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Saturday, October 19, 2013

What happens in Vegas

As I've mentioned in a couple of CSM updates, I am attending EVE Vegas this weekend, along with CSM8 members Mangala Solaris and Kesper North (who neglected to mention to the rest of the CSM that he was going, heh...).

First entertaining pic of the weekend is this one tweeted by CCP Guard, who has a unique way of guarding all of the EVE battleship models that will be given to the attendees...

More over the next couple of days!


  1. So I imagine we will be hearing soon, just like last year, of dev's getting very drunk with goons et al, again, but we are to believe that these very drunk devs, every one of them, never ever gives up inside information, nor is EVER influenced by the people getting them drunk.

    Yeah right. That is how the real world works. Drunk people never tell secrets.

  2. I don't care about that....would someone somewhere fix the order of my chat tabs so that when I enter the game they sorted in the same manner as when I left the game and not in some random Vegas dice throw??????

  3. oh guard, how I love your humor...

  4. 1x Exotic Dancers, Male?

  5. I may be Icelandic, but Im French in Vegas.

  6. Is that his Duke of Cambridge pose?

  7. Flaunt it if you're CCP Guard....or....Work it CCP Guard, Work it! WooHoo!

  8. You do not at all look like what I imagined. ;-) I actually mistook one of your buddies for you outside the Voodoo Lounge. >:-D


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