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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

QOTW: Structure grinding in Syndicate

Rote Kapelle is currently on a road-trip to faction warfare low-sec in the Rakapas system.  Meanwhile, back in our home region of Syndicate, Clockwork Pineapple (ticker: GROON) managed to lose a goodly fraction of their small super-carrier fleet.  As usual, I'll be covering the losses in more detail in my KOTW post on Monday.  Still, the losses are creating a fun amount of trolling and counter-trolling on the Syndicate thread on Failheap Challenge.

The fight itself took place over a POCO, which caused Clockwork Pineapple member Aloe Cloveris to remark...
...our strategic masterminds totally finished off that 90m isk POCO. The income from which will handily pay for replacement supers in no less than 20-30 years of daily use. You see, we're thinking long game. We operate on a whole nother level.

Best part is our most vocal proponents of pointless structure grinding in Syndicate got shut right the fuck down last night.
I wonder how that happened, hee!  But that's the quote of the week.

Rote has been wanting to kill those super-carriers for a while, so I couldn't resist getting in on the trolling a little myself (click to embiggen, and you might have to right-click-view to get the full experience)...


  1. Clicking seems to emsmallen when I do it.

    1. I had that problem as well, but opening it in a new tab allows for full embiggenation.

    2. ...said the actress to the bishop

  2. "The income from which will handily pay for replacement supers in no less than 20-30 years of daily use. You see, we're thinking long game. We operate on a whole nother level."

    And that's why I play EVE...

  3. And how long will it take Pineapple to rebuild that fleet, given their income streams, or lack thereof? Weeks, months, longer?

    Now that CCP is wrecking Incursions (Marauders are now useless in them), and thanks to you, all BS based PvE is nerfed hugely due to warp times, their work to replace them just got a lot longer, a lot longer.

    Either you are a dolt, or are working for the cartels.

    1. I think it's too soon to say if Marauders are useless in Incursions, and while I do agree with you that BS warp speed is a bit of a nerf, I'm not sure it's a *huge* nerf for PvE.

      BTW Dinsdale, I have a thought for you - renting empires for cash. Why go through the trouble of selling isk for money (and risk being detected and banned by CCP) when you can rent SPACE for money? Far easier to avoid detection. Have fun! >:D

      L R

    2. While I have no love for the Lords of Null, you sir should get a life.

      What is it you actually want CCP to do? As far as I can see you define your existence by being entirely negative.

      You offer no solutions, fixes or improvements only sour, bitter comments that drive more away from your point of view than you attract to it.

      I have come to the point of believing you are in fact an agent of those you claim to be so against your mission to help undermine and marginalise the part of the playerbase that truly holds the beliefs that you pretend to.

    3. Right, because we saw so many marauders running incursions.

    4. Because Marauders were used all the time over pirate BS in incursions before...

    5. @ Anonymous: Warp times just went up over 45% for T1 BS's. Not a big deal if only 5 or 10% of your PvE time is spent warping site to site. But how about when that is 20% or your PvE time, or more, right now? Suddenly that 20% of your PvE time becomes almost 30%.

      And as for the cartels renting systems for actual cash, yeah, someone else pointed that out, in fact, I think someone pointed that out in this blog. I have no doubt the goon cartel and the others do it now, and have for some time.

      I am also fairly certain that at least one person would have spilled the beans about it to CCP, who then look the other way. Because now that CCP has openly displayed favouritism with the Somer mess, what makes anyone believe they are not doing it with other groups, like goons?

  4. Dinsdale that tinfoil hat looks absolutely awesome on you - it really sets off your eyes!!

    Why not wait until Rubicon is actually in play before going all doom and gloom, or is that your default mode?



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