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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Everything you do is art

The next thing I love about Rubicon?  The art.  Whether you're a fan of the individual features they go with or not, the art team has done some amazing work for this expansion.

EVE is, as always, a beautiful game.  But this time the art team has really outdone themselves.


  1. Well hot damn. Someone mentioned the Golem gets to become a Gundam, and he was right. Looks like it turns into that old school Heavyarms Gundam, which had more weapons than any Gundam really needs.

    I think I found my new favourite ship, i'll need to purchase more so instead of station spinning, I just undock from stations and go into permanent bastion mode for hours on end :D

  2. I have followed your eve blog for quite a lot of years. I've always enjoyed the insight into the game and I really appreciated the fact that you would take an unpopular position at times but would explain why. You've always worked with comments well.

    I think the CSM has been very bad for your eve writing. Since that time, you have occasionally put forth critical reviews, but overall the posts are starting to read like dev posts. It's difficult to walk the line between player and developer I'm quite sure. These days though, you have a lot of posts that read like advertising, and that worrisome.

    1. Hee, ummm... does that include posts like Backfire on Friday where I rip into CCP's guts for 3000 words?

  3. Pretty sure he's just confusing actual enthusiam for the game as developer... lets just go with the nice word of allegiance. (The alternate was about riding developer's Iterons)

    After all, it's hard to see where the line between liking new or on-going parts of the game ends and where being a CCP fanboy begins when the standard for EVE is bittervet with a side of salt.

  4. Do I have to get a certain ending to get those colored bubbles? I kid kid.....


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