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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Decryptor conversion chart

Part of the changes for the Odyssey 1.0 expansion this summer was to rename all the decryptors used for the T2 invention process.  As time passes, those of us who do T2 manufacturing might find our notes for when to use this or that type of decryptor out of date.  Thus, this blog post to make sure those changes are immortalized somewhere easy to search for... at least for me if nothing else.  ;-)

Amarr Decryptors
  • Class Doctrine -> Occult Accelerant
  • War Strategon -> Occult Attainment
  • Circular Logic -> Occult Augmentation
  • Formation Layout -> Occult Process
  • Sacred Manifesto -> Occult Symmetry
Caldari Decryptors
  • Prototype Diagram -> Esoteric Accelerant
  • Installation Guide -> Esoteric Attainment
  • Interface Alignment Chart -> Esoteric Augmentation
  • Tuning Instructions -> Esoteric Process
  • User Manual -> Esoteric Symmetry
Gallente Decryptors
  • Test Reports -> Incognito Accelerant
  • Stolen Formulas -> Incognito Attainment
  • Symbiotic Figures -> Incognito Augmentation
  • Collision Measurements -> Incognito Process
  • Engagement Plan -> Incognito Symmetry
Minmatar Decryptors
  • Advanced Theories -> Cryptic Accelerant
  • Assembly Instructions -> Cryptic Attainment
  • Circuitry Schematics -> Cryptic Augmentation
  • Calibration Data -> Cryptic Process
  • Operation Handbook -> Cryptic Symmetry

Accelerant decryptors:
  • +20% chance of success, +1 max run, +2 ME, +5 PE
  • I find them useful for T2 ammunition, whose long production times are assisted by that +5 PE.
  • The Caldari one (Esoteric Accelerant) is useful for expensive shield rigging invention.
Attainment decryptors:
  • +80% chance of success, +4 max run, -1 ME, +2 PE
  • Also exist as Optimized [type] Attainments, with +90% chance of success, +2 max run, +1 ME, -1 PE.
Augmentation decryptors:
  • -40% chance of success, +9 max run, -2 ME, +1 PE
  • Also exist as Optimized [type] Augmentations, with a -10% chance of success, +7 max run, +2 ME, 0 PE.
  • These are useful for cheap item invention where quantity is more important than quality, small rig invention for instance.
Process decryptors:
  • +10% chance of success, 0 max run, +3 ME, +3 PE
  • These are most useful where you have particular expensive items feeding into the manufacturing process.
  • They used to be more or less required for trimark rigs and sentry drone augmentor rigs, but are now less so.
Symmetry decryptors:
  • +0% chance of success, +2 max run, +1 ME, +4 PE
  • Good generalized decryptor, useful where the +2 max run will defray the cost of the decryptor itself (spreadsheet it).
Parity decryptors: (new in Odyssey)
  • +50% chance of success, +3 max run, +1 ME, -1 PE
  • Another generalized decryptor, again useful where the max run bonus will defray its cost.


  1. Seeing as this was changed with Odyssey, I wrote up a guide and posted it both on my blog Everything You Never Wanted To Know: Decryptors and to TheMittani.com at T2 Production - A Decryptor Guide

    I also expand on the "when to use what class of decryptor" and "what the hell does a decryptor do" in my guide.

  2. This was one of those changes that I knew was for the best but it still made me want to rip my eyes out.

    I totally understand how renaming them is great for the long term game. It certainly took some time to get straight in my mind though.

  3. Hey, Boss, does this constitute the Sunday Definition?

  4. I seem to remember you writing a few posts on T2 production some time back, Jester. However, when you find the time (!) would you perhaps look into writing one of your comprehensive player guides on the subject?

  5. ME doesn't really matter much anymore.

    The Extra Materials that CCP bolted to the blueprints are not affected by ME, and become the greater part of the materials requirements over time, as the devs mindlessly twiddle with what they think things should cost in the game.


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