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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What about the OTHER EP job?

So, CCP announced the hiring of an Executive Producer today... for DUST 514.  It will be Jean-Charles Gaudechon, aka CCP Rouge.

Those of you who bemoan the continued awoxing of CCP by Electronic Arts have been given another piece of ammo: Rouge is an 11-year EA veteran.  His credits include several of the annual sports games that EA is known for.  Rouge specialized in the soccer- and basketball-related ones.  He was then lead designer for Boogie, a Wii party game (something I'm sure he'd rather forget) before being promoted to Executive Producer at EA and placed in charge of Need for Speed World.  Since then, CCP reports that he's worked on a couple of F2P Battlefield-related titles, Battlefield: Play4free and Battlefield Heroes.

About NFSW, Rouge said this:
As an example, one of our users created an awesome post where he compiled all the feedback from the community so far. It's 125 lines of consolidated suggestions and he's linking each question to the user who posted the idea. I can tell you that it's in our creative director and designers' hands every day. I call that cloud designing.
and this:
I find it really funny that to have fun in a game you have to lock yourself in your parent's basement and grind, grind grind, you know? Of course, we want these players too – they're awesome – but these guys will probably not be interested in the Boost economy, they'll just play the game hardcore.
I'd say he's got an interesting future ahead of him here.  ;-)

Given that Rouge is the DUST EP rather than the EVE EP, it seems unlikely I'll have more to say about this hire, but I'll keep an eye out just the same.  I do feel sad that an opportunity has been missed.  Had he chosen "Rogue" as his CCP name, we could all make jokes about mutants whose power is to steal the powers of other mutants...  Ah well.

Good luck in your new position, Rouge!


  1. So his CCP name is, CCP red makeup?

  2. dust is most likely going to die soon, so ex-ea execs will be out of a job anyway. FIRE THEM ALL!

  3. Rouge is name of bat girl in Sonic series :

    I am sure he is fan of sonic games, maybe yes.

  4. Given his very French name, I'm going to say he was actually going for "CCP Red". For once, it's not someone misspelling "Rogue" or talking about makeup!

  5. I have played (and enjoyed) a fair amount of NFSW, but the prime activities for that team appear to be cash shop management. What new cars should we add, what cars should be discount or take out of circulation, and what card packs (lock boxes) should we sell?

    Actual problems with the game... like the outrageously obvious hacking going on in public races... that hasn't changed much at all over time. Whenever I go back and peek in on the game, it is the same set of hacks and exploits being used.

    So color me enthusiastic that he isn't coming to the EVE side of the house, but I am not sure that his arrival bodes well for the DUST side. I could be wrong, he could have been totally constrained by EA in his job, but he doesn't have a track record with MMOs that recommends him so far to my eye.

  6. Until the last line I was ready with an acidic comment on spelling...

  7. Interesting. I quite like NFSW, I really should play it more often. Though I never really got into the whole doing races with other players thing. I spent most of my time running from cops. And the MT store in it is really well done IMO. I can't wait to see what Rouge brings to the table for Dust.

  8. DUST is dead. Anything to do with that seven lettered name is a total waste of time and effort.

    CCP keeps touting how they are willing to play the long game, but fails to realize the conditions are quite different between their products. Eve had no serious competition for this past decade, so they could just bid their time. On the other hand, with DUST CCP is stepping into a market full of established, fierce and professional competition, supported by a lot of money and resources. If at any moment DUST ever so slightly poses any threat to them, CCP won't be able even to blink before being stomped hard in the face.

    I wonder why you didn't include "CCP wastes resources in something that will never provide results" in your bingo post.

  9. "Had he chosen "Rogue" as his CCP name, we could all make jokes about mutants whose power is to steal the powers of other mutants... Ah well."

    You know... since he chose rouge (as in like the makeup) you could make a play on words with "ruse" but it might be a stretch....

  10. Perfect choice of name.
    There is a saying with wow players.

    Rogue are overpowdered. ;-)


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