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Monday, October 7, 2013

View across the river

Just a quickie.

Hopefully, many of you are taking the opportunity today to play with Rubicon on Singularity, EVE's test server.  The instructions for how to get on Singularity are available on the EVElopedia.

For those of you who haven't or have no interest in doing so for whatever reason, here's a few of my favorite things to come out of Singularity today...

Sisters of EVE Astero frigate

Sisters of EVE Stratios cruiser

New Nighthawk command ship model

New interdictor bubble effect

New interceptor warp speed (after a couple of rigs)

Anyone else having a hard time waiting for mid-November?  If you have comments or suggestions on Rubicon visuals, please take them to this thread.


  1. How is the "leave my Sleipnir alone" crowd faring inside the CSM?

    I posted a suggestion in the command ship models thread suggesting that there have previously been swapped roles between T1 and T2 versions of a ship. One example that comes to mind is the Incursus/Ishkur, and early on in EVE history the Helios was based on the Maulus hull. So perhaps switch the Claymore to a missile-spewing star destroyer?

    I don't like the new symmetrical Golem. Boo! Hiss!

    1. CSM is rather split on the Sleipnir. I don't mind the new Hurricane model, though it looks pretty much like any other Cane to me.

  2. that interceptor video is awesome. i mean that is probably the best feature in this patch

  3. Oh.

    All my alts are training interceptors to get around hi-sec now. Shuttles be damned.

  4. Show us bastion mode.

    And the NightDrake is an insult to my eyes. :(

  5. I really don't understand people like you. I hate to break it to you, but this economy of this game runs on PvE. No one can afford the nice PvP toys unless someone is grinding ISK.

    And guess what, Rubicon looks to be a huge huge nerf to many forms of PvE. I am trying to get a group together to test Marauders on Sisi, but from what I am seeing, the ISK / hour of anyone using a BS is getting hammered.

    It sure sounds like no one will be safe ratting anywhere, given the virtual instawarp speeds of interceptors.

    I realize that this warp speed change is your pride and joy, but contrary to what you might believe, a lot of people have to grind their ISK to do anything in this game. The rich people with massive passive income flows are unaffected. Those that have to rat to pay the bills, and have to travel to get to those ratting locations, look to be screwed.

    1. For your tear-consuming pleasure, we have been provided an expanded menu:

      -- "Huge nerf to PvE" tears
      -- "No one will be safe ratting" tears
      -- "Poor unwashed masses have to grind ISK, but the 'evil rich people' don't" tears.

      Variety is the spice, as they say...

    2. Interceptor immunity to bubbles is as much a boon to PvE-ers trying to get around in null (and, say, moving blueprints around) as it is to people trying to chase and kill things. And the warp speed changes are also a massive buff to covops frigates doing exploration PvE. Plus the SoE ships look to be some of the best exploration ships going. Rubicon represents a huge net buff to PvE.

  6. It would be better if those SoE ships were actually available on Sisi. O_o

  7. In the meantime, I am champing at the bit to get my hands on those SOE ships.

    The new warp speed changes are *amazing*. I loved the Star Wars warp style where you are dumped into real space very quickly, and now flying around with an interceptor or covert ops feels very much like that situation: you really do just POP into space.

    Loving it so much I might just go back into Singularity to fly various sized ships around. Even though it is half past midnight and I have "important" meetings first thing in the morning …

  8. Is that the sound of the bubble that you hear, or something else? It's a deathly creepy sound and I like it.

  9. Those SOE ships are not available on test server yet :(

  10. I want to know more about those buildings that will keep me from getting hot dropped. Or the buildings that will finally let me raid a moon operation like a true pirate should.


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