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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

CSM8 Status report: Week twenty-two

Sort of a tale of two weeks this week.

During the early part of the week, CCP was getting ready to head out for an employee retreat.  This was something that I was intending to keep quiet but CCP Explorer was good enough to spill the beans.  This makes the week a lot easier to explain.  The early week was spent with a lot of CCP devs in the Skype channel asking for immediate feedback on threads they planned to post to Features and Ideas (some of the ones tagged "[Rubicon]").  The devs in question wanted to get those threads out before they had to board flights out of Iceland, and also in preparation for the first Singularity build and for player feedback.  That's why a lot of those threads are dated October 1 and 2.

Anyway, as a result, the Skype channel was very busy as was the CSM private section of the forums, right up until Thursday evening or so.  At that point, CCP got on a plane... and pretty much at the exact exact wrong time, the SOMER iScorp thing happened.  By one of those evil coincidences that happens sometimes, TMC published their piece at nearly the exact worst possible moment.  Whoops!  But that's why it's taking CCP so long to respond to this.  There is now an initial statement from CCP Manifest on this issue.  Obviously, the entire CSM is waiting for a fuller explanation of this issue as well as CCP's response.

It certainly hasn't stopped some CSM members from expressing their opinion on the whole combined SOMER Blink issue in colorful ways...

As a result of all of this, I'm not sure very much got done on the CCP end with the Summer Summit minutes.  CCP Dolan now has the majority of the written minutes sessions in his hands and we've started pestering him to get the first block published.  If he published what he has in his hands now, it would be about half of the sessions.  But that said, he was gone part of the week along with those people at CCP that would have to approve the minutes.  I'm still really unhappy with how this process is going.  Between the long delay starting on the minutes and the various scandals in the weeks since, there just doesn't seem to be enough time for CCP or for the CSM to actually keep this moving forward.

Of 24 total sessions:
  • Trebor Daehdoow has written five sessions (PvE, CSM as Stakeholder, Security, Future Plans, Team True Grit);
  • I've written four sessions (Introduction, Sales and Marketing, Team Kuromaku, Team Game of Drones);
  • mynnna has written two sessions (Reasonable Things, Team Superfriends);
  • Ali Aras has written two session (EVE Economy, User Interface);
  • Mike Azariah has written one session (Art);
  • Mangala Solaris has written one session (Language Support and the CSM); and,
  • James Arget is still finishing one session (Launcher).
There are eight sessions left to do:
  • State of Balance (being worked on by Chitsa Jason);
  • Team Five-0 (being worked on by mynnna);
  • Projects One, Two, and Three, which are currently heavily NDA'ed;
  • DUST 514 Link (being worked on by Mike);
  • EVE Valkryrie (being worked on by James); and,
  • the Hilmar meeting which the more I edit, the less I think will actually get a set of minutes.  Dunno.  I'll give it one more try this week.
So overall we're really close, but a couple of CSM members need friendly bumps to finish up what they've signed up for.  We're also somewhat hampered by the fact that the recordings of some of the sessions are either damaged, missing, or partials thanks to the video conferencing issues that I mentioned on the day-by-day updates I wrote at the time of the summit.  The recording for the Sales and Marketing session, for instance, was missing entirely.  I wrote that one based on my notes.

Reading through the minutes sessions myself, a lot of what we'll have to present you guys already know at this point thanks to those Features and Ideas threads.  But there's still a lot of good information that can be shared.  Note to self: start pestering Dolan on a daily basis...

As with any crisis week, not much happened that wasn't related to the crisis.  I got to tease Mike Azariah about his bounty passing seven billion ISK.  I suppose that counts.  ;-)  I already mentioned Ali Aras getting a Mangala Solaris kill-mail this week.  But overall and barring surprises, I really feel like CCP is bearing down these last five weeks to get Rubicon ready for delivery.  The CSM shouldn't have a whole lot more to contribute for feedback other than maybe little tweaks here and there.  We still have a couple of stake-holder meetings before release as well.  That said, there are still two features (one big, one little) that we haven't been fully briefed on yet.  Note to self: ask about those, too...

More next week.


  1. When was that summit again? I don't want to bash on CCP too much, a lot of companies do those retreats (and equally bogus "leadership camp" type things). It just seems strange that they only just got everyone back in the office after summer vacations and 5 weeks later they're all off on a junket. Who from CCP is going to be at Eve Vegas and how much of an impact will that have on the publication of the minutes?

    You should save yourself some time and ditch the EVE-Dust Link and Valkyrie writeups. Let CCP's PR flacks cover those things.

    Do you know what ever happened to CCP Punkturis? I know she went on maternity leave back in the spring, but it's looking like she might be gone for good. Iceland has 3-month maternity leaves, but she's been gone a whole lot longer than 3 months. If she is no longer with CCP that's too bad. She was one of the good ones.

    1. In terms of timing of these retreats, I doubt there's a completely ideal time but this was as good as any: features are moving along well, and there's no design documents to worry about. Vacation time, as you pointed out, was several weeks ago. So I doubt you'd get a better time.

      Punkturis took a long maternity leave. I don't know about HR stuff so I can't provide the details, other than I know she's coming back.

  2. Don't I remember something from the Foundation series of books (might have been the first book actually) where they subjected a statement from someone to a process that was supposed to cut it down to what he was saying and it returned absolutely nothing at all ... no words ... no meaning ... I suspect your meeting with Hilmar might turn out the same at this rate!

  3. Features the CSM hasn't been briefed on... Does this mean something CCP hasn't told us about yet?

    1. Let's just say the opening video blog is never ever the whole story.

  4. "James Arget is still finishing one session (Launcher)." ... I really hope he doesn't use his colorful language in that one. Having time to bitch around but don't getting things done isn't the best impression.
    But well maybe the session is that complicated and long that the long work time is justified.

    And I wouldn't be surprised if TMC has chosen that date exactly because of the bad timing. This can be flagged as conspiracy theory.

  5. I think you need to pester and put some pressure on the people that have written less than 2 documents......the fact that you and trebor have done the large bulk of items, makes a bad impression of the rest of the members on the CSM.

    We should have had the minutes published by now.

  6. Meh, I'm not really sure writing all those minutes makes any sense. You won't reveal anything CCP don't want to tell us anyway and that all fluff on how discussions went is pretty much useless because all we care about are fact on what can and will be done. Personally I don't care about stories, if there is no code implemented feature doesn't exist.

    Schmata Bastanold

  7. One CSM member's name that seems to be absent from many of your weekly updates is Progodlegend. Is his absence from your weekly update posts due to a departure from the CSM that I've missed, or is he simply functionally absent?

    If he's still a member of the CSM, it doesn't seem as if he's carrying any weight at all.

  8. Meh...by the time they are release they will be irrelevant anyways....

  9. I'm most interested in the launcher section.

    Hopefully there are great plans in the works. Plans so great it takes weeks to write about.

    Well, I can hope anyway.

    Still annoyed about the I-scorp thing.

    If anything I feel like the message to CCP should be about the value of different paint jobs on ships. (mainly because I know they won't stop creating items from the void and giving them away)

  10. Mike's bounty might are dropped recently, I have not checked it. But I did receive notice to one of my chars that some bounty had been paid out.

  11. Btw, Valkyrie will apparently not be the only Oculus Rift space sim next year:

  12. CSM7 minutes record untouched. Eat it youngins!


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