happen but I want to chat with Neville Smit and DJ Wiggles first and make sure they can continue to assist us with this next one.  Expect an announcement very soon for that.

Aaaaand I think that's it for now.  Well, other than this.  It's one of the last pages in the "Into The Second Decade" book included with the EVE Collector's Edition.  gg.


  1. Grrr, I hate you for being able to get more information on what's coming up from CCP Seagull! (j/k)

    I wish to ask, have you (the CSM/CCP) seen and/or discussed this article?


    I think it raises some interesting points concerning the lore side of the game and how the players who care feel about it.

  2. This is going to sound silly as hell, but I think some CSM members should really update their portraits after becoming a CSM member, or ideally when they put up their candidacy.

    Most people - including me - will never see the real person behind the character, so the portrait is essentially how we perceive them. Since CSM is about as official of a position as an EVE player can get, well... let's just say some of the portraits are equivalent to a politician attending a press conference in a track suit ;)

  3. Is this going to be a record for longest time to get the minutes out? I haven't seen any big threadnaut about it, probably becaues you have been so good with weekly updates but when was that summit?

    1. Sigh. Probably. I've never calculated what the record is, though.

  4. I must admit, it's nice how that page illustrates my steady and inexorable climb up the greasy pole to Chairmanship. :)

    1. So what's next? Can the world of RL politics be any worse than EvE? ;)

  5. I thought I spotted backdoor bandit's portrait in the top row, but then I noticed yours and trebor's pics on the bottom left. Then trebor again. Total time wondering what that picture was all about: 10 seconds. Oh well, we can retcon CSM1 some year in the future that backdoor bandit was really on it.

  6. For those interested in the SOMER situation, CCP has taken action. Expect to see SOMERblink to end the promotion within the next 10 days. If not, I assume that MarkeeDragon will end it for SOMER.

  7. That's a neat pictorial summary. I like that they used the older portraits for Councils who served pre-Incarna. My old portrait makes me feel nostalgic.

    -- Mynxee

  8. So can you clarify this for me: there are still 2 projects coming for Rubicon that were not revealed, right? Those 2 under heavy NDA threat I mean. Or there are just for "da future"?

    1. There are three projects that will probably end up being NDA'ed, actually. Ali did a write-up for one of them. I did a write up for another. Who knows if we'll ever be allowed to share them, though.


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