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Saturday, November 2, 2013

October junk drawer

Welcome to the junk drawer, part of a series of monthly posts in which I dump all the stuff that I couldn't develop into full blog posts this past month.  Lots of little ones this month, one paragraph per subject.


I've complimented CCP Fozzie several times on this blog for his ability to communicate.  He's got a light touch which is just the right approach for certain devblogs and for defusing situations.  But sometimes he can't resist using this tool for evil, such as when he simultaneously placates and trolls Goonswarm's Mister Vee... in the very same tweet.  Read the top tweet to get the whole effect, then read the rest of the convo.  I think it kinda backired this time.  ;-)  The mention of drone ships is a reference to the new Sisters of EVE cruiser which some Goons were mentioning as a possible cloaky sentry assist doctrine ship.

I defy any EVE player to look at BGoat's DUST Charts without becoming insanely jealous.  It's an absolutely virtuoso website detailing DUST district ownership, clones, corporations, alliances, and reinforcement timers.  Could you imagine such a thing for EVE sovereignty, POSes, and POCOs?  It would completely revolutionize the game.  And it already exists for DUST.  Go have a look.

A couple of contests I want to point to:
  • If you're a follower of the more in-game role-playing EVE blogs, you already know about this one, the Pod and Planet Fiction Contest.  The deadline is November 10 and one of the four judges is CSM8 member Mike Azariah.  108 PLEXes and one Scorpion were thrown in as prizes.  No prize for guessing who provided 92% of them.  Good luck to all the entrants!
  • And if you're still in the Halloween mood and if you sliced up an EVE-themed jack o'lantern the other night, Anabaric over at Battleclinic is having a contest for the best one.  Send him a picture of your entry.  If I were judging, I'd give the top prize to Harkconnan (so far).  He came up with one that's both a great EVE image and a great Halloween image (it's part of the Blood Raiders logo).  But I also really liked Khorgath's entry.  Anyway, deadline for that one is tomorrow.

Kind of a footnote, or maybe the answer to a future trivia contest.  This post from Katarina Reid on the EVE-O forums was the first indication of CCP's move to stopping in-game rewards for purchase of ETCs.

Sometimes I get Russian EVE player humor and sometimes I really really don't.  Try this on for size:

The translation is "how CCP rebalances command ships."  Here's the relevant Skittles commercial on Youtube that's the source of three out of four of the images (I do get the commercial's humor).  Anyone want to explain the image to me, though?

Speaking of Youtube videos, hopefully by now you've watched the Collector's Edition Rifter roam around the CCP Reykjavik office.  And if you haven't, you really really owe it to yourself to.  It's really funny and even non-EVE players will enjoy it.  The "pilot" is CCP Veritas.  I can't decide if my favorite bit is "Oh no, I'm bubbled!" or "Oooh!  Pretty nebula!"

Every time a new EVE video comes out, it invariably brings up a discussion of people's favorite older EVE videos.  Mine remains the Dominion trailer.  But this time, I was pointed to this one and while ancient and primitive by today's standards (and focusing far too much on the old Ibis ship model), I really like it!  It might be my new favorite retro EVE video.  Go have a look.

Finally, I took the opportunity of a day off from work to participate in the Nightmare in New Eden event on the afternoon Halloween (my time).  Great fun!  Only one other pilot from Rote Kapelle could make it, so we both participated in Mangala Solaris's RvB fleet.  Thanks again for the invite, Mangala!  I myself lost a couple of ships and my first golden pod.  So, there's a new Ripard Teg corpse floating around somewhere though I have no idea if someone picked it up.  Sadly, nowhere near enough of an expensive pod kill to win someone a Bhaalgorn for killing the most expensive pod.  ;-)  Thanks also to the organizers of this event!  Obviously, PL showed up and dominated the proceedings as they usually do with this sort of thing but still, great fun!

The event was also the source of an amusing bug:
[ 2013.10.31 00:44:01 ] (combat) 121148 from Makalu Zarya[HABIT](Ishtar) - Curator II - Smashes
Yeah, that's 121k damage being done by a single Curator II strike.  Hee!  Totally hearsay, but I've heard this bug sometimes manifests if the ship involved is refitting from a carrier at the exact wrong moment.


And that's all for the junk drawer this month.  As I said, a lot of little items.


  1. "uh oh gatecamp!"

  2. CCP rebalances command ships by collecting the skittle urine of giraffes, shooting them from the command ships, and then laughing.

    Pretty sure that's the gist of it.

  3. On DUST Charts: Alliances with good IT already have tools like that. Not as pretty, but even more functional. Of course they don't share them with the world. But even if there was an open sov viewer, it still wouldn't change much. Now what *would* change the game is an open-access wormhole mapping website.

    On eve videos: My favorite will always be the russian parody of the Incarna trailer. Usb rifter is pretty good though.

    1. There are open-access wormhole mapping web sites out there - eg Static Mapper - however the data isn't shared for the same reasons that alliances don't share their sov tools.

  4. "Anyone want to explain the image to me, though?"

    I think a better translation, one that is not so anglicized, is "As CCP command changes" or equally valid "As CCP commands change."

    It's really a play on words. CCP commands a change in Command ships as new leadership commands a change in EVE Online's direction. The implication is CCP's vision is a fantasy. It seems the creator of the film has a pretty low opinion of CCP when it comes to such things.

    Knowing a few Russians personally, that's my take on it anyway. YMMV.

  5. love how the goons take any opportunity to whinge over drone assist. not they bother with any specific proof. keep telling the lie, someone might believe it.

  6. DRAIN THE RAINBOW -> the drake is now black, LOL

    (there is also the meta level of colour referring to variety of fleet disciplines: there is nothing more boring that fleets of Drakes, so let's make everyone's favourite command ship a Drake too, so now mission-runners can enjoy the mono colour spectrum of drakes or drakes when mission running)

  7. And the news you didn't print from reddit http://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/1psebo/goonswarm_federation_wins_again_siphon_changed/

    CSM useless again, just another stand in for goons.

    1. Check the the thread. OP is off his meds

  8. Medium Sentry Drones need to be introduced. All crusier sized drone boats need to have their bandwidth reduced to prevent the use of 5 Heavy Sentries. The recent Navy Vexor->Ishtar->Eos->SoE Crusier is the worst case of power creep I've witnessed in EVE.


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