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Monday, October 21, 2013

Kill of the Week: Vignettes of dumb

There were so many good candidates for KOTW this week that I decided not to pick just one.  Instead, here's a little vignette of lots and lots of bad ship fitting and piloting decisions that happened this week...

I dearly hope that Tengu kills like this one are a harbinger of things to come when inty fast warps arrive in Rubicon.

The loot fairy really liked this guy.

If you throw enough PLEXes at a ship to run incursions, couldn't you throw enough PLEXes into the character bazaar to also buy a character worthy of flying the incursion ship?  More to the point, couldn't you take that ISK and use it to buy something more fun than this Vindicator?

Same question for this guy's mission Rattlesnake.  T1 Ogres?  Really?

"Don't run missions while your high-sec corp is war-decced" is one of those unwritten rules of EVE.  Maybe it should be written down where this Golem pilot can read it.

I try not to highlight the dumb things that new players do in this game.  It's just not cool: maybe the guy has no idea what he's doing.  Maybe he can't find a corp that he likes that will teach him this game.  And I don't want to highlight the frustration this game can cause early career players.  But every once in a while I have to make an exception... like this Raven Navy Issue.  Cripes.

Three courtesy of Spaceship Samurai alliance and featured on Kugutsumen.  Here's a Rattlesnake fit that shall never be a FOTW, even should this blog exist 20 years from now.  Here's his alt in a Domi Navy Issue.  And here's a Goon that is somewhat confused about the difference between the Scorpion and the Scorpion Navy Issue.

One more from Kugutsumen, the famed ratting Rook.

And finally, another apparent "farewell to EVE" loss to report this week, this Nightmare.  Wow.

Number of dead super-caps last week: 2

Only two supers dead this week, both of them Nyxes.  First up was this Nyx lost in Feyth to a Darkness of Despair super fleet.  Call this standard super loss type number four: baited with carrier, tackled, suddenly supers.  It only took one dictor and one hictor to keep him bubbled, greatly helped by the fact that he was DDed twice and his ridiculously poor tank intended to hot-drop and align out of harm's way (thus the Inertia Stabs and MWD).  Didn't work this time.

The second Nyx was lost in low-sec and was fit similarly, only this time for missions rather than surprise hot-dropping.  It served him about as well.  A single hictor was sufficient to hold him in place for Black Legion.  There are no neuts fit on the Nyx; the high slots are devoted to keeping his fighters repped up during missions.  As a result, when the Remote ECCM failed him on its first attempt, this Nyx again died to a flock of supers and its very poor tank.

Finally, call this one a super-size loss with an all-or-nothing loot fairy decision.  The decision?  You get nothing!  You lose!  Good day, sir!

Sometimes that's a sad part of the vignette...


  1. Well, for the last Freighter: It's in Plastic Wrap, so either everything drops, or nothing. 50:50 chance. Loot fairy says NO.

  2. Well, to be fair, heavy drones are a real headache to train into, given that optimizing your attributes for ships and weapons is guaranteed to cripple your drone training times, although if you're willing to invest in a Rattlesnake, it'd be stupid not to invest in a set of Fed Navy Ogres if you need them to backup the sentries...

    ...wait, no sentries? Twelve T1 Ogres? And nothing else in the drone bay?

    Forget fair. What's the point of having an MJD Rattlesnake, never mind an officer-fit one, if you're not going to pack any fbeeping sentries?

  3. "Don't run missions while your high-sec corp is war-decced"

    You have no idea how many times I have said this to the newer members (and some older ones) of my corporation with "Stop doing that and come fleet up with the rest of us" as additional advice. And you have no idea the number of times I have heard "I am gonna play EVE they way I want to and you shouldn't try to tell me otherwise." Then comes the inevitable bitching in Corp when they get podded. In my corp, the old hands generally go quiet close the chat window at that point. You can give people all the books you want, but some are just gonna chew on the covers.

  4. the "missioning" golem aparently killed a 1 billion isk tengu and a brutix before going down so there might be more to the story but i don't know...

    1. I'm giving the guy the benefit of the doubt here. If he undocked with the *intent* of PvPing in a missioning ship, then he's even dumber than I implied. I choose to believe he killed those ships while trying to get safe, attacking people trying to tackle him. ;-)

    2. Eh, if he decided to try this PVP thing in a ship he was comfortable with, in a fit he was comfortable with plus a point, and he was willing to put billions on the line, who am I to criticize? He went and put it on the line, which is worth something.

      I definitely would like to see more of a story from this. If he was just caught missioning, then meh. If he Leroyed that thing into lowsec looking for a fight, then I say good on him. EVE needs more people who just dive in and give no fucks about the outcome.

      If he enjoyed it, maybe his fits will start getting better. I know that it took me a good while to un-PVE my fits and really learn the ropes. I'm still learning.

    3. I was the Brutix pilot who fell to the golem. We had a guy decide to fly out to their mission hub and wait in system for the war to go active, and when it did he managed to pop a hurricane. The next thing we knew, he was saying that he had a golem pointed. The rest of our corp was a good 14-20 jumps away at this point, and the Tengu was not going to be able to break the golem's tank. He kept the golem busy while we all jumped toward the fight.

      I was the next person on grid and was instantly primary'd in my brutix. I went down and jumped over to Dodixie and got a new ship as quick as I could. I ended up landing back on grid with the rest of my corp just as the tengu went down, and we were able to finally kill the golem.

      As far as I could tell, he undocked that Golem to come and fight us and not to mission. Go ahead and call NiteNinja whatever names you want, but I think that it takes some balls to undock something fit like that and knowingly bring it into a fight.

  5. The poor noob in the navy ship... the sad thing is I can kinda understand what she was thinking.

  6. You stole Fizzy Lifting drinks!!!

  7. Love the comment on the last kill linked included here:

    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

    Providence wasn't with them.


  8. Putting a point on that pve ship does make a tiny bit of sense, i can remember a few times when doing so would have saved my ass when soloing some sites in the wh, where i had enough dps to break both / all 3 attackers, but because they would just warp off and back in, i couldnt get away. In hughsec however, its fairly rare that ganks happen like that. Most often people get popped by a handful of nados.


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