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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kill of the Week: Standing guard

Picking a KOTW this week was hard. For the most part, New Eden was pretty quiet, waiting for Rubicon to drop. So instead of something super serious, I think I'll go with something that made me smile:

This Brutix Navy Issue killmail was sent to me by an alert reader involved in the kill. It was standing guard over a Skiff (which got away). That of course makes me wonder: is it a requirement in wormholes to guard a 150 million ISK Skiff with a billion ISK Navy Brutix? Or do you just get additional style points for doing so. Fun kill, Adhocracy! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

On to the honorable mentions. How Rooks and Kings plays this game is not how I want to play this game. Still, I kind of admire this well-laid trap they inflicted on Nulli Secunda. They wiped out a good size bombing wing... with battleships. That struck me as funny because it's almost always the other way around.

If a single plate is good and dual plates is better, surely five plates is best of all!

Why do people continue to insist on putting tens of billions of ISK into Providences, Charons, and Anshars? I don't understand. Is it lack of understanding of risk? An accepted cost of doing business? Or do enough freighters loaded like this get through that the expensive ganks I see are just blips?

On the other hand, I do also appreciate it when jump freighters are caught with not very much in cargo but die anyway... to a small pack of assault frigates. Excellent kill, Choke Point!

Finally, this is technically this week and not last week, but this Talos kill made me laugh. And the Talos didn't die alone. Rote Kapelle use to roll "LOLneiroses". I'm glad to see there are still a few of them out there.

Number of dead super-caps last week: 2

This section's pretty easy: two supers dead this week. The first was this EUTZ Avatar baited out and killed by Veni Vidi Vici Reloaded. This is one of those titans that everyone in Syndicate knew about and that everyone wanted dead. Various alliances had tried baiting him out because it was known throughout the region that he had a fondness for drive-by doomsdays. Sure enough, that's how this went down: a trap was set near a group of dreads working on a structure and the Avatar pilot couldn't resist. It's a shame that it was Splinter07, the CEO of Veni Vidi Vici Reloaded that was the DD victim and didn't get on the kill-mail. Still, nice job! If you care, there's a bit more detail at both EN24 and TMC.

The second super killed was this Northern Associates Nyx, caught and killed by DARKNESS. Word has it that he came into the system intending to do a site escalation and it was his bad luck that the escalation was in one of DARKNESS's home systems. The Inertia Stabilizers are part of a badly failed attempt to realign after landing at his escalation point.

It was a busy week for supers on Serenity, though! One of the alliances there lost four titans. The fight appears to have been every bit as one-sided as a typical super gank is on Tranquility...

C'mon, TQ players! Let's not let the Chinese have all the fun!


  1. "Or do enough freighters loaded like this get through that the expensive ganks I see are just blips?"

    also jf are very hard to kill if the pilot is active and prepared.

  2. You missed this one...

  3. Hey Ripard, this may not be the best place to ask you this question but I'll do it here anyway - since you are a player rep. I've been trying to rent an office in Heydieles for about a month. Every morning after down time I click "Rent Office" and I get an alert that says no space available. It would be great if CCP could add a feature that would allow the NPC who owns the station to add corporations requesting office space to a wait list. Perhaps the NPC who owns the station could charge some ISK to the corp for this service - perhaps 2mil. When space becomes available then the NPC would send a notification to the next corp up and give them 24hours to decide. This sure would be a nice feature and it could serve as an ISK sink for CCP - not much of one but one nevertheless. At present time the only option I have is to try to rent the office every day. If you think this is a good idea please add it to your "little things" list. You're doing a great job. Thanks.

    1. there is already a mechanik to make sure that you will get your office if you realy want it.

      i dont know any details how it excatly works, but if all offices are rented, the price rises until poor people move to another station. you just have to wait until no one else is able to pay office rent. i think that goes up to hundreds of million isk per month or even up to a billion isk. only a few can pay so much.

  4. My corp lives in a WH, and we do not usually provide high cover for our mining ops. Why? Cause if we have one BC, raiders bring four, if we have four BCs, raiders bring eight... And every ship we have providing cover is one less ship hoovering up asteroid ISK. If we spread our mining ships out in the belt, odds are most of us will get away, back to the POS, reship and return to fight hopefully on better terms.

  5. The only real safety in high sec is safety in numbers, and there's plenty of that. The gankers can't catch everyone, certainly not in the crowded Jita-Amarr pipe.

    A fair number of high sec people I know basically treat ganks as lightning strikes. Sure, there are some precautions you can take, and those are often taken, but sometimes lightning strikes anyway. It's just part of the cost of doing business.

  6. Heh that kotw reminds me of one of my favourite hero tackles i had:

    But wait theres even more to the story. This was the same wormhole i ransomed a miner (same corp) not 2h earlier... some people... :D

  7. Regarding Serenity... http://killboard.nl/en/?a=home&y=2013&w=46

  8. Bahaha I was in that five plate fight. Thats the fight from razors perspective.


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