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Monday, October 7, 2013

Kill of the Week: Wait, RvB has what?

Kill of the week honors goes to this Thanatos kill, less because of the kill itself (although it's kind of entertaining) and more because of what killed it:

That appears to be an RvB super-carrier.  They grow up so fast, have you noticed?  What's next?  A Brave Newbies titan?  And the Nyx pilot even appears to have used a neutral alt for its cyno.  It's almost cute how competent that appears.  The Thanatos itself is also kind of entertaining.  The only thing it's missing are Sentry Drone Augmentors.  Has someone started building Capital size ones yet?

Speaking of unexpected attackers, this Proteus pilot probably didn't expect to be hunted down and killed by pubbie scrublord renter carebears.  That's the way it goes sometimes...

Gankers continue to kill unbuffered incursion ships.  Expensive kills this week included this Nightmare, this Nightmare, and this Vindicator.

"Kill" of the week runner up is also an incursion-related loss, this Bhaalgorn, sent in by an alert reader.  Story here is that the new pilot -- he's only been playing a couple of months -- had joined an incursion fleet with his brand new shiny toy.  The fleet was holding on a gate waiting for the next site to happen (as sometimes occurs when you're waiting for replacement pilots).  Members of the fleet who were also corp-mates were bumping each other, using drone reps, et cetera.  The Bhaalgorn pilot presumably misinterpreted what he was seeing as meaning he could playfully attack fleet-mates.  This didn't end well...

Finally, Ali Aras racked up a CSM8 member kill on Mangala Solaris over the weekend, part of an event run by Xander Phoena -- yep, that Xander Phoena -- that took place in Asakai on Sunday.  I wasn't able to make it myself, sadly enough.  No doubt had I shown up, Xander would have made it his mission in life to end my ship.  ;-)  Congrats, Ali!

Number of dead super-caps last week: 3

First to die was this untanked Wyvern, killed in Feyth by Darkness of Despair.  Not a lot of details around this one, except that it was apparently a brand new super owner still learning what you can and can't do with a super.  First tip: you can't engage anything that moves.  Second tip: have more backup than two battleships and a BC.  Whoops.  Unfortunately though, I don't know enough about Feythabolis politics to say what happened here.  If you do, please give the story in comments!

Next up was the most entertaining super loss of the week for me, this Erebus crushed by a mixed group with DPS provided by Fool Mental Jacket corp.  This was a brand new titan intended for Tempest Legion corp, and was moving into its low-sec operational area.  The pilot gets sort of a grand victory prize for being dumb: he moved a noob ship with a pilot name of IFlyCapitals2 into Archee.  He then moved the noob ship to a safe spot and left it there decloaked for about a half-hour.  And then he lit the cyno there.  Needless to say, the cyno ship had been long since scanned down by that time and the moment the cyno was lit, heavy interdictors were jumping into system and were in warp.  Titan down, but a Nyx that jumped in with the Erebus got away.

Finally, this RAZOR Alliance Ragnarok was killed in Catch, also primarily by Darkness of Despair with assistance from a resurgent Against ALL Authorities.  TMC has the story on this one but don't bother.  It's rather dull and common: the pilot involved intended to bridge and jumped instead.  You'd think someone smart enough to own a 100 billion ISK ship would be smart enough to tell the difference between a couple of menu options...

Pretty quiet week, all in all.


  1. >What's next? A Brave Newbies titan?
    We have one.

    1. Shhhh....
      We don't talk about the giant atron

    2. Don't you mean the giant rifted?

  2. Whoever said RvB was full of noobs?

  3. Mangla also got on an Ali Aras kill so it's honors even


  4. Studying that Proteus kill, that scrubbie corp, Aurora Armaments, has 58 out of the 74 goon rental alliance kills for the month. Either their space is to be avoided, or they have a roving license to kill intruders. Their KB isn't great, but all their pilots on the kill are better, and getting better.

  5. Um, on bothering to look - mostly in the one system, so that's the GGPS system to avoid if you want to sneak in and make isk. Playing well above the bar,

  6. Source on Tempest Legion claim?

  7. Brave Newbies have a titan?
    Brave Newbies have a titan!

    To the RvB Ganked-mobile!

  8. No big deal, but that first NM isn't an Incursion ship gank...not with SB and SBA. Looks like a L4 mission ship. Same comments apply tho.

  9. Those "pubbie scrublord renter carebears" have impressed me several times. That particular corp is a large and feisty bunch.


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