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Monday, October 14, 2013

Kill of the Week: Chremoas

It's pretty easy to pick the Kill of the Week this week:

Full credit to Tropic9 of HYDRA RELOADED for taking a Chremoas out and doing what it was made to do: pick and choose fights to get into, and kill things... lots and lots of things!  Over a two month period, he racked up a really impressive 168 kills --  most of them solo -- before finally being taken down by Mav'Lite in a Dramiel.  That's impressive by any metric I can think of.  The difference?  The Dram had a web and could hold the Chremoas at bay and apply damage; the Chremoas didn't, and couldn't.  Well done, Tropic9, for taking this ship into combat as it deserves to!  And a well done to Mav'Lite as well (and a pointer to his ferociously tanky Dram fit with which he did the job).

Lots and lots of honorable mentions this week.  This Machariel made me smile, but also made me kind of sad.  Some people want to quit EVE with a (quite literal) bang...

Other pilots specialize in losing really big expensive ships with less than optimal fittings.  I can think of a few better mods to fit on a Phoenix, for instance.  It would be hard for me to imagine a more embarrassing way for such a dreadnought to die, though.  I'm sure the pilot would have much rather been piloting his lost Leviathan...

There were a pair of entertaining Vindicator kills this week.  As I've mentioned a couple of times, Rote Kapelle has been on a road-trip to Rakapas for the last several weeks.  Well, we got back this week.  Every time we go on a road trip, someone insists on moving into the little two-system area just off our home system of TXW-EI which makes for some amusing kill-mails when we get back.  My Australian time-zone alliance-mates in Rote Kapelle caught this Vindicator in that pocket doing some care-bearing.  And then caught either an alt or a friend trying to evac the pocket... unsuccessfully.

This Vindi is very nearly as good in terms of value... but pretty freakin' bad in terms of fit.  Dual-tanking is almost never a good idea, and most of the rest of this "magnificient travesty of a fit" (as one of the people who pointed me at this one called it) isn't much better.  The rigs are particularly bad.  Those Hybrid Ambit Extensions increase the fall-off of those railguns, not the optimal.  Needless to say, that's a poor choice.  Worse is the armor rig which improves the effectiveness of an active armor repper... which this Vindi didn't carry.  Ooops!  Both of these Vindicators were mercy killings.

Finally, I'd like to commend Prometheus Exenthal, continuing to keep solo alive with this really impressive Cynabal catch and solo kill.  Pity the loot fairy wasn't nicer about it!

Number of dead super-caps last week: 5

Wednesday was a bad day to be in a super-carrier, with five supers down on that day alone, representing the sum total of the dead supers this past week.

First to die was this Hel, followed closely by this Nyx and this Nyx, all lost in my own home region of Syndicate.  These ships represent about half of the known Clockwork Pineapple (GROON) super fleet, and were accompanied by an Aeon that managed to slip the net.  The situation was a fight on a Moon Warrior structures where GROON had used a super on one of them.  MOW set a trap using a cloaked heavy interdictor near a POCO that was set to come out of reinforced, along with a bait Thanatos and a good size battleship fleet.  GROON knew the Thanatos was bait, recognized that the situation was probably a trap... and four of their super pilots jumped in anyway.  Whoops!  There were five heavy interdictors on the field.  Once the GROON supers were committed and bubbled, the fleet put in a bat-phone call to Pandemic Legion, who jumped in just in time to miss the Hel kill and to watch the GROON Aeon warp away.  Rumor has it the surviving Aeon is for sale...

There's an entertaining video of the proceedings:

Even as the battle in PC9 raged, not too far off in Fountain, this Nyx was also dying of extreme stupid.  The pilot in question had logged his Nyx off in this system some months prior.  By the time he again played the game, Fountain was under new management.  He apparently didn't log his Nyx off with a cloak fitted, and apparently didn't bother scouting the system before logging back in.  Bouncing off an enemy POS, he was aggressed by the POS guns.  Had he had an emergency cyno ship in another system ready to go, all might have yet been well but he apparently didn't... so he logged off... while aggressed.  The rest was fate.

Last to die was this Aeon in Metropolis, also of stupid.  In this case, the pilot again logged his super in without bothering to scout the system in advance.  It was hostile.  Instead of warping to a new safe and cloaking up there until he could arrange an exit cyno, he logged off.  By that time, his position was pinpointed and heavy interdictors were placed in wait for him to log back in... which he did.

It's funny how many supers die to the same scenarios... please feel free to learn from them.

Anyway, both TMC and EVE News 24 covered the day of super deaths and both articles have a few more details here and there if you care to read them.


  1. Mav'Lite is one of the Amarr/Minmatar FW zones :elitepvpers: that fight in frigates that would be shit if it were for their several hundred million in offgrid boosting and a head full of pirate implants.

    I plugged in the dual rep Dramiel fit into EFT and it perms tanks 200dps, followed by 400dps tank for about 20 odd seconds. The Chremoas can do about 300+drones.

    1. ::shrugs:: He took his advantages into the fight, as did Tropic. Both accepted the engagement. Either one could have avoided it.

    2. I doubt Tropic9 would have engaged if he had some inkling that he could be permatanked long enough to be destroyed.

  2. I loved pc9 when I lived there. I still think of it as home...

  3. You've attracted the attention of Gevlon Goblin. Expect an assult from the sperg lords who think "leet pvp" is ganking hulks in highsec rather than giving zero fucks and flying tourney ships. :)

  4. Gevlon Goblin thinks that you being impressed with someone actually using the Chremoras for PvP means that you are a bad EVE player: http://greedygoblin.blogspot.ca/2013/10/what-impresses-ripard-teg.html?m=1

    should we break out the popcorn?

    1. "It's amazing that brain can generate enough power to keep those legs moving."

    2. Can you imagine someone who fails more at eve than goblin?

    3. Well, let's be fair. Win conditions vary from person to person, organization to organization. His logic holds up if you accept his definitions of winning or losing (based on ISK efficiency: value killed versus value lost); however, it breaks down in so far as it fails to ask: what is this guy trying to accomplish?

      Some people are in it for gaudy killboard stats. Some are in it for good fights. Some are in it for the feeling they get from curb-stomping the weak and taunting them until they snap. Some are in it just to watch the world burn. And some are in it for the ability to play a game of Risk with living pieces, much like the klin zha kinta (I offer a unit of spice wine if you can get that reference without resorting to Google).

      Sometimes, you've just got to recognize that the guy you're shooting at might not be playing quite the same game you are.

    4. Oh come on Jester, you can do better than an ad hominem attack. While I don't disagree that's he's... misguided, he does raise an *excellent* question - what is "winning" in EVE? It's not as clear cut as one would think. I'm sure you can write something pretty darn spiffy about that :)

  5. Only impressive thing about all those KM is:
    There is too much ISK to be made in 0.0 when fail pilots with fail fittings can afford to buy, fly and lose these crapfits. One should expect that pilots in 0.0 knew their way around, but no, they are just as dumb as Hisec carebear dwellers who ignore fitting and tankign strategies and wonder why they get ganked, complain and whine about ganking as such...
    Such failfit ganks should happen on a daily basis and I fear they do, only I prefer playing EVE instead of doing Killboard researches..


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