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Friday, November 15, 2013


Seen on EVE's in-game news feed this morning...
CSM8 Town Hall on November 16 at 1900 EVE time
reported by: CCP Dolan | 2013.11.15 16:47:41

The 8th Council of Stellar Management (CSM8) will be holding its third Town Hall on November 16 at 1900 EVE time. This is an excellent opportunity to speak with your elected representatives to CCP on matters that you feel are important in New Eden, particularly as we approach the Rubicon expansion release three days later.

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EVE Online: Rubicon Raptr Stream & QA- November 16th, 19:00 UTC
reported by: CCP Falcon | 2013.11.15 15:08:21

Tomorrow evening at 19:00 UTC, CCP will be hosting a 30 minute EVE Online: Rubicon live stream on Raptr, followed at 19:30 UTC by a 2 hour questions and answers session with a group of our developers.

Guests will include CCP Fozzie, CCP Xhagen, CCP Karkur, CCP Affinity, CCP Paradox and CCP Eterne who will be on hand to talk about EVE Online: Rubicon.

For more information, and to take part in the questions and answers session,  please see the announcement at Raptr.com!

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Yeah, don't bother checking your watch.  They're at the same time.  If you wanted to go to CCP Falcon's thing instead of ours, even I wouldn't blame you.  ;-)  This is just the sort of thing that -- had it happened to CSM7 -- I would have trolled them mercilessly about it.  But since it's happening to CSM8, I'll probably bring a lot of Guinness to our TH tomorrow... and it's at 11am my time.  As the goddess Ivanova famously stated, "I can only conclude that I am paying off karma at a vastly accelerated rate."

Anyway, CSM Town Hall info is at this thread.  CCP Raptr stream info is at this thread.


  1. The CCP new player fleet will still be running at the same time as well.

  2. CCP gives the CSM - and the players by extension - the big fat middle finger. Again. :stakeholder:

  3. So when can we expect the minutes? ಠ_ಠ

  4. Now that's being polite... The :CCP: way!

  5. Still don't know if I'll skip the Raptr broadcast, though., as an Eve Radio premium subscriber, I have up to 4 weeks to listen to the replay of the Town Hall, assuming they don't turn it into a downloadable podcast.

  6. town hall got CCPd

    *ahem* I'd like to know if the author of this blog believes exclusively high sec carebear players exist in enough of a percentage (assuming they are the lurkers who neither have csm representation, forum presence nor care about either)


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