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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kill of the Week: Vigilant

I really don't like highlighting brand new EVE players as the Kill of the Week.  But every once in a while, someone sends me something that makes me want to say "No.  Just.  No."  This qualifies:

Big old monster kudos to Nogusha for nailing down this piece of work!  He informs me that the ship was also carrying Federation Navy Hobgoblins that he also had to destroy before going to work on the hull itself.  Given that this guy only had 20 days of skill points under his belt when this went down, it doesn't surprise me to learn that this was easier than it should have been, given the Vigilant's absolutely fearsome reputation.  Overall, this is a lovely example of doing it right on Nogusha's part.  I'm not sure I would have solo engaged a Vigi, rats or no rats, but he used the rat damage to good advantage, took out the part of the Vigi's DPS that directly threatened him, maintained transversal... and got himself a kill for the ages.  Nice job, Nogusha!  And thanks for sending me this one.

Honorable mentions start with a Megathron kill that's nearly as impressive as that Vigilant kill.  Really shows off what smart use of a Sentinel is capable of!  They're gonna be even more fun starting with Rubicon.  It also shows off that one heavy neut can be a lifesaver.  Had this Mega had one, he might have been able to neut that Sentinel off long enough to MJD away.  That said, there's very few reasons to carry Void ammo in a battleship hull.  Firing at Vagabonds and Sentinels isn't one.

Thrashers aren't the ideal gank ship any more, but hey, they'll do in a pinch.  They certainly did for this overly-expensive Machariel.

Here's another mission ship getting ganked, this one in Lanngisi, which is a 0.5 system that houses a Sisters of EVE agent.  The entire Ani constellation in Metropolis has been a pretty popular stop for suicide gankers since the SoE ships were announced.  Even a Rote Kapelle gank gang went out there and got a few missioner kills.

Here's the Nightmare in New Eden kill that was the center of the Halloween event in Tama.  Looks like Tyen wanted to get the prize for most kills with smartbombs.  ;-)  Other than that, a little thin but not the worst-tanked Nightmare I've ever seen.  I myself am about half-way down the list of pilots on the KM.  Again, this was a really fun event!  I enjoyed myself thoroughly.  And the guy what podded me sent me a nice apology note.  ;-)

Four minutes into November, this happened.  Read down into the KB comments on this one for some entertaining hopes and wishes.

And finally, look for the Impairor involved in this freighter gank and you might see something pretty interesting.

Number of dead super-caps last week: 3

All Nyxes this week!  First up this week is this Black Legion Nyx in Atron, killed by (you guessed it) Pandemic Legion.  Word has it this guy just warped to a station undock and asked to be killed.  The fit certainly supports this theory, and he seems to have jettisoned his fitting and everything else the super was carrying before he was killed.  According to the KB comments, the pilot had personal reasons for wanting to let this one go, so I'll leave it at that.

This DARKNESSdot ratting Nyx died in Feythabolis to The Kadeshi.  The entertaining bit of this fit?  Four, count 'em, four Drone Damage Amplifier IIs that weren't doing a single damned thing.  They don't amplify fighter or fighter-bomber damage and that's all super-carriers can use.  So there's absolutely zero point to fitting a DDA on one.  The rest of the fit suggests that this might be a really old ratting super?  Who knows?  I'm glad it's dead.

Last, this Legion of xXDEATHXx Nyx, caught and killed in Cache by Black Legion.  Apparently, this Nyx was shooting POS mods when he got tackled and "bl", apparently lacking dreads, decided to hot drop with carriers.  You might think 50 carriers do a lot of DPS and you'd be wrong.  A well put together battleship fleet can outfight a carrier fleet.  But of course the carrier fleet has a certain style, particularly if all four types of carriers are represented.  ;-)

And that's it.  The only other vaguely expensive things to die this past week were freighters and jump freighters.  There should have been some titan kills to talk about for next week, but that's a story for another time...


  1. the freighter gank? why the hell would you wrap mickey mouse 300mil of trit? more likely if they scanned it and saw just how useless it was - chances are goons would not have bothered. and amen to the tugboat:

    2 x meta webbers
    cap reg

    queue mc hammer.

  2. Lore-wise, don't the ordinary people in the empires view capsuleers as essentially monsters with no regard for human life?

    Reading the comments on that shuttle kill makes me think maybe they've got a point. And that maybe the new demigods of New Eden are half-past due for a Götterdämmerung of their (well, our) very own...

  3. That freighter gank... Why is the damage taken so low?

  4. I have always wondered if there is a huge demand for ISK from new players, ones whose real life pocketbooks far exceed their knowledge of the game. I have also wondered how much of the of the selling of plex into the game, or the buying of ISK from other RMT sites, is driven by this kind of person.

    Clearly, the pilot of that Vigilant loss is one of them.

  5. The missioning Rattlesnake was piloted by none other than Scott Webb. I saw him spouting off to members of a gank squad that had just failed to kill him in Apanake about a week ago. The guys that finally nailed him must've been stoked, as not only did the loot fairy smile upon them but Scott was sporting a 7+ billion isk bounty when I saw him in Apanake.

  6. How does that freighter have so little damage on its killmail?

  7. Is that the real Darius?

  8. With equal numbers, there is not a battleship fleet in Eve that will kill a 50 man slowcat carrier fleet. You don't have the alpha to kill a single carrier before it catches reps from the rest of the fleet, and meanwhile they are popping you with 500+ guarde IIs.

    They also may have dropped carriers because it was out of Dread jump range. Which is substantialy less. Titan bridge range is even shorter.


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