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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kill of the Week: iScorps!

I can't decide, but it's definitely one of these two...

Marlona Sky gets bonus points for pimping his out.  EntroX gets points for creativity.  These two fits were courtesy of a little event run primarily on Failheap Challenge, but also announced on the EVE Online forums.  The gist of the event, run by the former T'Amber, was that players could nominate other players that "contribute to EVE by creating content and enriching our experience."  The "winners" would be "given" an Ishukone Watch Scorpion to fit out.  At that point, they were required to undock in the ship and then suspect flag with it.  At that point, everyone in Jita who cared to was free to shoot at the iScorp.  In order to dock, the "winners" had to answer "a series of eve questions which will need to be correctly answered before an attempt to redock their ship is made."  Only if the questions were answered correctly and the ship safely docked would they be allowed to keep the ship.  Looks like they didn't, and they weren't.  ;-)

I gotta say... that's incredibly clever.  Congrats to the "winners", and congrats to "21 Day Trial" for a really creative EVE player event!

Honorable mentions start with this, quite possibly one of the worst Vindicator fits I've ever seen.  I'm just going to sit here and hope that he undocked in a hurry after a rushed refit.  Because otherwise the only thing that I can think of is utter incompetence.  That this was done to a Vindi is a crime.

I do love a theme roam, so I really like this Drake kill.  Other than the missing rig, I've definitely seen worse Drake fits.  And you have to appreciate the fact that he put up a fight.  But what can you do when you get swarmed by combat Ventures?

This Abaddon ganked in Uedama is just fun.  Given the epic troll nature of the fit and one amusing item in the cargo bay, there's every reason to think it was on purpose.  Still, the variety and nature of the various things on this fit make it fun to look at.  I'm going to hope this person isn't quitting EVE because EVE needs more players with this sense of humor.

A Mega attacks a Raven, he expects a good fight.  Maybe the Raven will kite off... how do you tackle him?  How do you ensure the ability to apply damage?  You imagine how the fight will play out in your head, make your plans, engage... and then this particular fit happens.  The guy that did it presumably can't claim ignorance, being a long-time EVE player...

The loot fairy was in a good mood this week!  Here's a couple of examples, this Ibis and this Ansharr.  The latter is a particularly dumb loss.

Finally, it's tempting to link some kills from the live event but I think I'll resist.  The event did have one redeeming feature going for it, though.  Xenuria got podded.  ;-)

Number of dead super-caps last week: 2

Two supers to talk about this week, and unusually both of them are Wyverns!  The first Wyvern was killed down in Catch by a Black Legion gang of Maelstroms, which will do the job as long as you have about 70 of them supported by about 15 Scimitars and a dozen Huginns.  Go take a look at the fleet list... it's sort of an impressive array of brown... with a few Heretics and a half dozen Lachs thrown in for flavor.  ;-)  The joke is that BL has gone from killing supers with other supers, to killing them with dreads, to killing them with carriers, to killing them with battleships...

The second Wyvern killed was this one, with Snuff Box supplying the bulk of the DPS in Black Rise.  The big story on this one is that Snuff Box apparently offered a 20 billion ISK ransom to let the Wyvern go.  The pilot involved paid two billion, then apparently said "done", was caught out not paying the full agreed-upon ransom, sent some more ISK, but it still wasn't enough... and so the hammer came down.  I presume Snuff Box kept the money in addition to the kill.  The details are in the killboard comments of this one.

Now of course the fight of the week was in KW-I6T, with a titan tackled as well as multiple super-carriers and titans on field.  But thanks to the little node crash that happened during the fight, no supers died there, unfortunately.  There's some pretty amazing screen-shots from the fight, though...


  1. Headline: More Ishukone Scorpion drama, 25 homeless killed during festival activities.

  2. I see the "long-term player must know what he's doing" meme far too often. I've been playing for just over 2 years, and I've flown with people who've played far longer, and yet there are still gaps (with some chasms) in my knowledge (and theirs, for that matter). Age of the toon has little to do with knowledge possessed by the player.

    The iScorp thing was hilarious :)

  3. I am so stealing that second picture. Do you have a source for it? I like to attribute the source to pictures I use.

    If only I had gotten into the KW-I6T fight earlier. It was a perfect opportunity for taking screen shots. The system was lagged to hell and modules were not responding, but chat and camera controls were working just fine. I was just stuck on grid at the gate, not at the fight itself.

    1. I'll see if I can dig up the source. It definitely came from one of the Skype convos that I'm always involved in.

    2. Source of the second screen shot:

    3. Per CCP Fozzie: "lolkipp is Elektrea in game btw, if you're quoting sources. I'm not sure if he's the original source of the image but he was the first to post it both on reddit and on kugu iirc"

  4. "Honorable mentions start with this, quite possibly one of the worst Vindicator fits I've ever seen. I'm just going to sit here and hope that he undocked in a hurry after a rushed refit. Because otherwise the only thing that I can think of is utter incompetence. That this was done to a Vindi is a crime."

    that looks like a incursion fit that was REALY fast refit into a blap vindi that need'd to be armor tanked... but that would be my guess

    1. on second thoughts about the vindi... i really don't know what the pilot was thinking

    2. I'll try and get one of my alliance mates that was in on that kill (damn RL, why you not like me!) to provide a little background.

    3. The vindicator was not rushed to refit he was docked for about 5 minutes after i entered system, he wouldnt leave the undock until i discovered a pos which was undefended I trolled him into flying to the pos thinking he was smart he dropped garde's thinking they would track well but it gets better he unlocked the enyo at that point i was about 45km off burnt in got scram we dropped him pretty quick as he died an archon and domi landed we started killing drones, but then one of the machs burnt out of the pos which was sb fit so we had to get out not without getting our vindi loot ;)

      TL:DR head to EIMJ- the pos is undefended ;)
      Also buy a english course


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