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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Picture of the week: I'd buy that for $5

For about 20 minutes today, from 2115 to 2135 EVE time, if you were in the U.S., you could use this link to do this:

Just in case you hear about it...


  1. Bought 15 with a US address hah, cool beans.

  2. This is what should cause player outrage. The ability to cash in. Not the ability to cash out. Players only talk about cashing out. But when given the opportunity they instantly cash in.

    Tinfoil mode: CCP is 'forcing' me to get a credit card just so I too can abuse these offers when they appear. Just wish I could keep a straight face and say this is part of a conspiracy to reduce plex prices.

  3. Can someone explain me the background, why they sold it for that price?

  4. Damn, had I known. It certainly would have changed the future contest prizes on the podcast. ;)

  5. I alt tabbed away from the page to kill a Tengu. When I came back they had withdrawn it from sale. Damn Tengu kill cost me 3 plex


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