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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Distant voices

All of this stuff was going to be in the junk drawer but suddenly I realized, a lot of what was going in the junk drawer this month was things that I found interesting in other blogs that I read.  So let's do another "distant voices" post since I haven't done one of those in a while.  Each paragraph represents an EVE-related blog or website I found interesting this month...

I only spotted this post from Scram Web this month, but it's really really interesting if you're into tournament flying the way I am.  It's a comparison chart of the point values of Alliance Tournament ships for the last five Alliance Tournaments.  In particular, it's interesting to me to watch Navy Faction Battleship point values drop along with T1 cruiser values as other ships are buffed around them.  Let's just say I don't expect either of those trends to continue.  And it'll be quite interesting to see the performance of this first Marauder rebalance in the next tournament...

One more Poetic Stanziel post to point to, this little diatribe about the CSM.  It's yet another "the CSM is useless" post from him, which wasn't exactly a rare occurrence in his writing.  The thing I found funny about this post right before he irrelevanced himself with RMT is that he took the level of communication that I'm providing to you about CSM activities and found a way to make it negative!  Well then, I guess I'll just keep my opinions of what CCP tells me to myself... not.

This one, from Interstellar Privateer, was really fascinating stuff.  The post digs into the background and lore of EVE to explain why the new Sisters of EVE ships are named what they are.  If you're at all interested in EVE lore, go read this post.  It's fantastic work, the kind of stuff I wish I could write.  Sadly, I don't know the lore well enough to...

Not exactly a blog, as such, but EVE Radio sent out a plea for additional listener support of their activities.  Again, this one was actually published in September, but I just noticed it this month.  This is something that I urge you to help with if you can.  The services that EVE Radio provides the community are valuable and often overlooked.  This is the sort of link that should be shared around far and wide.

I'd never heard of the Newbie Blogger Initiative until this month, but it's a really good idea!  There's all sorts of interesting information available for people who are thinking about starting an MMO blog but aren't sure of the basics: what to write about, style, language, stats, goals, even an article about naming your blog.  Really good stuff, all around!  There's also an attached forum.  Lots of people ask me about starting a blog and I've never been able to come up with particularly good information about the subject -- this one kind of happened by accident and serendipity.  So here's some concrete information for you if you've been thinking about it.

Neville Smit of EVE University doesn't write very often, but what he does write is usually very interesting.  Sooner or later, he's going to make the Infrequent but Important list off to the right.  It's just that he's too irregular even for that list.  ;-)  But this post, about how to improve and expand the hacking mini-game, I thought was very interesting when it was posted last month.  I alllllmost brought it up then, but the CSM had already been briefed about ghost sites then and I was afraid anything I wrote about it then might inadvertently cause me to break NDA.  Now that ghost sites are public, read Neville's post with that in mind and I think he's on to some really interesting ideas...

Not exactly a blog -- more of a technology site -- is the DRK Industry Tracker.  I am becoming a big big fan of this site... so many interesting capabilities!  I've added it to the Must Visit Websites off to the right.  I find the Reprocess tool a particularly valuable resource, but most of what's here is pretty damn handy.

Last but not least, I've finally gotten around to updating my list of EVE Podcasts.  You'll find the latest ones I'm listening to regularly or semi-regularly off to the right.  The one link I can't figure out how to make work properly is the Podside one.  Podside is actually up to episode 148 and quite frankly more often than not I listen to them from podbay.  Anyone know how I can fix my link?

Whew!  That cleaned out quite a bit of the junk drawer.  Let's see what's left.


  1. I'd read Poetic's post if he didn't censor his own blog.

    Currently says invited readers only...

  2. "It doesn't look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation."

    Looks like ol' Stanziel has had enough time in the spotlight. Just as well he's off the important list, I guess.

  3. Oh, the "CSM is useless" link is currently broken; the blog appears to have been set to read-by-invitation-only, although the Google cache still works:


    For what it's worth.

  4. "Well then, I guess I'll just keep my opinions of what CCP tells me to myself... not."

    Ah, so you DO see CSM's role as being CCP's mouthpiece. Interesting.

  5. Ripard - thanks for the blog mention. Seems I'm not the only one interested in improving the hacking mini-game, based on the amount of traffic that post attracts. By the way, I think you need to start a new list: Infrequent But Awesome. I'd surely qualify then, right? :-) Keep up the great work - you are my blogging role-model.

  6. It has always struck me the vast gulf between the richness of the lore of Eve versus the barren wasteland that is Eve PvE.

  7. BTW, GREAT job on this whole Somer Blink mess. We're getting the wall of silence from CCP and Somer Blink just kicked their RMT into high gear, but the CSM can't be bothered to get off their lazy asses and kick up a stink about it. Thanks for nothing.

    1. Can I have your stuff when you quit the game?

  8. I wonder if Somer would really make such a big favor to CCP, the guys cutting them short after so many years (or at least in Somer's perspective). A heist of that size would promote the game for years to come.

    What am I saying! Look at this pile of money, both in-game and outside.

  9. looks like he took it down already: google cache link


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